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Not many people know this but Sydney was almost named Albion but was switched at the last minute to be named after the British lord Sydney. Welcome to the Adam Kaupert Sydney Australia travel blog reporting to you from Australia’s largest city, Sydney. Home of the famed opera house which is one of the most photographed structures of all time. There are over 4 and a half million people here doing all manner of business which accounts for a quarter of Australia’s economy. Cruise on over to this site for more information on Sydney travel:

Sydney has a large and diverse population. You will find Asia and Europe along with many other parts of the world represented in the makeup of Sydney residents. Over a quarter of the population here was born in a country other than Australia. This multicultural diversity is represented in all walks of life from the food to the music and even the sense of humor shared by many folks in Sydney.

Adam Kaupert pays a visit to the famed Sydney Opera House

While the Sydney harbor bridge is a marvel, its construction was a long and harrowing effort. Tens of workers perished during the project and it went 10 times over budget. However when you are here and see the Opera house and the bridge you’ll understand why it was all worth it.Between the opera house and the Harbor, Sydney Australia is one of the most aesthetically pleasing cities in the world. This is an Adam Kaupert travel blog approved Sydney traveler website that you may find will enhance your travelling experience:

If you’ve seenthe harbor and opera house and have whet your appetite for more great Australian architecture then I suggest checking out Albion Street where there are dozens of historical sites and classic Australian architecture to take in.

Adam Kaupert stays at the Meriton Suites World Tower

Ask anyone and they will tell you that the Meriton Suites world Tower is the premier Hotel in Sydney. The rooms at the Meriton Suites were huge, much bigger than the average room. The Hotel is in Sydney’s tallest residential tower with 77 floors and a view of the Harbor that is simply magnificent. It is easy to see how the Meriton suites earned its five star rating. No expense was spared in preparing my room. Everything was perfect and all my needs were catered too promptly by the award winning staff who was incredibly helpful. Do not miss this helpful Sydney travel blog:

The Meriton Suites Sydney definitely earned high marks from the Adam Kaupert travel blog and they are always looking for ways to improve guest experience here. I will be back next time I visit Sydney.

Meriton Suites World Tower

95 Liverpool St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

61 2 8263 7500

After Melbourne I wasn’t sure how much better Australia could get but sure enough, Sydney matched Melbourne’s distinct vibe with its own style. Australia has always been good to the Adam Kaupert travel blog and we can’t wait to be back. Until Next time, Happy travels!

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