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Did you know that Naples Italy is perhaps best known for being the birthplace of the Pizza? If you follow our adventures regularly here at the Adam Kaupert travel blog you know eating is held in a very high regard so what better place to satiate all our culinary cravings then Naples, Italy? Located in Southern Italy, Naples is one of the hilliest and most populated cities in Europe. With breathtaking views of the Tyrrhenian Sea, and some landscapes that inspired the Masters, Naples was a shoe-in for this year’s annual Adam Kaupert tour of Europe. For more information on travelling in Naples check out this awesome travel blog:

Make sure to go online or to a bookstore and do some research prior to travelling and always adhere to the Adam Kaupert SCAM style of travel. The Adam Kaupert scam acronym is a little travel hack I utilize that stands for Shoes, Camera, Attitude and Map.  These rules have always served this globe traveler well, whetherexploring in Naples or Atlanta, Georgia.

Adam Kaupert tries Neapolitan Cuisine

Despite Naples being one of the densest urban center in Europe, with lots of different cultures pervading all facets of life and cuisine, it is still THE place to go for authentic Italian style pizza known as Neapolitan. Everyone knows that Italy has some great food but this Adam Kaupert travel blog trip was going to be all about the Pizza. Here’s a link to a great site with additional information for travelling in Naples, Italy:

Naples is the third largest city in Italy so you can expect a lot more than just the delicious cuisine Italy is known for.

Adam Kaupert tries the best Neapolitan Pizza Spots

Pizza is beloved all over Italy not just in Naples. As I sat and enjoyed a slice at Pepe in Campania, I considered how popular pizza really is and what a large contribution Naples has made to the global culinary scene. You can get pizza all over the world and it all started here. I came to Pepe because it is known for serving some of the best authenticNeapolitan pizza in the world. Take a look at this outstanding and funny Italy Travel blog:

A visit to Pepe is sure to satiate your most intense Pizza cravings. This Naples pizza hot spot easily earned a spot in the top three Adam Kaupert travel blog pizzas. If you’re in Naples make sure to get a slice here. The owner Franco Pepe is a local favorite and only sources his ingredients from the top purveyors. The olive oil is fantastic and my server told me it was harvested from an olive orchard only a few miles away from the restaurant! Do not miss Pepe.


B&B, Vico San Giovanni Battista 3, Caiazzo, +39 0823 862718,


Adam Kaupert Lodges at the Grand Hotel Vesuvio in Naples

After a long day of wandering Naples and mingling with some friendly Italian locals I was finally able to head back to my room at theGrand Hotel Vesuvio. It was getting dark and my friend Enrico had warned me to be safe and cautious at night time in Naples so I decided to check out the Grand Hotel Vesuvio’s restaurant for a quick bit before taking a swim in their indoor pool.  The Grand Hotel Vesuvio came highly recommended to the Adam Kaupert travel Blog and for good reason, for over 100 years they have been offering up the same luxurious Neapolitan charm that the city is known for. Located on the seafront this hotel pays close attention to detail in the full array of amenities provided. The hotel shares a rich history as the most elegant Lodging in the area.

The Grand Hotel Vesuvio Naples

Partenope, 45, 80122 Napoli NA, Italy

39 081 764 0044

Ciao from Naples! This Adam Kaupert Italian getaway was great because, as usual, I adhered to the Adam Kaupert Scam style of travelling. My time here is up-the rest of Europe and the world is calling! You could probably spend a year in this romantic city and never do or eat the same things!Thank you to the fellow traveler blog readers for the great tips and advice on what to do and see while in Naples-the feedback is always greatly appreciated. Until next time, this has been another edition of the Adam Kaupert travel blog from Naples, Italy.

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