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Did you know that Nairobi is known as the “Green City in the Sun”? Kenya’s Capital has the tenth biggest population of any city in Africa with a population of nearly 3 and a half million people and growing it was overdue for a visit from the Adam Kaupert travel blog.Nairobi stands as a major African cultural and financial hub. The financial and securities exchange in Nairobi is one of the oldest and busiest in Africa. Browse this Nairobi travel blog for more great Nairobi travel ideas:

Nairobi is a modern city that is constantly reversing clichés and old ways of thinking about Africa. Evidence of this “progress” can be seen in their Rush-hour traffic in downtown Nairobi. The gridlock hererivals any I have sat through in Midtown Manhattan or anywhere else. Avoid taking a cab or driving anywhere during rush hour or be prepared to wait.

Adam Kaupert visits Nairobi National Park

I ended up at the Nairobi national park by mistake. Usually when I travel I try to remember the Adam Kaupert scam production rules which are, scam or shoes camera attitude and map. A good pair of shoes can make all the difference and this is just one part of the Adam Kaupert scam style of travelling. In Nairobi I sure was glad I had my shoes. Since the traffic can be so daunting I did a lot of walking here and while it was definitely tiring I am glad I did because I ended up at the Nairobi National Park one day by accident and it really took me by surprise. The Nairobi national park is so much more than a zoo and needs to be seen to be believed. Imagine walking in any busy city downtown then turning a corner and you’re suddenly on a Safari complete with water buffalo and lions and gazelles! The Nairobi National park is a must visit for tourists visiting Nairobi. If you’re thirsty for more of everything Nairobi travel then I suggest you visit this great Nairobi travel blog:

The Adam Kaupert blog visits a few places every year that are particularly mind-blowing and this was one for 2018. For many hunters, photographers and naturalists Nairobi is basecamp before venturing out into the wilds of Kenya. The city is widely known as the safari capital of Africa. Whatever the reason for your visit, whether you’re looking for wildlife to shoot with a gun or with a camera, Nairobi is a great place to start looking.

Adam Kaupert takes in the views from The Kenya International Conference CentreBefore I ended up at the Nairobi Park I stopped by the Kenya International Conference Center but not for business. The view from the top here is arguably the best available from anywhere in Nairobi. The staff member I spoke too told me that it gets busier before sunset so plan ahead. The cost is 4 bucks and it is well worth a visit. You can see all the way to the outskirts of the city from this panoramic view.

Adam Kaupert enjoys Nairobian Barbecue

In Nairobi you’ll find street vendors just like any other major city but here they serve authentic Kenyan Barbecue or Nyama Choma. The meat is usually goat or chicken and is as good as you’d imagine. They have a side sauce that is similar to salsa or mole called kambuchari that is served everywhere. Here’s a great Nairobi travel blog if you’re curious for more Nairobi travel:

Nairobi is a growing city that really challenged my expectations. The food was good, the people were friendly and I obviously loved the Nairobi National Park. It will be interesting to see where this great Kenyan city will be in 20 years. On the way to the airport my driver told me that Chinese investors had been steadily pumping money into infrastructure projects and other ventures and that there were plans for construction in many areas of the city. Thank you to everyone for your tips for this Nairobi edition of the Adam Kaupert travel blog and happy travels!

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Adam Kaupert Guadalajara, Mexico Travel Blog

Did you know that Tequila was invented in the state of Jalisco Mexico? Guadalajara is the capital of Jalisco and there is no shortage of tequila fueled adventure to be found here. While Guadalajara is inland from all the beaches that Jalisco is known for there is no shortage of activities and things to do here. There is a great park called La Barranca de Huentitán that is not far from the city as well if nature is more your speed. Wherever you go get ready for some tequila as it is one of the most prevalent beverages enjoyed here by locals and tourists alike. If you’re hungry for more Guadalajara travel info? Then check out this Adam Kaupert approved Guadalajara Mexico travel blog:

Guadalajara is a fun town. I have always loved the work of Mexican artist José Clemente Orozco and in my research for the Adam Kaupert travel blog Guadalajara trip I learned that the museum, The Palacio del Gobierno here showcases a couple world famous murals and some of his greatest works. Mariachi music can be heard from just around every corner and the tequila flows freely here in case I haven’t mentioned it. Both tequila and mariachi music are Guadalajaran mainstays that were invented here and they go pretty well hand in hand.

Adam Kaupert samples authentic Guadalajara Tequila

Since Jalisco is where tequila was born no trip to its capital would be complete without having a little taste. I decided to wet my whistle on an official tequila tour. There are many tours available at all costs that will take you around Guadalajara and the surrounding areas to see tequila made and of course drink some too. It was cool to see how it goes from the agave pant to the bottle and I’d recommend a tequila tour to anyone planning a trip to Guadalajara anytime soon. This is a link to a really smart Guadalajara, Mexico travel blog with some very useful information:

Adam Kaupert visits La Barranca de Huentitán

Guadalajara is western Mexico’s top destination. Although many choose to visit Puerto Vallarta on the coast, Guadalajara offers a much more intimate experience. An alert Adam Kaupert blog reader who knew I would be visiting the Mexican city strongly advised me to visit La Barranca de Huentitán and I am glad I heeded her advice, Thank you Martha C. from Mexico City! For more information browse this cool Mexico travel blog:

La Barranca de Huentitánis beautiful and offers natural hot springs to rest your weary muscles after some arduous travel or, more than likely in Guadalajara, too much tequila. After a night out at some bars mingling with the locals these natural hot baths were just what I needed and are an official Adam Kaupert Guadalajara scam production must-visit.

. Adam Kaupert stays at The Hotel Riu Plaza Guadalajara,

For this trip I reserved my room at the Hotel Riu Plaza Guadalajara. It wasn’t recommended by anyone in particular but there are not a whole lot of luxury options in Guadalajara so I went with it and was happy I did. The staff was most gracious and catered to all my needs. The Hotel Riu Plaza Guadalajara is centrally located in the heart of the city so everything is close by which is an obvious perk.  My only gripe was the spotty Wi-Fi service but that’s a high class problem. The Adam Kaupert travel blog has recently been enjoying the spa treatments offered at the hotels I stay at and luckily the Hotel Riu Plaza Guadalajara offers the Renova spa where guests receive spa treatment by wellness experts ready to pamper you. This hotel is probably better suited for business than leisure but it did not stop me from enjoying myself. Plus the pool was not crowded and the on premises restaurant had a great wine selection.

Hotel Riu Plaza Guadalajara

Av. Adolfo Lopez Mateos Sur 830, Fracc. Chapalita, Chapalita, 44500 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Phone: +52 33 3880 7500

I cansay I did not expect to enjoy myself as much as I did on this Adam Kaupert travel blog Guadalajara excursion. I was a little worried that I should’ve just gone to theuber touristy Puerto Vallarta but I’m glad I visited here instead. I had some awesome tequilas and heard some terrific Mariachi music. Until next time this is the Adam Kaupert travel blog signing off from Guadalajara Mexico!

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Adam Kaupert Monterrey, Mexico Travel Blog

Como estes mi amigos? It’s the Adam Kaupert travel blog reporting in to you from Monterrey Mexico. Monterrey is one of Mexico’s biggest cities and is the capital of the stat Nuevo Leon. It serves as one of Mexico’s economic hubs. Many consider it to be the most modern Mexican city which makes sense because many American corporations are based here. Located in northeast Mexico,Monterrey was first settled in the late 1500s.The Adam Kaupert travel blog visited here about five years ago and though it is a very industrial city, there is still some charm here. You just have to look a little harder. Read up on Monterrey at this Adam Kaupert approved travel blog:

Adam Kaupert visits the Monterrey Museo de Arte Contempóraneo

The Museo de Arte Contemoraneo is one of Monterrey’s premier attractions. The city is not known for its aesthetics though there is definitely beauty to be found here. The MARCO is known for its permanent collection of modern art as well as a rotating series of exhibitions that help keep things fresh. This institution is crucial to Monterrey’s art scene and is a cultural hub of the city. Surf over to this Monterreytravel blog for additional facts about the Monterrey cultural and art scene:

The building that MARCO is in has a pretty cool design itself. Here you will find a massive metal dove above the door that alone makes the visit worth it. The MARCO is locate in the middle of the great Macro Plaza which is pretty much the center of all the action in Monterrey, Mexico.

Adam Kaupert visits Monterrey’s Macro plaza and Museums

TheMacro plazais centrally located in the geographic center of the city. After a visit to the MARCO I took a very short walk to the Macro Plaza which like its name suggests is huge, the opposite of a micro plaza. Across from the art museum is an old cathedral which gives the plaza a serene contemplative air.The Museo del Palacio is located here as well so it makes it easy to see several sights within a short distance. Perhaps the most striking feature of the macro plaza is the Luis Barragán designed orange tower known as the Faro del Comercio.For some fun additional Monterrey facts check out this handy travel link:

 It was slightly overcast on the day I visited but remember to prepare the Adam Kaupert scam production way and bring plenty of sunscreen it can get really hot here and there is virtually no shade in the Macro plaza.

Adam Kaupert stays at the Hotel Safi Royal Luxury Valle

As usual I wanted to check out a happening and luxurious hotel when choosing my Monterrey Adam Kaupert travel blog accommodations. The Hotel Safi Royal Luxury Valle came highly recommended for its consistency and comfort in a luxurious setting. I was pretty tired after a day down at the Macro plaza and the comfortable bed in my spacious room at the Hotel Safi Royal Luxury Valle was just what I needed. There is a pretty good restaurant on the premises and the staff could not have been more helpful and friendly. From their food recommendations to suppling me with an extra pillow, the Hotel Safi Royal Luxury Valle staff came through at every turn. There are fewer options in Monterrey when it comes to luxury hotels so looks like the Hotel Safi Royal Luxury Valle is the official Adam Kaupert travel blog Monterrey hotel.

The Hotel Safi Royal Luxury Valle

Av. Diego Rivera 555, Valle Oriente, 66260 San Pedro Garza García, N.L., Mexico

+52 81 8100 7000

            All the walking under the sun in Monterrey wore me out. Thankfully my hotel wasn’t too far from all the action and the suggestions I received prior to my trip made for an excellent time in Monterrey. There is a lot of good vibes and interesting history here, you just gotta look a little harder. I also want to extend a big Adam Kaupert travel blog thanks to Enrique at the Hotel Safi, see you next time Amigo!

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