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It’s the Adam Kaupert travel blog here checking in with you from the Rosario, Argentina. Did you know that Rosario Argentina was founded over three hundred years ago and is one of Argentina’s largest cities? So far the Adam Kaupert tour of Central and South America have gone swimmingly. Rosario, Argentina was no different. The city is steeped in history and folklore. Since this city is along a major river it shares influences with many other regions. Have a look at this great Rosario Argentina travel bog:

Rosario is just a few hours from Buenos Aires so most of the tourists will be out of your way if that’s not your thing. Rosario is an authentic Argentinian city where you can truly see what Argentine life is like.

Adam Kaupert explores Coastal Rosario

While researching the Rosario trip I learned how hot it was in Rosario. A trip to the beach was a no brainer. The beach in Rosario is not nearly as crowded as ones you’ll find nearby in Buenos Aires. Exploring Rosario’s coast is a great way to experience Argentina’s famed beaches while avoiding the obnoxious touristy crowds. Remember to bring your sunscreen, it is hot here but at night a chill creeps into the air. No problem though as here are many waterside restaurants and shops to warm up in. This is an outstanding resource for Rosario Argentina travel info:

Plan ahead before you go, there are some cabs here but I am told that it is not uncommon for tourists to be swindled. If you cannot walk or ride a bike d suggest making sure you have secured reputable transportation before your visit. It is relatively inexpensive here so you can really letloose at one of the many clubs and cafes in the area.This is an Adam Kaupert Rosario Argentine travel blog link that I think you will enjoy.

Adam Kaupert stays at theHotel Rosario

Planning the Adam Kaupert tour of Central and South America was a breeze. As usual I went with blog reader recommendation for my hotel and booked the Adam Kaupert travel blog accommodation at Hotel Rosario in Rosario Argentina. The location is perfect and the food was pretty good too. Since I knew I would be spending a lot of time outside I did not require the usual frills I might demand on a trip like this but the Rosario exceeded my expectations and the staff  readily et all my needs. I would give the Adam Kaupert scam production recommendation to anyone thinking of visiting Rosario, Argentina anytime soon.

Hotel Rosario

Ricardone 1365, S2000BAC Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina

+54 341 424-2170

            Everything went great on this Adam Kaupert Rosario visit, I had a terrific time and can’t wait to be back. It looks like I may have some extra time in Buenos Aires and I very well may take a little side trip down to Rosario. Until next time this is the Adam Kaupert travel blog signing off from Rosario, Argentina.

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