ADAM KAUPERT Vietnam Travel Experience of a lifetime

Adam Kaupert checking in from the beautiful coast of Vietnam.   Its hard to imagine that Vietnam was torn by savage war not even a generation ago.   The peachiness and tranquility here are amazing;

the local vietnamese people are extremely friendly but don’t speak much English so make sure that you have a translator app on your phone!

There are such beautiful beaches in Vietnam, but as you know, the jewel of the Adam Kaupert Vietnam experience is the food !

Vietnamese Pho is a noodle based soup that has different types of meat and greens.  It is full of flavor and is unlike any other dish I have had in America.  I ate Pho at least once a day during my 12 day trip to Vietnam, I recommend going to the restaurants that the locals eat at, generally locals know where there is good, reasonably priced food.

What trip wouldn’t be complete without an examination of the Vietnamese real estate scene.  Even though Vietnam is a communist country they are in the process of opening their markets which has created a need and demand for real estate.


Check out more travel tips from the Adam Kaupert Vietnam top 3 places to see:

  1. Ha Long Bay; – Nature and Beauty;
  2. Nha Trang Vietnam- Beach;
  3. Ho Chi Minh City- Capital & History;

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