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Hey Gang, Adam Kaupert her checking in with you from the city ofRio De Janeiro, Brazil. Rio is the latest stop on the Adam Kaupert tour of South America which has been great so far in case you haven’t been keeping up. I initially wanted to wait to visit Rio for the Olympics but my dear friend Josef is getting married back in the states and I wouldn’t miss that for the world, so Pre Olympic Rio it is-the Adam Kaupert way!.  Perhaps it is for the best I avoid the 2016 Rio Olympics though.  After seeing some of the Olympic related building projects around the city and talking to people who live and work in Rio, the situation seems pretty dire as there is a real lack of medical resources and the hospitals here are already stretched pretty thin.  While the city seems at some sort of turning point it is still full of life and all the excitement you could want.  As usual I tried to eat at a few places to capture a taste of the city’s vibrant culinary scene and visit some cool spots around Rio including one of the most famous landmarks in all of South America, the giant statue of Christ the Redeemer at Corcovado Mountain.

Christ the Redeemer

I had seen and heard that this was amazing to see in person and after checking it out it’s no surprise it wasnamed one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.Christ the Redeemer orCristo Redentor is a massive 98 feet high Art Deco statue of Jesus Christ, which sits over 2,000 feet above sea levelon Corcovado Mountainover Guababara Bay.  This statue was so cool! It is a symbol of peace and protects the city with outstretched arms.  There was a great vibe up there and even though I didn’t stay long everyone I talked to seemed to share the good feelings. Itis easily one of South America’s must see-attractions. It stands as a symbol of peace protecting the city’s inhabitants with his open arms. The views alone are worth the trip but after a few hours I had worked up quite the appetite and was ready to eat!


What does Adam Kaupert do in Brazil when he’s hungry?  Japanese of course! Just kidding, kind of…I did have some great Brazilian food and plenty of Brazil’s most popular cocktail but had heard so much about the Japanese restaurant Hachiko I needed to make time for it. The Salmon was prepared expertly and they served me some of the best sashimi I’ve had anywhere in the world. After a few more caiprinhas, I was all ready for bed.

Brazil and Rio in particular, are generally a little pricier than many of the other places I’ve visited so far but definitely worth it-even if just for a few days. Portuguese is spoken here mostly rather than Spanish and this can get a little tricky if you aren’t prepared. I always go with my namesake Adam Kaupert Scam productions style of travel which is a little acronym I like to use for shoes, camera, attitude and map which, in my humble opinion, are the keys to successful travel.  Rio can be pretty expensive if you don’t plan properly but it is possible to have a great time at reasonable prices by steering clear of touristy bars and nightclubs and drinking where the locals go, which almost always makes for the best conversation as well.

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Adam Kaupert Medellin, Colombia Travel Blog

Hey guys! Adam Kaupert here, checking in from a place that was once known as the most violent city in the world: Medellin, Colombia. Once home to the notorious Medellin drug cartel, Medellin has really changed since the days of Pablo Escobar and his goons terrorized this beautiful city and all of Colombia. With the cartels gone, Medellin has blossomed into an attractive tourist destination which has earned it a well-deserved spot on Adam Kaupert’s top 10 international destinations for 2016.  The Museo Casa de la Memoria is a great example of the city’s architectural beauty and with the real estate market here so hot right now, the gorgeous Medellin aesthetic only continues to emerge in a big way.There are so many cool and fun things to do in Medellin including the El Penon de Gutape which is about two hours from Medellin by Bus and is known simply as “The Stone”.  Downtown Medellin has some of the best food you can find anywhere in Colombia or really anywhere South America.  Here’s a blog with some interesting Medellin info:

El Penon de Gutape

After a short bus ride from the Medellin North Terminal I paid five us dollars to climb the steps at El Penon de Gutape. Make sure to pack plenty of water if you decide to travel to El Penon de Gutape or “The Stone “because there are over 700 stairs to the top. Atlas Obscura is a great site for cool travel stuff:

Even though it is so high up, the view at “The Stone” is simply stunning.  I met a pair of couples from Germany who also were travel bloggers and were more than happy to let me tag along and keep pace with them up the steps.  They recommended some cool things to see in Medellin as well as a few restaurants they had visited the day before.  One of the best things about travelling is the camaraderie that develops between fellow travelers as they share in discovering the world’s treasures together…plus they shared their water with me when I reached the top.  I cannot stress enough how important it is to pack water. In classic Adam Kaupert style I broke one of my own travelling rules and didn’t bring enough to drink. To top it off, I got so excited when I reached the top and was so mesmerized by the breathtaking view of the surrounding countryside I knocked my water bottle over as I was snapping a few pictures for the Adam Kaupert travel photo album, but luckily I was in good company and my European friends generously shared some of their aqua. I grabbed a quick snack afterwards in Gutape and then headed back to Medellin to enjoy some of the best food in South America.

Chicharrónat La Gloria de Gloria

Named after the owner,Gloria Cecilia Ramirez, La Gloria de Gloria easily tops the Adam Kaupert top 5 restaurants in Medellin list. The chicharrón here is unparalleled and you get a ton of food for your money. I enjoyed some cold Colombian beers with my meal and really enjoyed the atmosphere. Even the Avocado tasted better here, I was so full by the time I left yet there were still so many things I would’ve liked to try.  I will definitely be back next time I’m in Medellin!While Gloria de Gloria does not have a website, this is a great Medellin and Colombia food blog:

Who knows where the wind will take Adam Kaupert travel blog next week, check in with me and see. See you soon!

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Adam Kaupert Lima, Peru Travel Blog

Hey gang!I’m continuing the Adam Kaupert tour of South America and am writing from the Jorge Chavez International Airport in Callao outside of Lima about to board a flight out of Peru.  I saw some amazing things here, the Nazca Lines were cool but the weather was a bit overcast.  I enjoyed exploring the area around thePlaza de Armas in Lima as well. Anyone who knows Adam Kaupert also knows I am a huge foodie so I had to try the best ceviche you can find anywhere in the world in its home, Lima.As usual I surfed around and checked out several different blogs before visiting Lima.  There were many good ones but this one provided some cool historical context to my trip.

Gastón Acurio’s Ceviche

Up until recently I had never heard or tried Ceviche.  A friend back in the states ordered it and insisted I try it, since then I couldn’t wait to sample some of Lima, Peru’s best ceviche; After all-ceviche is the national dish so what better place to put another notch in the old Adam Kaupert culinary experience belt. The ceviche I had in Lima tasted so authentic (obviously) and made me grin from ear to ear when I bit into the world famous classic ceviche atGavin Acurio’s world renowned restaurant Tanta.

Nazca Lines

I had heard that the cabs in Lima were less than reputable so rather than chance it, I took a short bus ride from Lima to the Nazca Lines on the Peruvian coastal plain, which were really amazing.While most of my trip went well, I had a little “incident” with a would-be thief on the bus back from the Nazca Lines. A young woman began chatting me upon the bus ride back.She claimed to be from Rio de Janeiro, where I had been earlier in the week and seemed interested in where I had been. She showered me with questions and at first I just thought she was a curious fellow traveler making small talk, I even wrote the name of my Adam Kaupert travel blog down for her, but when I turned my head to survey the landscape passing by the bus I saw her reflection in the bus window and caught her trying to pull my wallet out of my partially unzipped bag. I simply pulled my bag away and stowed it between my legs.  She acted as if nothing had happened and, not wanting to prolong the bus ride, I did not alert the driver.  The scam artist had nearly duped me but Adam Kaupert won the day, if I don’t say so myself.  The Nazca Lines are a must visit if you are in Peru but beware of scammers and thieves.  Despite the would-be scam artist I met, I thoroughly enjoyed travelling to the Nazca Lines which is a Unesco World Heritage Site and for good reason.

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