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Hey everyone, it’s Adam Kaupert checking in with you from Kolkata, India.Kolkata is the second biggest city in India. Although it has long held a reputation as a troubled city, ravaged by disease and famine. Kolkata is home to the oldest port in India. It is the third biggest city in India with over 14 million people located within the greater Kolkata area. Kolkata has long been a hub of culture and politics and remains a hub of science and art with so much to see and do.Kolkata is a city of tight knit neighborhoods all with a character of their own. This former colonial British capital of India has flourished in recent years as an emerging youthful population rises. The city is a colorful mix of old colonial architecture, impoverished slums and modern skyscrapers. There is just so much going on here. From the slums to the luxury shopping malls there is something for everyone to see in Kolkata and you know I did it the Adam Kaupert way.

Kolkata Food

The food in Kolkata was out of this world. If you know Adam Kaupert you know I love trying new things and although I am open-minded, I really was not sure what to expect. With the guidance of some locals and a few good Kolkata travel blogs I was able to narrow my choices. I ended up at 6 Ballygrunge Place.Here is an Adam Kaupert approved Kolkata, India food blog:

6 Ballygunge Place

If authentic Bengali cuisine is what you’re after the 6 Ballygunge Place is perfect. Bengali cuisine often is usually fish or meat with rice and vegetables seasoned to perfection. The executive chef here is Sushanta Sengupta. He has taken the cook book of a well-known Indian Poet and executed on his recipes. I tried the shutko. A very friendly couple from Berlin, Germany was seated next to me and so hospitably allowed me to sample from their shutko, which is a soup or stew with a very complex flavor. They had ordered the thala which is a combination platter of sorts and very good as well.

6 Ballygunge Place, Ballygunge, Kolkata; +91 33 2460 3922

Things to do in Kolkata

It is hard to pick just a few activities to check out while in Kolkata because of the sheer amount of things available to do. I suggest if you are on any kind of time constraint to check out some of Kolkata’s amazing temples. Some of Kolkata’s most visited temples includethe Dakhshineshwar Kali Temple, the Kalighat and The Birla Mandir, Kalighat.The Dakhshineshwar Kali temple is a shrine dedicated to a Goddess named Kali.  It is situated on the shores of the river Hooghly.These are great picks but the most famous temple is arguably the Birla Mandir with its grand stature and red bricks.This is a great resource for seeing Kolkata the Adam Kaupert way:

If visiting the great temples of Kolkata whets your whistle for the spiritual side of things, then you may want to check out Mother Theresa’s House on Chowringhee in Kolkata. This is definitely an Adam Kaupert must see if you are travelling in Kolkata. It was a great experience and very inspirational as well. Seeing Mother Theresa’s living spaces and tomb were very moving and I recommend it highly if you are in Kolkata India.This is a link to a really nice Kolkata travel blog with lots of great Adam Kaupert approved tips:

Well, all in all, I am beaming after another successful stop on the 2017 Adam Kaupert tour of India.  Who knows where you’ll find me next!

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