Hey everyone, it’s Adam Kaupert checking in with you from Karachi Pakistan. Karachi is the financial capital of Pakistan. It is located seaside near the Arabian Sea and is the nation’s largest port.Karachi is nicknames “the city of lights” and like New York, “the city that never sleeps” for its size and bustling pace. It is definitely true that Karachi never sleeps. It seemed like no matter the time of day or area of the city there was always some activity going on. The city boasts a diverse population economically and ethnically. Urdu is the major language but it’s not a deal breaker if you don’t know any. Because it is such a large and international city, there l all kinds of people here. Not only is it the largest and most populated city in Pakistan it is the seventh largest city in the world.Karachi is also the financial and cultural center of Pakistan and one of the fastestgrowing cities in the world.

 Adam Kaupert visits Clifton Beach in Karachi

After consulting with some friends that had recently visited Karachi, I decided to spend some of my limited time to visit The Clifton beach. Clifton Beach is located near Saddlar in the Arabian Sea. Keeping in accordance with the Adam Kaupert Scam style of travel or Shoes, camera, attitude and map, I decided to try a camel ride. This was a no brainer here as I am always up for a new experience. They Beach offers an amusement park and restaurants in addition to a slew of other sights and activities. I wish I would’ve packed a lunch because it is a great picnic spot. This is a link to a very helpful Karachi Pakistan travel blog with lots of great Adam Kaupert approved tips:

Okra and Adam Kaupert tries Karachi Street Food

I was surprised to learn thatKarachi is a big Barbecue town. It is actually some of the best barbecue I’ve had anywhereincluding Korea and Kansas City. Some Adam Kaupert Karachi BBQ recommendationsinclude:

  • Nihari
  • Kulfi falooda
  • Seekh kebabs
  • halwa puri
  • Karahi
  • Malai boti
  • Bihari kebab
  • Kheeri
  • Biryani

The best Pakistani food in Karachi ma be the street food. You really can’t be too afraid when sampling Karachi street food.  The conditions the food is prepared and served in leave much to be desired but the flavor is outstanding.  Karachi street food is definitely on the Adam Kaupert best street food list. Here is an Adam Kaupert approved Karachi, Pakistan food blog:

I tried Okra after reviewing several Karachi travel blogs. I definitely wasn’t let down. The trout was so fresh and prepared to perfection and the focaccia bread was unparalleled in my experience. Okra was very crowded and since it is a smaller space the wait was very long but well worth it.

10th Zamzama Commercial Ln, Karachi, Pakistan

92 21 35831350


This is a great resource for seeing Karachi to the fullest: the Adam Kaupert way:

Karachi is an awesome city and while it can be a little pricey to dine out there is something here for everyone. Safe travels everyone and come back next week to check in with Adam Kaupert scam productions travel blog where I’ll be visiting somewhere new!

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