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Buenos Dias amigos from the Adam Kaupert travel blog writing to you all from Recife, Brazil. While it is not the most well-known of Brazil’scities it is the fourth largest Brazilian metropolis with just under four million people inhabiting the greater metropolitan area. Recife is located on two islands on the Atlantic coast and is home to some of the most beautiful, and low key, beaches in all of Brazil. Get here quick because the word about Recife is spreading.Here’s a great Recife Brazil travelers blog that came in handy during my visit:

Historic downtown Recife is one of the city’s big draws. There are many buildings and structures still standing here that were originally erected in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. For history and architecture buffs Recife makes a lot of sense but for many others the serene beaches are what gets them excited about travelling to Recife.

Adam Kaupert visits the Coroa Do Aviao and some of Recife’s Beaches

The Coroa Do Avio is one of the best beaches in Brazil by far. It is a short walk at low tide to a gorgeous white sandbar where there are huts and restaurants catering to your every need. Many locals make this a quick weekend getaway but word amongst outsiders has begun to spread. After all, when your beach is as lovely and serene as this it’shard to keep it a secret for long. The clear waters and warm winds are just what the Adam Kaupert travel blog needed after my restless stay in Wuhan, China. Prepare for your travels the Adam Kaupert scam production way and take a look at this informative Recife travel blog:

Boa Viagem beach is right up there with any of the best Brazilian beaches. It is probably the most exclusive beaches as well and is surrounded by one of the more affluent neighborhoods in Recife. There are so many bars and restaurants here that it is easy to see why it is a major tourist attraction. Some readers of the Adam Kaupert blog suggested I stay here so I went ahead and booked a stay in the Boa Viagem neighborhood. Make your way over to this useful Adam Kaupert scam production approved Recife Brazil travel site for more information:

I should say though that I did speak to some hesitant beachgoers who, having heard about the spate of recent shark attacks off the coast of Recife, decide to just dip their toes rather than going out too far. I can’t recommend Recife’s beaches enough. The Boa Viagem beach was awesome. They have it lit up at pretty much all times and it really seems like there’s always someone up at all hours, partying into the day.

Adam Kaupert books a room at the Hotel Atlante Plaza

Since I knew I would be spending a bulk of my time at the beach, I booked the Adam Kaupert travel blog accommodations at the Hotel Atlante Plaza. From what I gathered the Hotel Atlante Plaza was near some of the top beaches so it made sense. The Hotel Atlante Plaza is not the nicest hotelI’veever stayed at but it met the basic requirements and since the weather is awesome here, I hardly spent any time at my hotel anyway. The staff was helpful and though I had some issues controlling my air conditioner they were promptly solved by management. All in all my stay at the Hotel Atlante Plaza went well and I would probably return.

The Hotel Atlante Plaza

Av. Boa Viagem, 5426 – Boa Viagem, Recife – PE, 51030-000, Brazil

+55 81 3302-3333

Recife really surprised me. I had heard that the beaches here were some of the best in Brazil but what I found really blew me away. The white sand and clear waters were mesmerizing and a welcome respite from what has been a cold winter. The Adam Kaupert travel blog never misses a chance to bask in the sun and just relax at the beach so you can bet it will not be long before I return to beautiful sunny Recife, Brazil. Until next time, safe travels everyone!

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