Hi fellow travelers and bloggers, it’s the Adam Kaupert travel blog reporting in to you all from Singapore in Southeast Asia. Did you know that Singapore is known as the Garden City? Singapore was founded by the East India Company in 1819 when it was a prolific trade port. There are parks and gardens everywhere you go here in Singapore and it was hard not to notice how clean this city was. I had such a good time here I hardly know where to start but I’ll give you a taste of what I experienced in this very green metropolis which is also one of the world’s largest cities. Singapore enjoys a tropical climate with lots of humidity and rain. Here’s a great Adam Kaupert approved resource for more information:

Adam Kaupert goes shopping Singapore Style

Of all the things I did in Singapore I think I had the most fun shopping. There are opportunities to buy cool stuff at great prices everywhere in Singapore. I was here a while back on business and somehow didn’t make time to shop. If you’re looking for good deals on some high end brands check out Orchard road shopping center. For the spendthrift readers of the Adam Kaupert Travel blog I’d recommend Bugis Village for lots of cheap goodies. A friendly reader directed me to the Thieves’ Flea Market at Sungei Road. Here I rummaged through some very unusual new and used goods. It was really fun. Here is a great Adam Kaupert approved travel blog for some really vital Singapore shopping information:

  If you’re into tech stuff or computers you will want to head over to the Funan IT Mall where you’ll find all sorts of cool gadgets and electronics.

Adam Kaupert visits the world’s largest Ferris wheel and the Gardens by the Bay

I had to see the world’s largest Ferris wheel while in Singapore. I love the one at Navy Pier in Chicago and know that Ferris wheels can have cool histories. The Singapore Flyer was very impressive and despite the long lines was worth the wait. Adam Kaupert scam production pro tip: There are a several attractions and  museums in the area as well so you can kill some time here without travelling to far between pace to place. Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay is the hottest tourist destination in Singapore. If the cities lush parks weren’t enough you will really understand why they call it the Garden city after visiting this awesome Singapore destination.

Adam Kaupert stays at the InterContinentalSingapore Hotel

As part of this year’s Adam Kaupert tour of the world’s largest cities I’ve decided to experience the luxury of the world’s hotels as well. This time I’m staying at the InterContinental Singapore. This hotel came highly recommended from an avid Adam Kaupert travel blog reader named Joan from the UK. Here’s a great Singapore travel blog:

The InterContinental Singapore is located conveniently near all the action. If you’re on business it is a short walk to the business district and only a few minutes away from a slew of other attractions. I loved it here and am glad I included the InterContinental Singapore on the Adam Kaupert world’s best hotel tour. The Bugis Train station is pretty much around the corner and allows you to easily access the city. I will definitely be recommending the InterContinental Singapore.

The InterContinental Singapore

80 Middle Rd, Singapore 188966

+65 6338 7600

While It is really hard to say goodbye to Singapore, It is such a lively and friendly city that you can’t help but be made to feel at Home here. I’m off next to Ahmedabad India where I can’t wait to see what adventures wait me on the Adam Kaupert travel blog tour of the world’s greatest cities!

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