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Hey everyone!  Adam Kaupert here, reporting in this time from San Francisco way out on the west coast.  San Francisco boasts such impressive and unique topography.  Since San Francisco is only 49 square miles, its builders need to be creative and work with the space they have.  Necessity is definitely the mother of invention as evidenced by the gorgeous architecture and exciting real estate here.  There are endless opportunities for creative building out here and combined with the moderate climate and all the things to do, San Francisco is easily one of my favorite places to visit.

Visiting Chinatown and Ghirardelli Chocolate.

San Francisco is definitely making the annual Adam Kaupert’s 10 favorite cities list and is definitely one of the coolest cities in the united states and the world. It’s been a while since I visited and I wanted to see if the food was as good as I remembered.  As soon as I arrived I headed straight to Chinatown where you’ll find some of the best authentic Chinese cuisine outside of China or New York’s expansive Chinatown, depending on who you ask.  This is a great San Francisco food blog:

Nearly everyone I encountered in San Francisco has been friendly and helpful (another differencefrom New York’s rushed come and go mentality.)No amount of recommendations can be enough when visiting San Francisco because there is simply so much to do, see and eat, and that’s not even mentioning all the super cool and unique bars and nightspots.

Exploring the city is so much fun.  San Francisco boasts parks with amazing views and since the city is so walkable, you’ll be delighted to discover any one of the roughly 150 staircases hidden throughoutSan Francisco, making some of those big hills a whole lot easier to reach the top of.  After a long walk and a fun but short visit to the crazy Lombard Street which is insanely curvy it was definitely time to eat. “…Adam Kaupert, table of 1 please,” Lol. I visited a few of my favorite spots and tried some new ones as well.I visited the Ghirardelli chocolate company after dinner for some very tasty sweets

Adam Kaupert Real Estate San Francisco Real Estate, Mark Zuckerberg’s House

The real estate market in San Francisco is totally out of control and today we are checking it out Adam Kaupert Style.  Mark Zuckerberg lives in Dolores Park and while you can’t see much from the street, I checked it out and his house is gorgeous and exemplary of recent building efforts in the city.  With an influx of young settlers in the area, San Francisco continues to change and surprise me with its quirks and beauty.  Last time I visited the Mission district it was very different. Many neighborhoods in San Francisco have definitely cleaned up and while many hipster types are being displaced it becomes prettier and cleaner every time I visit.This site is a great San Francisco real estate resource/blog:

Well I got some great pictures and met some wonderful people.  Shoes, Camera, Attitude, Maps, or SCAM are all Adam Kaupert needs to make this another successful Adam Kaupert SCAM production in San Francisco. I look forward to visiting San Francisco again as soon as possible.

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