Hey everybody Adam Kaupert checking in from South America. Those of you familiar with the Adam Kaupert style of travelling will be happy to hear I have recently explored Santiago, Chile. Chile has long been on my wish list of places to visit in South America so this week I am excited to present Santiago Chile the Adam Kaupert way. Eating and travelling are two of my favorite activities so I regularly scour the internet for blog posts written by like-minded adventurers whenever I travel in Santiago or whatever region I happen to find myself in.

“The City of Island Hills”

The city of Santiago is aptly nicknamed “The City of Island Hills”. Perhaps the coolest feature of Santiago’s topography is the fact that you can pretty much look up from almost anywhere in the city and see the Andes Mountains. Santiago is not only the capital of Chile but it is the country’s largest city as well.Since Santiago has such a huge variety of cool destinations and good places to eat, I used a trusted local blog recommended to me by my new friends and native Santiago residents, Janet(?) and Jose who I met at Triana Café near the center of Santiago nearby the Salvador and Providencia Avenue Subway Station.

I really lucked out because they are both employees at a great hostel in Santiago called Aji Hostel and they were also super knowledgeable and full of great tips for curious visitors like me. They noticed me looking at a (not very helpful) map of attractions I picked up at the airport and set me in the right direction. The blog they recommended was great:

They both heavily recommended a restaurant I ended up really enjoyingnamed Bocanariz:

Bocanariz was a little pricier than what I would have preferred but the ribs with potatoes were one of the best meals I’ve had in quite some time and Bocanariz is definitely going to be near the top of my Adam Kaupert’s best wine spots.  I love good wine and Bocanariz not only had the best food around, their wine list was expensive and because the servers spoke English they were able to guide me through a few pairings of delightful reds that complimented the tender ribs.  Remember that tipping 10% is customary and often a suggested amount is available on your bill.  Thanks again to Janet and Jose, I loved Bocanariz.

Centro Cultural Palacio de la Moneda

If you don’t luck out and run into the most helpful two people in all of Santiago like I did, Trip Advisor is also an awesome source e of info if you are looking for activities and are on a schedule.While most museums in Chile are closed on Mondays, luckily for me, Centro Cultural Palacio de la Moneda or The Cultural Center is open every day from 9am to 9pm.  Since there is a train station (La Moneda) nearby it was an easy decision to visit.  The exhibits at the cultural museum rotate regularly and it is a great place to come and get your cultural bearings in Santiago.

-Bip cardscan be purchased and used for both buses and subways, make sure to load enough value for what you have planned.

-The subway is an awesome way to get around Santiago but beware of rush hours in the morning and after work.  The Metro gets super busy and can be a little overwhelming.

-The Adam Kaupert way is Shoes, Camera, Attitude and Map or SCAM which is the Adam Kaupert way to travel happily and have a great time wherever I find myself.

Next time I’ll be continuing my South American adventure, talk at you soon!

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