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Hey guys, Adam Kaupert checking in from Santorini on my tour of the world’s greatest top island destinations.  Greece has always been one of my favorite spots and until recently I had only passed through Santorini on a visit to the Greek islands about a decade ago.  My friends Rachel and Christoff will remember it well. At least when we weren’t drinking our way through a real estate tour of the coast.  Santorini is a popular destination for good reason and will definitely be included on the itinerary of my next trip to the Greek islands.  All theGreek Islands are beautiful, particularly Mikonos, but Santorini takes the Cake as the Adam Kaupert’s Number one Greek Island.  Here’s an awesome site to help keep you on budget while travelling to Santorini, which can get pricey fast:

Santorini is located in Greece on an Island that was once a tumultuous volcano which blew off in what became known as the Thera Eruption and destroyed the earliest settlements in the area.  Many Greeks and others theorize that it wasthis eruption on the island of Santorini that sunk the city of Atlantis into the sea and is the source of its legends.  There was an Earthquake in Santorini in the 50s that destroyed much of the northern part of the island’s structures but since then tourism has been steady and a nice industry has risen up out of the earthquake to make Santorini an awesome place to visit. While the Island of Santorini is not huge it is filled with cool things to do.  I’d have to say the Santorini Hot springs is the top AdamKaupert Santorini travel destination recommendation’.  Here’s a good list of cool things to do around Santorini:

Santorini Hotels

There are lots of accommodations on the Greek Islands but some stand out amongst the crowd as being truly extraordinary. I did not stay at all of the places on my list but visited them and had a drink or two in each of their bar/restaurants

Adam Kaupert’s top 5 luxury hotels in Santorini:

  1. Villa Katikies
  2. Lilium Villas
  3. The Majestic Hotel
  4. Homeric Poems
  5. Astro Palace

Santorini Hot Springs

I definitely suggest a good pair of shoes if you visit the Hot Springs near the Caldera in Santorini.Adam Kaupert’s happy traveler’s necessities include: Shoes, Camera, Attitude (a good one) and Maps or “SCAM”.  I did a lot of walking there and was very happy to have brought my best pair of Adam Kaupert travelling shoes.  These things are all anyone will need to make this another successful Adam Kaupert SCAM production in Santorini Greece. I highly recommend visiting the Santorini Hot Springs. The springs are located at one of the two volcanic islands in the middle of Santorini Caldera at a spot called Palia Kameni or “Old Burnt”. Since it is a volcanic hot spring there is much sulfur in the water which I’m told is very good for the skin. After walking to and near the volcano, a dip in the water is just what I needed. The boat that takes you to the bay drops you off and you swim into the bay. I made some casual friends here before heading out for some food.  The jump off the boat and swim to the hot springs were a nice refreshing treat after all that exploring Adam Kaupert Style.  Here is a great resource for picking a restaurant or food in Santorini:

Until next time, this has been world traveler and blogger Adam Kaupert checking out some cool real estate in Santorini.  Join me next time as we continue on the Adam Kaupert’s world’s greatest Islands tour!

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