Hey gang!I’m continuing the Adam Kaupert tour of South America and am writing from the Jorge Chavez International Airport in Callao outside of Lima about to board a flight out of Peru.  I saw some amazing things here, the Nazca Lines were cool but the weather was a bit overcast.  I enjoyed exploring the area around thePlaza de Armas in Lima as well. Anyone who knows Adam Kaupert also knows I am a huge foodie so I had to try the best ceviche you can find anywhere in the world in its home, Lima.As usual I surfed around and checked out several different blogs before visiting Lima.  There were many good ones but this one provided some cool historical context to my trip.

Gastón Acurio’s Ceviche

Up until recently I had never heard or tried Ceviche.  A friend back in the states ordered it and insisted I try it, since then I couldn’t wait to sample some of Lima, Peru’s best ceviche; After all-ceviche is the national dish so what better place to put another notch in the old Adam Kaupert culinary experience belt. The ceviche I had in Lima tasted so authentic (obviously) and made me grin from ear to ear when I bit into the world famous classic ceviche atGavin Acurio’s world renowned restaurant Tanta.

Nazca Lines

I had heard that the cabs in Lima were less than reputable so rather than chance it, I took a short bus ride from Lima to the Nazca Lines on the Peruvian coastal plain, which were really amazing.While most of my trip went well, I had a little “incident” with a would-be thief on the bus back from the Nazca Lines. A young woman began chatting me upon the bus ride back.She claimed to be from Rio de Janeiro, where I had been earlier in the week and seemed interested in where I had been. She showered me with questions and at first I just thought she was a curious fellow traveler making small talk, I even wrote the name of my Adam Kaupert travel blog down for her, but when I turned my head to survey the landscape passing by the bus I saw her reflection in the bus window and caught her trying to pull my wallet out of my partially unzipped bag. I simply pulled my bag away and stowed it between my legs.  She acted as if nothing had happened and, not wanting to prolong the bus ride, I did not alert the driver.  The scam artist had nearly duped me but Adam Kaupert won the day, if I don’t say so myself.  The Nazca Lines are a must visit if you are in Peru but beware of scammers and thieves.  Despite the would-be scam artist I met, I thoroughly enjoyed travelling to the Nazca Lines which is a Unesco World Heritage Site and for good reason.

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