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Hey everyone, it’s Adam Kaupert checking in with you from Seychelles in the Indian Ocean.  I first heard of this archipelago when I read that Princess Kate Middleton and Prince William had visited on their honeymoon.  I figured if it’s good enough for royalty it’s good enough for Adam Kaupert, lol!

Seychelles Beaches

There are many great islands to choose from in Seychelles but here are some of the ones that made my Adam Kaupert top destinations in Seychelles list this time. (An honorable mention goes to some of the tiny uninhabited islands I stopped on.):



La Digue

I’m sure there are many other cool spots but with limited time I had to narrow it down. This is a really helpful Blog:

Tips on How To Explore as Many Islands as Possible on the Seychelles

Seychelles Food

The food in Seychelles was really good.  You could tell it had a diverse range of influences but usually meat or fish is often served with sauce and rice. I had a great vegetable and meat pieand some fresh caught seafood served with curry that was reminiscent of some great spots in New Orleans.They actually serve and eat flying fox on a regular basis here so I had to try it.  In true Adam Kaupert Style I dared to taste the exotic dish but after a few bites I had become accustomed to its flavor which is actually very similar to beef. Drinking booze out in the open is against the law here, which is probably a good thing.  It is important to note that the tap water here has high levels of chlorine so just to be sure I highly advise bringing or purchasing sealed bottles of water.  You could of course drink some of the great tropical style coconut based drinks they serve here but you might get yourself in trouble!Here’s a great resource for Seychelles cuisine and of course it is Adam Kaupert Approved:

Seychelles Marine National Park

To see rare Coco de Mer palms and Giant tortoises I highly recommend visiting the marine national park, located near Praslin Island. There are tons of trails to explore.  Here’s an Adam Kaupert Pro travel tip: Watch out for the turtles. They are huge but they blend right in. If you don’t watch out in Seychelles you might just trip on one. Here you can also see a lot of native plants and some pretty impressive mangroves.

Seychelles by Bicycle

Bikes have quickly become the Adam Kaupert preferred form of travel whether it’s part of the Adam Kaupert Island tour or any of my travels.  In Seychelles you can rent a bike on most of the main islands.  The other islands are mostly too small and it wouldn’t make sense to bring a bicycle there. Until Next time this is world explorer Adam Kaupert signing off. I look forward to telling you guys about my next visit!

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