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Adam Kaupert checking in with you guys this time from Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Amsterdam, Netherlands is another of those places that I have had the pleasure of being in business while visiting and didn’t have the time I would have liked. So as part of this years Adam Kaupert tour of Europe I knew I’d be paying Amsterdam a visit.

Bicycling is quickly becoming one of the Adam Kaupert preferred methods of travelling, and Amsterdam is the city that perhaps exemplifies just how great bikes can be as a travel aid. In Conjunction with the Adam Kaupert scam style of travelling, shoes, camera attitude and map, a bicycle can be a super helpful way to get around and see some things in Amsterdam or anywhere in a timely manner.

Amsterdam has so many bridges, I thought there were lot in Chicago but this is a city of canals and you pretty much have to cross a few bridges regardless of where you’re heading. The Dutch capital is so full of charm and its unique character. While many an American party animal would have you believe there is nothing here but the red light districts offerings of marijuana and Heinekens, the reality is there is so much more. Here is a link to a great site that has some great suggestions for some cool things to do in Amsterdam (besides smoking ganja and eating space cakes):


The Bloemenmarkt is a floating flower market. Here you can enjoy the smells and beautiful colors of many varieties of flowers not only the tulips the city is known for. Just like the one in Berlin I found another flea market style place that may have taken the one in Berlin’s spot on the Adam Kaupert best markets in Europe list. You can really find absolutely anything here. Here is an official Adam Kaupert approved Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog. I found it to be super helpful and hope you do too when visiting Amsterdam:

After another successful Amsterdam Adam Kaupert Scam production and I had a great time as usual. Next year hope to include Amsterdam and the Netherlands for Any Adam Kaupert tours of Europe. It seems I just got here and alreadyI’m heading for the airport. Thank you very much for checking in with the travels of Adam Kaupert scam productions and I look forward to having some cool stuff to regale you with from my next stop.

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