Adam Kaupert Santa Cruz, Bolivia Travel Blog

Did you know that Santa Cruz, Bolivia is one of the most rapidly growing cities in the world? In all my years of travelling for business and the Adam Kaupert travel blog I have never had the opportunity to visit Bolivia so I have been looking forward to see the lush green landscape in and around Santa Cruz, Bolivia. This is an Adam Kaupert scam production approved Santa Cruz travel blog that I think you’ll enjoy:

Adam Kaupert explores Santa Cruz area National Parks.

Santa Cruz Bolivia and the surrounding area are home to some of the best national wildlife parks anywhere in Bolivia. There are three huge parks within a day of Santa Cruz and they offer some sights you cannot get anywhere else in the world. Here you’ll get the chance to see the rare Bolivian Condor in its natural habitat. Here’s a terrific source of Santa Cruz Bolivia travel information:

The Kaa-Iya National Park is a few hours outside of the city but is proud home to the elusive Jaguar making it well worth a detour. Many wildlife enthusiasts are treatedto a glimpse of this rare beauty when visiting the park which is home to hundreds of the legendary mountain cats.

Adam Kaupert tours Santa Cruz Neighborhoods

Santa Cruz, Bolivia is a city of neighborhoods. Here you will find a colorful selection of shops and cafes, perfect for people watching. In keeping with the Adam Kaupert scam production style of travel I solicited recommendations from readers of the Adam Kaupert travel Blog. I was directed to go to the Monsenor Rivera neighborhood which is one of the hippest stretches of real estate in all of Bolivia. From here I wandered to Urubo which is an up and coming area filled with trendy expensive houses. Nearby Avenida San Marin Street in the Equipetrol district is worth a walk through as well for its magnificent architecture. Here is a great Adam Kaupert travel blog approved link with some high quality Santa Cruz Bolivia travel tips:

Adam Kaupert stays at the Hampton by Hilton Santa Cruz

The Hampton by Hilton Santa Cruz was a great choice for this year’s visit to Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Staying at the Hilton Santa Cruz was a no brainer for this Adam Kaupert travel blog tour of Santa Cruz Bolivia. Located in swanky Equiptrol neighborhood, the Hampton by Hilton was a short walk or ride from everything I wanted to visit in Santa Cruz. The staff was helpful and attended to my needs while the concierge offered some great information when planning daytrips to the great national parks in the area.

Hilton Santa Cruz

San Martin Avenue Esq. Street E

Equipetrol, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

+591 3 3434010             I would have loved to have a little more time to explore the National Parks here in Santa Cruz but oh well, there’s always next time. I didn’t end up seeing the elusive jaguar but had a great time checking out the hundreds of species of birds inKaa-Iya National Park. The people in Santa Cruz made the Adam Kaupert travel blog feel right at home and they undoubtedly will do the same for you! Until next time, happy travels from the Adam Kaupert travel blog.

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Adam Kaupert Sofia, Bulgaria Travel Blog

Sofia is one of the most affordable cities in all of Europe. Sofia is the most populous city in Bulgaria and also its capital. It has long been on my list of cities to visit while in Sofia and I finally made it as part of the Adam Kaupert tour of old European cities. I had a blast in Sofia and you will too. Check out this really helpful Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog:

There are well over a million people in Sofia alone. The city has been here for thousands of years and was one of the first settlements in Bulgaria. The tech boom has brought prosperity with it and Bulgaria is rapidly becoming a major tech hub in the region.

Adam Kaupert tours Sofia, Bulgaria’s Museums

Since Sofia is such an old European city, I expected it to have many museums to commemorate its long and storied history. I was right. Sofia is a top Adam Kaupert travel blog recommendation for museum lovers. Here you’ll find the oldest and most expansive museums and collections of anywhere in Bulgaria. The National museum of natural history is a good starting point for any walking tour of Sofia. There is plenty of art here too and the National Ethnographic Museum was surprisingly cool. It is located adjacent to the Bulgarian Fine art museum. I looked at plenty of travel blogs in my thorough Adam Kaupert scam production style research for this trip and came across this great Sofia Bulgaria travel blog:

If you are a military buff or enthusiast then you’ll want to see Bulgarian National Museum of Military History which is located conveniently near the former royal palace.

Adam Kaupert tours the Saint Sophia Statue

There are so many cool things to see while travelling in Sofia Bulgaria that it can be hard to pick just one. I knew from some of the really helpful travel blogs id seen while researching this trip that I wanted to see the Saint Sophia Statue. I found this Sofia Bulgaria travel blog very helpful:

The statue is awesome and one of the most prominent monuments in the city. It was built in 2000 to replace an old Soviet statue and is designed to evoke the ancient Goddess Sophia.

Adam Kaupert spends a night at the Grand Hotel Sofia

I knew when planning the Adam Kaupert trip to Bulgaria that I would be staying at the renowned Grand Hotel Sofia. Usually I am inundated with an array of recommendations for many different hotels but when I said I’d be travelling to Sofia the response was unanimous: The Grand Hotel Sofia. It most definitely lived up to its name. There is a restaurant on the premises that will make you want to just stay at the hotel. This fine dining establishment inside the Grand Hotel Sofia is called Shades of Red and is worth a visit even if you are not staying at the hotel. The location can’t be beat and is close to everything Sofia has to offer. TheGrand Hotel Sofia has received critical praise from across the world for its top notch hospitality.

Grand Hotel Sofia

1, 1000 Sofia Center, Sofia, Bulgaria

+359 2 811 0811\

            Sofia was awesome. I had heard it was similar to Vienna but it turned out to have a unique old European character all its own. Next time I come I will probably rent a bike and ride through the streets of Prague. Walking was terrific but now that I have a rough lay of the land a bicycle would be really convenient. I’m off to my next destination on this branch of the Adam Kaupert travel blog world tour

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Adam Kaupert Prague, Czech Republic Travel Blog

Did you know that Prague is nicknamed the “City of a Hundred Spires”? Prague is the largest city in the Czech Republic. No Adam Kaupert travel blog visit to the Czech Republic would be complete if not for a stopover in Prague.This is a truly international and classic European city. Surf on over to this informative Prague, Czech Republic travel blog:

There is so much history in this ancient city that even picking out where to start can be a challenge soyou’ll want to prepare with lots of research before you travel.Prague is spit by the Vltava River which runs through the center of the city. Take a walk among the Charles Bridge which is lined with statues of some Catholic saints. There is a great clock here that has to be seen to be believed.

Adam Kaupert takes a stroll on Charles Bridge

After picking up a locally brewed Prague style beer I decided to walk along the Charles Bridge.Besides the people watching, the statues make this a great bridge for walking as there is plenty to see wherever you look. The Charles Bridge is perhaps the best place to really feel the pulse of Prague. There are vendors selling all sorts of crafts and treats and while I did not see it during my visit I am told that there is live music from time to time and more frequently in the summer. This is a great Prague website you’ll want to visit if you’ll be in this corner of the world anytime soon:

I was told that this bridge is a must visit when in Prague and I’m glad I decided to stroll its span.I made some friends and even was able to see a local street magicianperforming some cool magic tricks! Thanks to Piotr for the great advice on where to visit while here. Afterwards I strolled towards the city center, which has been designated as a Unesco World Heritage Site and worth paying a visit to.

Adam Kaupert rides down the Vltava River

After a great meal at a small cafe I decided to take a ride down the Vltava River. The river runs through Prague and offers some unique viewpoints that you might not get anywhere else. Some of the other passengers were enjoying beers and wine while taking in views of this classic European city. I had a blast researching this travel excursion the Adam Kaupert scam production way at this terrific Prague travel blog:

Afterwards I perused some of the city’s museums. The buses and trains here ran on time and at regular intervals so I was able to save some money this way. After a long day of exploring Prague the Adam Kaupert scam production way, I decided to head back to my hotel which is just a short distance from public transportation access.

The Adam Kaupert Travel Blog lodges at the Four Seasons Prague Hotel

The Four Seasons Prague hotel is just like every other Four Seasons hotel Prague: simply fantastic. The amenities here exceed any other luxury chain hotel and the staff at the Four Seasons Prague anticipated just about everything I would need to lodge in maximum comfort. It comes as no surprise that the Four Seasons Prague has a full state of the art spa on the premises

The Four Seasons Prague

Veleslavínova 1098/2a, 110 00 Praha 1 – Staré Město-Staré Město, Czechia

 +420 221 427 000 There are so many unique and vibrant corners to explore in every European city the Adam Kaupert travel Blog has taken me to. Prague was no exception. I’ll be in Europe for a few more weeksso stay tuned to see where I’ll end up next and thanks for following my adventures gang!

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Adam Kaupert Tokyo, Japan Travel Blog

Ciao, gang. It’s the Adam Kaupert travel blog blogging all the way from Tokyo, Japan. It’s not the first Adam Kaupert travel blog visit here and it likely won’t be the last. Every time I visit whether it’s on business or pleasure, I find something new and fantastic. There are ancient temples and lush gardens just about everywhere you look. Take a look at this awesome Tokyo Japan travel blog:

Much has been made of the JR pass. The JR pass allows you to explore Japan by unlimited rail rides for 14 days at a set price. The pass is available only to foreigners. I had only planned to be in Japan for a few days so I did not partake but will consider it in the future.

Adam Kaupert visits DisneySea

I got all the Disney out of my system about 5 years ago at the Adam Kaupert travel blog journey to Disneyworld in California. The Adam Kaupert travel blog is no stranger to Disney attractions. While I have had my fill and maybe you have too, DisneySea is unlike any Disney park you’ve ever visited. Here you’ll find 7 different themed ports from Mediterranean Italy to Arabian Coast and even American waterfront. Surf over to this super informative Tokyo Japan travel blog for links to more cool activities:

There are cruise ship themed restaurants here and much more. The Adam Kaupert travel blog officially recommends DisneySea for everyone aged 9 to 99.

Adam Kaupert visits Tokyo’s Ghibli Museum

I was so excited to visit the Ghibli Museum. For fans of many of studio Ghibli’s animated classics this museum is a must visit. From Enchanted Castle to Princess Mononoke and more there is a little something for fans of all ages here. I found this Tokyo Japan to be very informative and useful:

This is a popular Tokyo travel destination for visitors so you’ll want to make sure and get your tickets in advance.

Adam Kaupert stays at the Luxurious Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills Hotel

Once again I received a slew of recommendations from Adam Kaupert travel blog readers who had some terrific suggestions on where to stay in Tokyo Japan. I chose the luxuriousAndaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills. This hotel had been overwhelmingly recommended during the last Adam Kaupert tour of Japan but I had made all my reservations long in advance so did not have a chance to visit. The name Andaz means personalized style in the Hindi language and a personalized experience is what you’ll get at the Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills hotel. The hotel is located on the top of a skyscraper and offers offers some truly breathtaking views. There are several restaurants here that offer a fresh taste of Tokyo’s finest cuisines.

Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills Hotel

Address: Japan, 〒105-0001 Tokyo, Minato, Toranomon, 1 Chome−23−4

Phone: +81 3-6830-1234 Tokyo was a blast as usual. This wasn’t the Adam Kaupert scam productions first time in Tokyo and it won’t be the last. From the Studio Ghibli museum to DisneySea, I had a blast in Tokyo. Every time I visit it seems that the city reveals itself in some new romantic and alluring way. I cannot wait to be back. Until next time this is the Adam Kaupert travel blog from Tokyo Japan.

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Adam Kaupert Zurich, Switzerland Travel Blog

Hola everybody! It’s the Adam Kaupert travel blog coming at you this time from the heart of Europe: Zurich, Switzerland. Home of the Alps and the famed pocket knives, I know some people back in the states who are going to be very disappointed if I do not return with a basket of fine Swiss chocolates. Planning a trip to Zurich should definitely include a visit to this awesome Swiss travel blog:

Zurich has long been a favorite stopover for the Adam Kaupert travel blog. It may seem clichéd but the chocolate here is to die for. The Swiss countryside is rich in natural beauty but Zurich is where all the culture is! The up and coming industrial corridor area is quickly becoming one of Zurich’s biggest draws.

Adam Kaupert explores Niederdorf

The two areas of Zurich, Oberdorf and Neiderdorf is known affectionately by locals as the Dorfli. This area is extremely popular with tourists visiting Zurich and while the Adam Kaupert Blog usually strives to avoid tourist traps, I was told this was worth the time. Here is a great resource for useful Zurich travel information:

It was in Zurich’s Dorfli neighborhoodwhere I found a fantastic fondue shop. There are also a number of bars and cafes in this area. Afterwards I took a ride on the Limmat River. There are several dining options available for those who wish to dine on the river.

Adam Kaupert visits Zurich’s Kunsthaus

Zurich’s Kunsthaus is home to some great Swiss art. There are an array of paintings alongside some great sculptures. The museum is free on Wednesdays and there are several galleries housed in the same building nearby which was home to a former brewery. The west side of Zurich features some cools shops along what is known as the “viaduct”. This formerly run down area of town is rapidly becoming one of the cities brightest hotspots. Have a look at this tremendous Zurich travel blog for more information on travelling in this area:

Adam Kaupert stays at the Leoneck Swiss Hotel

When in Zurich I have to recommend the Leoneck Swiss Hotel. The Adam Kaupert stay here was outstanding. The service and exclusive Leoneck Swiss Hotel amenities far exceeded my highest expectations. My room here came with an ipad which was great. I was able to keep with the Adam Kaupert scam production tradition of researching as in: shoes camera attitude and map. The HotelLeoneck came highlyrecommended. There is also a really cool lounge in the hotel where you can enjoy a cocktail for a nightcap or start your day with a bloody mary or one of the many drinks on the menu here.

The Leoneck Swiss Hotel

Leonhardstrasse 1, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland

+41 44 254 22 22

Zurich is one of the Adam Kaupert travel blog’s top Ten European Cities, hands down. Everything from Neiderdorf to my stay at the Leoneck Swiss Hotel was incredibly memorable and will linger in my thoughts for months. Thanks to my friend Pierre for showing me around while travelling in and touring Zurich. Safe travels to all the Adam Kaupe travel blog readers out there who are following my adventures.

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Adam Kaupert Asuncion Travel Blog

Hello fellow world travelers, Adam Kaupert here, checking in with you this time from Asunción, Paraguay. While I was required to pay a fee to enter the country, I had a pretty good time in Asunción and the visit exceeded my expectations. As is the Adam Kaupert travel blog way, I ate some delicious food and made some great friends while in Asunción. Although I thought that the city to be a little dirtier than others I’ve visited, I had a totally awesome time. I made some friends from all over the world and learned a lot about how everyday life in Asunción works.  Of course I did itthe Adam Kaupert scam production way and tried some great food and some not so great food as well. For travelers looking for more information on eating in Asunción surf over to this well-written travel blog:

Asuncion is one of the least visited of South American cities so there are very few flights directly in toAsuncion Paraguay. Asuncion airport staff were not very helpful and I had a devil of a time finding a cab from the airport. The bus ride from the airport was jam packed with people and if you know Adam Kaupert you know I get a little claustrophobic in those types of situations. After waiting patiently at a poorly marked bus stop only to be passed up by the first bus and I even saw the driver look in my direction.  Luckily a man walking by let me know that just being at the bus stop is not enough and that I would have to flag the driver down if I intended to board which is easier said than done. I almost missed the next bus too and if I hadn’t jumped right out into the middle of the road waving my arms I think he would’ve passed me as well. I was able to board just barely and make my way downtown to find my lodging where I was not enthused at the quality of my accommodations.

Adam Kaupert gets around in Asunción

The buses were very affordable at under a dollar they were so crowded that some were even hanging off the side in the doorways as we made our way because it was so full.  I had a smaller duffel bag and my bag pack and felt very uncomfortable leaving myself susceptible to thieves and lord knows what else. But that is why I travel the Adam Kaupert way in Asunción Paraguay or wherever I might find myself. In any Adam Kaupert scam production I know I can rely on the following: Shoes Camera Attitude and Map or scam to make for successful travels whether visiting Paris France or travelling in Europe. On the last day of my visit I was walking around casually when clouds gathered rather quickly and a torrential downpour began. I was miles from my hotel and unfamiliar with my surroundings but I spotted a bathroom so ran to take shelter only to find that the bathrooms in Asunción are for hire and you have to pay to use them.

Adam Kaupert tries Asuncion style Street food andTerere

Afternoon tea or “Terere” is a big custom in Asunción Paraguay. Most people bring their stuff with them to make a tea from Yerba. Yerba is a root with caffeine like effects. After observing a group of men take a break from work to enjoy their tea, I tried some. I am a coffee drinker and anyone who knows me knows Adam Kaupert doesn’t need more than a few cups at a time. The Terere was good and did not make me jittery the way a few cups of coffee might.Here is a great resource for Paraguayan food:

I would have had more but it was terribly humid and I was really just craving a big glass of cold water. Paraguayan cuisine is a mixture of Argentinian and Brazilian influences. I sampled Brazilian pao de queijo and coxinhas but Paraguay is mostly known for their meat. Adam Kaupert pro tip: try the street food vendors.This is an Adam Kaupert Asunción travel blog that is well worth a visit:

 These local entrepreneurs have some of the most authentically created dishes anywhere in the city and because everything is really affordable, you’ll have money to spread around and try everything.

Buenos Noches gang! A huge Adam Kaupert Thank you to everyone that I met and who helped me out in Asunción for the heartwarming hospitality.Thanks again to all the Adam Kaupert travel blog readers who send travel advice and cool stories from their own adventures, I love to hear what you guys have to say! Keep writing in and keep travelling! Who knows what city I will be visiting next time I check in? You’ll have to check in with the Adam Kaupert travel Blog to see where my next destination is!

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Adam Kaupert Montreal, Canada Travel Blog

Did you know that Montreal is the second biggest population of French speakers in the world? Montreal is located on an island at the junction of the St. Lawrence and Ottawa rivers, to the north of New York State. The city gets its name from Mount Royal which is located in the center of the city and is actually a hill.With its nice mix of old world charm and modern amenities it is no wonder Montreal is such a popular destination for travelers from all over the world.With the exception of Quebec, Montreal is perhaps the most Eurocentric of all the great Canadian cities. Montreal also boasts the largest international port in Canada and is a destination for freight from all over the world much of which makes its way down to the United States.  Make sure to check out this great Montreal Travel Blog for more information:

Adam Kaupert goes shopping in Montreal

It comes as no surprise that Montreal offers such great shopping. The city was established as a hub for trade by the first European explorers in the area and has retained its position as a leading commerce hub in Canada. If you like hunting for deals and have the patience to browse, then Montreal is an Adam Kaupert pick to click for 2018 travel. There are so many opportunities for shopping here that I did not know where to start. Luckily I utilized the Adam Kaupert scam style of travel and prepared with some research before the trip. This is a pretty cool website that I definitely recommend if you’ll be visiting Montreal:

Not only is Montreal widely considered to be the most fashion forward Canadian city, offering some of the sleekest new designs you can get anywhere in the world but there are stores for pretty much anyone. From the most elegant and pricey boutiques to some cool  very inexpensive shops featuring locally produced gear for sale at much more affordable prices. Check out St. Catherine Street for a fun afternoon of browsing a variety of shops.

Adam Kaupert Visits Montreal’s Parks

The great Frederick Olmsted, who had a hand in Central Par and Golden Gate Park in California, designed Montréal’s namesake park Mount Royal. Thismagnificent piece of land covers most of Mt Royal and is a must visit if you’re in Montreal (Weather permitting of course!). You can enjoys game of the Canadian pastime here or just enjoy some ice skating. There are plenty of trails if you are here in the summer and some gorgeous garden that must be seen to be believed and don’t miss the awesome scenic view of the St. Lawrence River. Check out this Adam Kaupert scam production approved blog for some additional details:

While here I also visited what is known as the Park of Islands which is a park built on a set of manmade islands in the St. LawrenceRiver. There is a cool ecology museum that I would have loved to explore further but I was exhausted after hiking and shopping. Before I forget I want to say thanks to my Canadian friend Christian for all the great advice on where to eat and stay while in Montreal.

Adam Kaupert stays at Montreal’s Ritz-Carlton Hotel

Montreal is a major city and with that status comes luxurious hotels. The Ritz-Carlton Montreal was a much needed escape from my hectic travel schedule. When I arrived at the hotel I felt like I was coming down with a little cold but after a night of fantastic sleep and a great morning enjoying the amenities here I felt like a million bucks! The Ritz-Carlton Montreal is probably the nicest hotel thatI’ve stayed at in Canada. Toronto has some lovely lodgings but nothing compares to The Ritz-Carlton Montreal. The hotel is located in a century old building in the heart of downtown Montreal right by some of the most luxurious sopping in the whole city.

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel

1228 Sherbrooke St W, Montreal, QC H3G 1H6, Canada

800- 363-0366

Montreal always knows how to show visitors a good time. I’m so glad I was able to visit as one of the first stops on my Adam Kaupert travel blog itinerary this year and already cannot wait to return. From the parks to the shopping, Montreal makes you feel special wherever you go here. Thanks Montreal for all your hospitality and to all the Adam Kaupert travel blog followers who emailed me with some terrific suggestions, Thank you and Safe travels everyone!

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Adam Kaupert Porto Alegre, Brazil Travel Blog

Did you know that Porto Alegre is not only one of Brazil’s wealthiest cities but also boasts one of the highest literacy rates of any of the world’s major cities? It is easy to forget that you are not in Europe when walking the streets of the most European city in Brazil, Porto Alegre. As readers of the Adam Kaupert travel blog know I’ve spent a considerable amount of time travelling throughout Europe last year, and there was a moment while wandering one of the cities many parks that I actually forgot what continent I was on. Porto Alegre was founded by French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese so it comes as no surprise that vestiges of those cultures still thrive in this wealthy Brazilian City. Porto Alegre showcases its rich interwoven cultural heritage throughout the city. Here’s a great Adam Kaupert travel blog approved link to a Porto Alegre travel blog:

I had originally planned to visit this city in 2014 when Porto Alegre was host to the 2014 World Cup but my plans were changed last minute. There are so many cool things to see and do here and the transportation in Porto Alegre is world class. There are so many options from cabs to bike rentals to take you wherever your heart desires. I keep hearing good things about the city and I’ve been waiting a while to see what all the buzz was about!

Adam Kaupert explores Porto Alegre’s Redemption Park

Many consider Porto Alegre, Brazil to be one of the most environmentally friendly and green cities in the world. There are world class nature preserves and some of the lushest parks I’ve ever seen. Of course Porto Alegre, like many major cities and towns in Brazil, has some great wide open plazas or squares where people gather for a variety of reasons. The Farroupilha Park is referred to locally as Parque da Redencao or “Redemption Park”. The name was given to the par to commemorate the end of Slavery in the late 1800s when Porto Alegre was the first city in Brazil to abolish slavery. The park rivals central park in size and is home to many monuments. There are thousands of plant and animal species in the park as well. I recommend checking out the tree of friendship and for more information on Redemption park check out this cool travel blog:

The Park is by far one of the top tourist attractions in Porto Alegre and receives almost ten million visitors annually. There are many other activities to choose from if nature I not your thing including a children’s amusement park, athletic fields and vendors selling all kinds of food at the market.

Adam Kaupert books accommodations at the Hotel Deville Prime Porto Alegre

Before I booked my accommodations my friend Marianne suggested I stay at the Hotel Deville Prime Porto Alegre. She said her stay included a room overlooking a garden where she was able to start her day with a great view of the Brazilian Sunrise. I was able to secure the room next to hers and she was right, the Sunrise on the garden at the Hotel Deville Porto Alegre is not to be missed if you will be travelling in the region. The Hotel Deville Porto Alegre is easily one of the finest hotels in Brazil. It is located conveniently close to the airport and about 20 minutes from the square at the center of the city. For some really useful information on destinations near the Hotel Deville check out this Adam Kaupert scam production approved travel blog:

The staff is totally accommodating and warm and the breakfast here is not to be missed. As a matter of fact, I had to really pull myself away on the second morning of my stay, the food was so good I didn’t want to leave! If you like sunrises and great Service then the Hotel Deville Porto Alegre is the official Adam Kaupert travel blog recommendation.

Hotel Deville Prime Porto Alegre

Ave. Dos Estados, 1909

Anchieta, Porto Alegre – RS, 90200-001, Brazil

55 51 3373-5000

This has been another thrilling Adam Kaupert adventure. I am so excited to finally have visited the renowned Brazilian city Porto Alegre! It has been a visit to remember, until next time this has been the Adam Kaupert travel blog from Porto Alegre Brazil.

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Adam Kaupert Salvador, Brazil Travel Blog

Happy Holidays from the Adam Kaupert travel blog coming to you from Salvador Brazil, One of Brazil’s largest cities. Salvador, Brazil was a total no-brainer as a choice when I was constructing the itinerary for this year’s Adam Kaupert tour of the world’s most populous cities. Salvador was originally the capital of a vast Portuguese colony here and traces of its rich history can still be seen everywhere here. In 2014 twelve of Brazil’s largest cities hosted the 2014 World Cup. With the crowds came sweeping improvements in the Brazilian City of Salvador. Not only were advancements made in transportation,Salvador became home to the marvelous new Itaipava Arena Fonte Nova Football stadium but no worries, if sports are not your thing then there is a good chance you can catch a festival somewhere, just listen for the rhythmic pounding of drums in the streets as Salvador is known for its grand and sometimes spontaneous street festivals. The possibilities are endless for fun activities in Salvador so you better pare down your choices before you arrive or you’ll end up walking around in circles. For some inside Salvador Brazil advice check out this terrificAdam Kaupert travel blog approved link:

From the capoeira circles that form in the parks at night to the spiritual candle ceremonies that take place throughout the city, there really is something for everyone in Salvador Brazil.

Adam Kaupert take a Barra Lighthouse Tour

I have learned to heed reader’s advice when planning my day trips for the Adam Kaupert travel blog. They are always the most informed and I am proud to be a part of a rich community of travelers. Since Salvador’s Berra lighthouse is pretty close to here I stayed it was an easy choice for a visit. This lighthouse is situated in the remains of a Portuguese colonial fort and is one of the ore popular tourist sites in Salvador but don’t worry while I definitely was not alone when I visited the crowds were totally manageable. If you’re there during a sunset you will not notice anything else anyway. The views from allSaint’s bay are absolutely incredible. Take a look at this great Salvador travel blog if you’re planning a trip here:

There’s a little museum which has some cool artifacts inside. There’s even some sunken treasure on display here. Some of the maps and nautical instruments on display really take you back to the days of forts and mighty galleons. Afterwards I’d suggest exploring the rest of this seaside gem Barra which is also super conveniently located near the middle of the city.



Adam Kaupert books a room at the luxuriousCasa do Amarelindohotel in Salvador Brazil

When the World Cup swept through Salvador in 2014 with it came a slew of new restaurants and Hotels. The cuisine here is world class and the hotels are absolutely out of this world! Deciding where to stay was unusually difficult. Often times the Adam Kaupert travel blog has apparent choices when I am travelling but Salvador has some great options that made it very difficult to decide. As usual I followed the Adam Kaupert scam style of travel or Adam Kaupert scam which is Shoes, Camera, Attitude and Map. With these guidelines at your disposal travelling will be a total pleasure. An Adam Kaupert Travel Blog reader from Salvador named Theresa recommended the Casa De Amarelindo hotel in no uncertain terms. Check out this Adam Kaupert approved Salvador Travel Blog:

The hotel is located on All Saints bay and offers some terrific views. The Casa de Amarelindo is located centrally in one of the most fun districts in Salvador. Plus, in addition to an awesome location, the Casa De Amarelindo has access to some of the most beautiful beaches in Salvador. Some of these spots are exclusive to guests of the hotel so don’t miss them if you’re lodging here.And if you’re a little more adventurous you’ll want to check out Itaparica Island which is also exclusive to hotel guests as well as Morro de São Paolo Island. After a long day exploring the city it was cool to be able to unwind poolside and then enjoy some drinks at one of the Casa’s two bars for a little cocktail action on their awesome patios. It’ll be tough to stay anywhere else if I am in Salvador again. Thanks for the heads up Theresa, and keep on reading the Adam Kaupert Travel blog.

The Casa de Amarelindo

  1. das Portas do Carmo

6 Pelourinho, Salvador-BA, 40026-290, Brazil

55 71 3266-8550

This Adam Kaupert travel blog excursion to Salvador Brazil was a resounding success. From the bustling streets of this UNESCO site city to the magnificent hotels and restaurants Salvador, Brazil is one of the Adam Kaupert travel blog’s top ten destinations for 2017. Until next time safe travels gang!

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Adam Kaupert Naples, Italy Travel Blog

Did you know that Naples Italy is perhaps best known for being the birthplace of the Pizza? If you follow our adventures regularly here at the Adam Kaupert travel blog you know eating is held in a very high regard so what better place to satiate all our culinary cravings then Naples, Italy? Located in Southern Italy, Naples is one of the hilliest and most populated cities in Europe. With breathtaking views of the Tyrrhenian Sea, and some landscapes that inspired the Masters, Naples was a shoe-in for this year’s annual Adam Kaupert tour of Europe. For more information on travelling in Naples check out this awesome travel blog:

Make sure to go online or to a bookstore and do some research prior to travelling and always adhere to the Adam Kaupert SCAM style of travel. The Adam Kaupert scam acronym is a little travel hack I utilize that stands for Shoes, Camera, Attitude and Map.  These rules have always served this globe traveler well, whetherexploring in Naples or Atlanta, Georgia.

Adam Kaupert tries Neapolitan Cuisine

Despite Naples being one of the densest urban center in Europe, with lots of different cultures pervading all facets of life and cuisine, it is still THE place to go for authentic Italian style pizza known as Neapolitan. Everyone knows that Italy has some great food but this Adam Kaupert travel blog trip was going to be all about the Pizza. Here’s a link to a great site with additional information for travelling in Naples, Italy:

Naples is the third largest city in Italy so you can expect a lot more than just the delicious cuisine Italy is known for.

Adam Kaupert tries the best Neapolitan Pizza Spots

Pizza is beloved all over Italy not just in Naples. As I sat and enjoyed a slice at Pepe in Campania, I considered how popular pizza really is and what a large contribution Naples has made to the global culinary scene. You can get pizza all over the world and it all started here. I came to Pepe because it is known for serving some of the best authenticNeapolitan pizza in the world. Take a look at this outstanding and funny Italy Travel blog:

A visit to Pepe is sure to satiate your most intense Pizza cravings. This Naples pizza hot spot easily earned a spot in the top three Adam Kaupert travel blog pizzas. If you’re in Naples make sure to get a slice here. The owner Franco Pepe is a local favorite and only sources his ingredients from the top purveyors. The olive oil is fantastic and my server told me it was harvested from an olive orchard only a few miles away from the restaurant! Do not miss Pepe.


B&B, Vico San Giovanni Battista 3, Caiazzo, +39 0823 862718,


Adam Kaupert Lodges at the Grand Hotel Vesuvio in Naples

After a long day of wandering Naples and mingling with some friendly Italian locals I was finally able to head back to my room at theGrand Hotel Vesuvio. It was getting dark and my friend Enrico had warned me to be safe and cautious at night time in Naples so I decided to check out the Grand Hotel Vesuvio’s restaurant for a quick bit before taking a swim in their indoor pool.  The Grand Hotel Vesuvio came highly recommended to the Adam Kaupert travel Blog and for good reason, for over 100 years they have been offering up the same luxurious Neapolitan charm that the city is known for. Located on the seafront this hotel pays close attention to detail in the full array of amenities provided. The hotel shares a rich history as the most elegant Lodging in the area.

The Grand Hotel Vesuvio Naples

Partenope, 45, 80122 Napoli NA, Italy

39 081 764 0044

Ciao from Naples! This Adam Kaupert Italian getaway was great because, as usual, I adhered to the Adam Kaupert Scam style of travelling. My time here is up-the rest of Europe and the world is calling! You could probably spend a year in this romantic city and never do or eat the same things!Thank you to the fellow traveler blog readers for the great tips and advice on what to do and see while in Naples-the feedback is always greatly appreciated. Until next time, this has been another edition of the Adam Kaupert travel blog from Naples, Italy.

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