Ola amigos, It’s your man Adam Kaupert coming at you this time all the way from Portugal. As part of this year’s Adam Kaupert tour of Europe In any Adam Kaupert SCAM production I rely on the following Shoes Camera Attitude and Map to make for successful travels whether you are in Asia or visiting Lisbon. SCAM, or the Adam Kaupert way of travel is my preferred method and this visit to Lisbon, Portugal was no different. The beaches here are amazing and rival any experiences I had on my recent Adam Kaupert Island tour. Here’s an Adam Kaupert approved travel blog with some cool advice and information on where and when to visit in Lisbon, Portugal:

Lisbon Food

While very close to Spain Portugal has a unique national identity and distinct character. As Spain’s neighbor on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other, Portugal has developed some flavors of its own. While I spent most of my time here relaxing at the beach, I definitely did Lisbon the Adam Kaupert way and ate my fair share while I was here. This is an invaluable Lisbon foodie blog resource featuring Adam Kaupert’s toprestaurants in Portugal:

I ate a lot of tapas while in Lisbon and recommend you do the same if you travel here.

Lisbon Historical Sights

Obviously many of the cities I’ve visited on this year’s Adam Kaupert tour of Europe are very old. Every American City is a new born baby compared to even the youngest of Europe’s metropolises. Lisbon was no different. There is a slew of historical sights and museums to visit for the curious traveler. The Parques Das Nacoes has a great promenade and some incredible architecture and a view of Europe’s longest bridge. There are too many to name but here is a good site with some of some of Adam Kaupert’s best Lisbon historical attractions:

Another successful experience during my travels in Lisbon doing it, obviously, the Adam Kaupert Scam way I had a great time. I wish I could stay longer as Paris and all of France have so much to offer. You could probably spend a year in this gorgeous country and never see or do the same thing twice.  Next week I will be visiting another of Europe’s great cities. Safe travels everyone. Wish me luck on my long train ride, I will post some more pics soon. Thank you to everyone for their suggestions and tips,muchas gracias!

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