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Did you know that Santa Cruz, Bolivia is one of the most rapidly growing cities in the world? In all my years of travelling for business and the Adam Kaupert travel blog I have never had the opportunity to visit Bolivia so I have been looking forward to see the lush green landscape in and around Santa Cruz, Bolivia. This is an Adam Kaupert scam production approved Santa Cruz travel blog that I think you’ll enjoy:

Adam Kaupert explores Santa Cruz area National Parks.

Santa Cruz Bolivia and the surrounding area are home to some of the best national wildlife parks anywhere in Bolivia. There are three huge parks within a day of Santa Cruz and they offer some sights you cannot get anywhere else in the world. Here you’ll get the chance to see the rare Bolivian Condor in its natural habitat. Here’s a terrific source of Santa Cruz Bolivia travel information:

The Kaa-Iya National Park is a few hours outside of the city but is proud home to the elusive Jaguar making it well worth a detour. Many wildlife enthusiasts are treatedto a glimpse of this rare beauty when visiting the park which is home to hundreds of the legendary mountain cats.

Adam Kaupert tours Santa Cruz Neighborhoods

Santa Cruz, Bolivia is a city of neighborhoods. Here you will find a colorful selection of shops and cafes, perfect for people watching. In keeping with the Adam Kaupert scam production style of travel I solicited recommendations from readers of the Adam Kaupert travel Blog. I was directed to go to the Monsenor Rivera neighborhood which is one of the hippest stretches of real estate in all of Bolivia. From here I wandered to Urubo which is an up and coming area filled with trendy expensive houses. Nearby Avenida San Marin Street in the Equipetrol district is worth a walk through as well for its magnificent architecture. Here is a great Adam Kaupert travel blog approved link with some high quality Santa Cruz Bolivia travel tips:

Adam Kaupert stays at the Hampton by Hilton Santa Cruz

The Hampton by Hilton Santa Cruz was a great choice for this year’s visit to Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Staying at the Hilton Santa Cruz was a no brainer for this Adam Kaupert travel blog tour of Santa Cruz Bolivia. Located in swanky Equiptrol neighborhood, the Hampton by Hilton was a short walk or ride from everything I wanted to visit in Santa Cruz. The staff was helpful and attended to my needs while the concierge offered some great information when planning daytrips to the great national parks in the area.

Hilton Santa Cruz

San Martin Avenue Esq. Street E

Equipetrol, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

+591 3 3434010             I would have loved to have a little more time to explore the National Parks here in Santa Cruz but oh well, there’s always next time. I didn’t end up seeing the elusive jaguar but had a great time checking out the hundreds of species of birds inKaa-Iya National Park. The people in Santa Cruz made the Adam Kaupert travel blog feel right at home and they undoubtedly will do the same for you! Until next time, happy travels from the Adam Kaupert travel blog.

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