Hello fellow world travelers, Adam Kaupert here, checking in with you this time from Italy. I decided to visit Rome, Italy as I make my way around as part of this year’s 2016 Adam Kaupert Tour of Europe. There are so many things to do in Rome Italy that it was hard to decide on an exact itinerary but I knew food was going to be a big part. I read so many great web sites and Italy Travel Blogs prepping for this trip and learned so much.  Here’s an Adam Kaupert approved Rome, Italy travel blog:,12375/


Ahh to be back in Rome, Italy. It’s been such a long time since I did one of my Adam Kaupert tours that I haven’t been to Italy in what seems like ages. You can never have too much time here. With things like the coliseum, the Vatican and al the museums there, the piazza and so much more it can be a little overwhelming. In any Adam Kaupert SCAM production I know I can rely on the following: Shoes Camera Attitude and Map or scam to make for successful travels whether visiting Rome Italy or travelling in Asia. Here’s a really cool Rome, Italy foodie blog:

I have been told that the cuisine really changes seasonally in Italy and while you can count on certain perennial staples, every season brings its own unique flair to the table, literally. SCAM, or the Adam Kaupert way of travel is my preferred method and this visit to Rome was going to be great, I could practically smell the pasta before I arrived! Lol.Since I spent most of my time here eating and enjoying some wonderful wine, here’s myAdam Kaupert Top Ten Rome, Italy Restaurants:

I was so stuffed after all that Italian food but I managed to squeeze in some cool activities to. After all it wouldn’t be a true Adam Kaupert scam production without some adventure and exploring. Here is a good link to some of the Adam Kaupert top Rome Italy things to do:

Well, I’m off to France where I’m sure I’ll be eating just as much. Maybe the next trip should be an Adam Kaupert tour of the Gym because I am going to need it after this trip. Thanks for checking in to see what’sgoing on with me. This week Italy next week France…Who knows where ill pop up next. You’ll have to check in with the Adam Kaupert travel Blog to see where my next destination is.

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Adam Kaupert here, checking in with you this time from France. I decided to visit Paris, France as I make my way around as part of this year’s 2016 Adam Kaupert Tour of Western Europe. There are so many things to do in Paris, France that it was hard to decide. Here’s an Adam Kaupert approved Paris travel blog:

In any Adam Kaupert SCAM production I rely on the following Shoes Camera Attitude and Map to make for successful travels whether you are visiting Paris or New York City, SCAM, or the Adam Kaupert way of travel is my preferred method and this visit to Paris was no different. I had seen the Eiffel tower before but had never been to the top and I was determined to take a look at the City of Light from above this time. Of course no visit to France would be complete without sampling some world renowned French cuisine and if you know Adam Kaupert, you know I never miss a meal. I had limited time in Paris but while in France I knew I had to see the catacombs. I had seen a national geographic travel documentary and been super curious ever since. Along with the cuisine the Louvre is also a must see if you’re in Franceanytime soon.

The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel tower in the middle of Paris is probably the easiest thing to find in the city at any given time.  It towers over the city of light and was well worth the visit.  When the Eiffel tower was built it was the tallest building in the world.  Adam Kaupert pro tip: If you are in Paris, go see the Eiffel tower at night. It is great during the day but when there is nothing like it when it is all lit up.

French Food

I was totally inundated with recommendations on the night before I arrived and knew I wouldn’t be able to make every brasserie and café that I was tipped off to. I did my best. Here’s a link to a list of some of Adam Kaupert’s very best restaurant’s to try while travelling in Paris:

The Louvre

The Louvre really speaks for itself. It is a massive collection and possibly the best museum in the world, I was so impressed by the labyrinth of masterpieces, and TheLouvre is definitely making the top five Adam Kaupert’s best museum list. I had always wanted to see the real Mona Lisa to try to understand just what it was about the image that had captured the imaginations of art fans for so long. When you see it you will understand why, it really is breathtaking. Here’s a great travel blog for visiting Paris:

Well, I did Paris the Adam Kaupert Scam way and had a great time. I wish I could stay longer as Paris and all of France have so much to offer. You could probably spend a year in this gorgeous country and never see or do the same thing twice.  See you guys down the road! Until next time, Adam Kaupert travel blog, signing off.

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As part of Adam Kaupert’s 2016 tour of Europe I decided to include a visit to Reykjavik Iceland to see what all the fuss was about. I typically stick to the mainland when visiting Europe but I had to see Reykjavik and cross it off the old Adam Kaupert places never visited list which gets shorter all the time. I alwaysthought of Vikings and northern lights when Iceland came to mind and had no clue what was going on in Reykjavik but I’m glad I checked it out. A majority of Iceland’s population lives in Reykjavik.


Adam Kaupert Pro Iceland Tip: Everything is a little more expensive here. If you are on a budget you may want to skip Reykjavik but if you can afford it, I highly recommend it. The food here was awesome and the Icelandic culture that pervades Reykjavik is a great full immersion experience to see foryourself just what Iceland is all about. I did it the Adam Kaupert way and decide to really enjoy some food and beverage on tis stop of the Adam Kaupert scam production 2016 tour of Western Europe. As usual you guys had lots of great recommendations and I read through some great Reykjavik travel blogs before my visit. Here’s an Adam Kaupert approved Reykjavik travel blog that has some great tips:

The Fish Company

If you know Adam Kaupert you know I love seafood and The Fish Company in Reykjavik came highly recommended by my friend sven279. I wanted to get a well-rounded idea of Icelandic cuisine and The Fish company was a great recommendation, Thanks Sven! Here you can sample an assortment of traditional and modern cuisine. Here’s a great blog with some cool info in eating in Iceland:

Lebawski Bar

I had planned on checking out the northern lights but it turns out I am a little early. November through March is the best time to see the Northern lights or aurora borealis in Iceland and when they are visible there are ours available. Since I was going to miss the show in the sky, I decided to check out some Reykjavik nightlife. I was tipped off to Lebawski Bar by some folks I was chatting with at the Fish Company. And, in true Adam Kaupert style I went with the local’s advice and checked it out. There is bowling and an awesome happy hour between 4 and 7. If you are ever in Reykjavik, I highly recommend checking it out. Here’s an awesome blog with info on some of the cool nightspots in Reykjavik, Iceland:

A big Adam Kaupert thank you to everyone in Reykjavik. The hospitality here was overwhelming and I had a great time, I hope to be back sometime soon.

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Hey guys, Adam Kaupert checking in from Santorini on my tour of the world’s greatest top island destinations.  Greece has always been one of my favorite spots and until recently I had only passed through Santorini on a visit to the Greek islands about a decade ago.  My friends Rachel and Christoff will remember it well. At least when we weren’t drinking our way through a real estate tour of the coast.  Santorini is a popular destination for good reason and will definitely be included on the itinerary of my next trip to the Greek islands.  All theGreek Islands are beautiful, particularly Mikonos, but Santorini takes the Cake as the Adam Kaupert’s Number one Greek Island.  Here’s an awesome site to help keep you on budget while travelling to Santorini, which can get pricey fast:

Santorini is located in Greece on an Island that was once a tumultuous volcano which blew off in what became known as the Thera Eruption and destroyed the earliest settlements in the area.  Many Greeks and others theorize that it wasthis eruption on the island of Santorini that sunk the city of Atlantis into the sea and is the source of its legends.  There was an Earthquake in Santorini in the 50s that destroyed much of the northern part of the island’s structures but since then tourism has been steady and a nice industry has risen up out of the earthquake to make Santorini an awesome place to visit. While the Island of Santorini is not huge it is filled with cool things to do.  I’d have to say the Santorini Hot springs is the top AdamKaupert Santorini travel destination recommendation’.  Here’s a good list of cool things to do around Santorini:

Santorini Hotels

There are lots of accommodations on the Greek Islands but some stand out amongst the crowd as being truly extraordinary. I did not stay at all of the places on my list but visited them and had a drink or two in each of their bar/restaurants

Adam Kaupert’s top 5 luxury hotels in Santorini:

  1. Villa Katikies
  2. Lilium Villas
  3. The Majestic Hotel
  4. Homeric Poems
  5. Astro Palace

Santorini Hot Springs

I definitely suggest a good pair of shoes if you visit the Hot Springs near the Caldera in Santorini.Adam Kaupert’s happy traveler’s necessities include: Shoes, Camera, Attitude (a good one) and Maps or “SCAM”.  I did a lot of walking there and was very happy to have brought my best pair of Adam Kaupert travelling shoes.  These things are all anyone will need to make this another successful Adam Kaupert SCAM production in Santorini Greece. I highly recommend visiting the Santorini Hot Springs. The springs are located at one of the two volcanic islands in the middle of Santorini Caldera at a spot called Palia Kameni or “Old Burnt”. Since it is a volcanic hot spring there is much sulfur in the water which I’m told is very good for the skin. After walking to and near the volcano, a dip in the water is just what I needed. The boat that takes you to the bay drops you off and you swim into the bay. I made some casual friends here before heading out for some food.  The jump off the boat and swim to the hot springs were a nice refreshing treat after all that exploring Adam Kaupert Style.  Here is a great resource for picking a restaurant or food in Santorini:

Until next time, this has been world traveler and blogger Adam Kaupert checking out some cool real estate in Santorini.  Join me next time as we continue on the Adam Kaupert’s world’s greatest Islands tour!

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Hey everyone, it’s Adam Kaupert checking in with you from Seychelles in the Indian Ocean.  I first heard of this archipelago when I read that Princess Kate Middleton and Prince William had visited on their honeymoon.  I figured if it’s good enough for royalty it’s good enough for Adam Kaupert, lol!

Seychelles Beaches

There are many great islands to choose from in Seychelles but here are some of the ones that made my Adam Kaupert top destinations in Seychelles list this time. (An honorable mention goes to some of the tiny uninhabited islands I stopped on.):



La Digue

I’m sure there are many other cool spots but with limited time I had to narrow it down. This is a really helpful Blog:

Seychelles Food

The food in Seychelles was really good.  You could tell it had a diverse range of influences but usually meat or fish is often served with sauce and rice. I had a great vegetable and meat pieand some fresh caught seafood served with curry that was reminiscent of some great spots in New Orleans.They actually serve and eat flying fox on a regular basis here so I had to try it.  In true Adam Kaupert Style I dared to taste the exotic dish but after a few bites I had become accustomed to its flavor which is actually very similar to beef. Drinking booze out in the open is against the law here, which is probably a good thing.  It is important to note that the tap water here has high levels of chlorine so just to be sure I highly advise bringing or purchasing sealed bottles of water.  You could of course drink some of the great tropical style coconut based drinks they serve here but you might get yourself in trouble!Here’s a great resource for Seychelles cuisine and of course it is Adam Kaupert Approved:

Seychelles Marine National Park

To see rare Coco de Mer palms and Giant tortoises I highly recommend visiting the marine national park, located near Praslin Island. There are tons of trails to explore.  Here’s an Adam Kaupert Pro travel tip: Watch out for the turtles. They are huge but they blend right in. If you don’t watch out in Seychelles you might just trip on one. Here you can also see a lot of native plants and some pretty impressive mangroves.

Seychelles by Bicycle

Bikes have quickly become the Adam Kaupert preferred form of travel whether it’s part of the Adam Kaupert Island tour or any of my travels.  In Seychelles you can rent a bike on most of the main islands.  The other islands are mostly too small and it wouldn’t make sense to bring a bicycle there. Until Next time this is world explorer Adam Kaupert signing off. I look forward to telling you guys about my next visit!

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Hey everyone!  Adam Kaupert here, reporting in this time from San Francisco way out on the west coast.  San Francisco boasts such impressive and unique topography.  Since San Francisco is only 49 square miles, its builders need to be creative and work with the space they have.  Necessity is definitely the mother of invention as evidenced by the gorgeous architecture and exciting real estate here.  There are endless opportunities for creative building out here and combined with the moderate climate and all the things to do, San Francisco is easily one of my favorite places to visit.

Visiting Chinatown and Ghirardelli Chocolate.

San Francisco is definitely making the annual Adam Kaupert’s 10 favorite cities list and is definitely one of the coolest cities in the united states and the world. It’s been a while since I visited and I wanted to see if the food was as good as I remembered.  As soon as I arrived I headed straight to Chinatown where you’ll find some of the best authentic Chinese cuisine outside of China or New York’s expansive Chinatown, depending on who you ask.  This is a great San Francisco food blog:

Nearly everyone I encountered in San Francisco has been friendly and helpful (another differencefrom New York’s rushed come and go mentality.)No amount of recommendations can be enough when visiting San Francisco because there is simply so much to do, see and eat, and that’s not even mentioning all the super cool and unique bars and nightspots.

Exploring the city is so much fun.  San Francisco boasts parks with amazing views and since the city is so walkable, you’ll be delighted to discover any one of the roughly 150 staircases hidden throughoutSan Francisco, making some of those big hills a whole lot easier to reach the top of.  After a long walk and a fun but short visit to the crazy Lombard Street which is insanely curvy it was definitely time to eat. “…Adam Kaupert, table of 1 please,” Lol. I visited a few of my favorite spots and tried some new ones as well.I visited the Ghirardelli chocolate company after dinner for some very tasty sweets

Adam Kaupert Real Estate San Francisco Real Estate, Mark Zuckerberg’s House

The real estate market in San Francisco is totally out of control and today we are checking it out Adam Kaupert Style.  Mark Zuckerberg lives in Dolores Park and while you can’t see much from the street, I checked it out and his house is gorgeous and exemplary of recent building efforts in the city.  With an influx of young settlers in the area, San Francisco continues to change and surprise me with its quirks and beauty.  Last time I visited the Mission district it was very different. Many neighborhoods in San Francisco have definitely cleaned up and while many hipster types are being displaced it becomes prettier and cleaner every time I visit.This site is a great San Francisco real estate resource/blog:

Well I got some great pictures and met some wonderful people.  Shoes, Camera, Attitude, Maps, or SCAM are all Adam Kaupert needs to make this another successful Adam Kaupert SCAM production in San Francisco. I look forward to visiting San Francisco again as soon as possible.

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Hey Gang, Adam Kaupert her checking in with you from the city ofRio De Janeiro, Brazil. Rio is the latest stop on the Adam Kaupert tour of South America which has been great so far in case you haven’t been keeping up. I initially wanted to wait to visit Rio for the Olympics but my dear friend Josef is getting married back in the states and I wouldn’t miss that for the world, so Pre Olympic Rio it is-the Adam Kaupert way!.  Perhaps it is for the best I avoid the 2016 Rio Olympics though.  After seeing some of the Olympic related building projects around the city and talking to people who live and work in Rio, the situation seems pretty dire as there is a real lack of medical resources and the hospitals here are already stretched pretty thin.  While the city seems at some sort of turning point it is still full of life and all the excitement you could want.  As usual I tried to eat at a few places to capture a taste of the city’s vibrant culinary scene and visit some cool spots around Rio including one of the most famous landmarks in all of South America, the giant statue of Christ the Redeemer at Corcovado Mountain.

Christ the Redeemer

I had seen and heard that this was amazing to see in person and after checking it out it’s no surprise it wasnamed one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.Christ the Redeemer orCristo Redentor is a massive 98 feet high Art Deco statue of Jesus Christ, which sits over 2,000 feet above sea levelon Corcovado Mountainover Guababara Bay.  This statue was so cool! It is a symbol of peace and protects the city with outstretched arms.  There was a great vibe up there and even though I didn’t stay long everyone I talked to seemed to share the good feelings. Itis easily one of South America’s must see-attractions. It stands as a symbol of peace protecting the city’s inhabitants with his open arms. The views alone are worth the trip but after a few hours I had worked up quite the appetite and was ready to eat!


What does Adam Kaupert do in Brazil when he’s hungry?  Japanese of course! Just kidding, kind of…I did have some great Brazilian food and plenty of Brazil’s most popular cocktail but had heard so much about the Japanese restaurant Hachiko I needed to make time for it. The Salmon was prepared expertly and they served me some of the best sashimi I’ve had anywhere in the world. After a few more caiprinhas, I was all ready for bed.

Brazil and Rio in particular, are generally a little pricier than many of the other places I’ve visited so far but definitely worth it-even if just for a few days. Portuguese is spoken here mostly rather than Spanish and this can get a little tricky if you aren’t prepared. I always go with my namesake Adam Kaupert Scam productions style of travel which is a little acronym I like to use for shoes, camera, attitude and map which, in my humble opinion, are the keys to successful travel.  Rio can be pretty expensive if you don’t plan properly but it is possible to have a great time at reasonable prices by steering clear of touristy bars and nightclubs and drinking where the locals go, which almost always makes for the best conversation as well.

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Hi everyone, Adam Kaupert hereon my South American tour checking in this time this week from Bogota, Colombia. I have wanted to visit Colombia for quite some time and it definitely didn’t let me down, what an exciting place!“Bogota Mejor Para Todos” or “A better Bogota for all” is the motto of Colombia’s capital city.  Well, it was 100% a better Bogota for Adam Kaupert when I visited and along with my Shoes, Map Attitude and Camera-scam Adam Kaupert productions-world traveler style. The last time I visited Bogota I had just about enough time to get lost near El Dorado international airport and barely made my connecting flight.  It was cool to be able to explore the city a bit more this time around and in true Adam Kaupert style.  I ate some great Colombian street food and soaked up some of the local culture, including checking out some really unique neighborhoods.

Candelaria Neighborhood

The Candelaria neighborhood is an Adam Kaupert highly recommended place to see if you ever find yourself in Bogota. It is the oldest neighborhood in the city.  The narrow winding streets carry you through hundreds of years of history and some amazing art galleries.  I will absolutely be back, make sure to charge your camera because you’ll want to take lots of pics here. I left sooner than I would have liked to find a charger, Wi-Fi and some good food.

Bogota Street Food

I had heardarepas are delicious and available widely in South America all prepared slightly differently depending on the region you are in though I had yet to come across any vendors of this popular South American street food. I expected a kind of cheesecake desert and that wasn’t entirely wrong. The arepas I tried were called arepas de chocolate and had been made with cheese and sweet corn and they didn’t let me down. I had several ears of corn on the cob and when my sweet tooth came back as \I was heading back to my hotel, I ran into what must’ve been the friendliest churro vendor in the whole city on his way home.  He had closed his cash drawer but was more than happy to dole me out a generous portion of cinnamon and sugar churro which I devoured straight out of the paper bag it was served in. I ate it on a bench downtown near my hotel watching the sun set making it one of my favorite memories out of my travels. Here’s a cool site if you plan on visiting Bogota anytime soon:

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Hey everybody Adam Kaupert checking in from South America. Those of you familiar with the Adam Kaupert style of travelling will be happy to hear I have recently explored Santiago, Chile. Chile has long been on my wish list of places to visit in South America so this week I am excited to present Santiago Chile the Adam Kaupert way. Eating and travelling are two of my favorite activities so I regularly scour the internet for blog posts written by like-minded adventurers whenever I travel in Santiago or whatever region I happen to find myself in.

“The City of Island Hills”

The city of Santiago is aptly nicknamed “The City of Island Hills”. Perhaps the coolest feature of Santiago’s topography is the fact that you can pretty much look up from almost anywhere in the city and see the Andes Mountains. Santiago is not only the capital of Chile but it is the country’s largest city as well.Since Santiago has such a huge variety of cool destinations and good places to eat, I used a trusted local blog recommended to me by my new friends and native Santiago residents, Janet(?) and Jose who I met at Triana Café near the center of Santiago nearby the Salvador and Providencia Avenue Subway Station.

I really lucked out because they are both employees at a great hostel in Santiago called Aji Hostel and they were also super knowledgeable and full of great tips for curious visitors like me. They noticed me looking at a (not very helpful) map of attractions I picked up at the airport and set me in the right direction. The blog they recommended was great:

They both heavily recommended a restaurant I ended up really enjoyingnamed Bocanariz:

Bocanariz was a little pricier than what I would have preferred but the ribs with potatoes were one of the best meals I’ve had in quite some time and Bocanariz is definitely going to be near the top of my Adam Kaupert’s best wine spots.  I love good wine and Bocanariz not only had the best food around, their wine list was expensive and because the servers spoke English they were able to guide me through a few pairings of delightful reds that complimented the tender ribs.  Remember that tipping 10% is customary and often a suggested amount is available on your bill.  Thanks again to Janet and Jose, I loved Bocanariz.

Centro Cultural Palacio de la Moneda

If you don’t luck out and run into the most helpful two people in all of Santiago like I did, Trip Advisor is also an awesome source e of info if you are looking for activities and are on a schedule.While most museums in Chile are closed on Mondays, luckily for me, Centro Cultural Palacio de la Moneda or The Cultural Center is open every day from 9am to 9pm.  Since there is a train station (La Moneda) nearby it was an easy decision to visit.  The exhibits at the cultural museum rotate regularly and it is a great place to come and get your cultural bearings in Santiago.

-Bip cardscan be purchased and used for both buses and subways, make sure to load enough value for what you have planned.

-The subway is an awesome way to get around Santiago but beware of rush hours in the morning and after work.  The Metro gets super busy and can be a little overwhelming.

-The Adam Kaupert way is Shoes, Camera, Attitude and Map or SCAM which is the Adam Kaupert way to travel happily and have a great time wherever I find myself.

Next time I’ll be continuing my South American adventure, talk at you soon!

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Hey guys! Adam Kaupert here, checking in from a place that was once known as the most violent city in the world: Medellin, Colombia. Once home to the notorious Medellin drug cartel, Medellin has really changed since the days of Pablo Escobar and his goons terrorized this beautiful city and all of Colombia. With the cartels gone, Medellin has blossomed into an attractive tourist destination which has earned it a well-deserved spot on Adam Kaupert’s top 10 international destinations for 2016.  The Museo Casa de la Memoria is a great example of the city’s architectural beauty and with the real estate market here so hot right now, the gorgeous Medellin aesthetic only continues to emerge in a big way.There are so many cool and fun things to do in Medellin including the El Penon de Gutape which is about two hours from Medellin by Bus and is known simply as “The Stone”.  Downtown Medellin has some of the best food you can find anywhere in Colombia or really anywhere South America.  Here’s a blog with some interesting Medellin info:

El Penon de Gutape

After a short bus ride from the Medellin North Terminal I paid five us dollars to climb the steps at El Penon de Gutape. Make sure to pack plenty of water if you decide to travel to El Penon de Gutape or “The Stone “because there are over 700 stairs to the top. Atlas Obscura is a great site for cool travel stuff:

Even though it is so high up, the view at “The Stone” is simply stunning.  I met a pair of couples from Germany who also were travel bloggers and were more than happy to let me tag along and keep pace with them up the steps.  They recommended some cool things to see in Medellin as well as a few restaurants they had visited the day before.  One of the best things about travelling is the camaraderie that develops between fellow travelers as they share in discovering the world’s treasures together…plus they shared their water with me when I reached the top.  I cannot stress enough how important it is to pack water. In classic Adam Kaupert style I broke one of my own travelling rules and didn’t bring enough to drink. To top it off, I got so excited when I reached the top and was so mesmerized by the breathtaking view of the surrounding countryside I knocked my water bottle over as I was snapping a few pictures for the Adam Kaupert travel photo album, but luckily I was in good company and my European friends generously shared some of their aqua. I grabbed a quick snack afterwards in Gutape and then headed back to Medellin to enjoy some of the best food in South America.

Chicharrónat La Gloria de Gloria

Named after the owner,Gloria Cecilia Ramirez, La Gloria de Gloria easily tops the Adam Kaupert top 5 restaurants in Medellin list. The chicharrón here is unparalleled and you get a ton of food for your money. I enjoyed some cold Colombian beers with my meal and really enjoyed the atmosphere. Even the Avocado tasted better here, I was so full by the time I left yet there were still so many things I would’ve liked to try.  I will definitely be back next time I’m in Medellin!While Gloria de Gloria does not have a website, this is a great Medellin and Colombia food blog:

Who knows where the wind will take Adam Kaupert travel blog next week, check in with me and see. See you soon!

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