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Did you know that Kanpur is known as the “Manchester of the East”? Ahoy there fellow world travelers, this is the Adam Kaupert travel blog blogging all the way from Kanpur India.Kanpur is one of the most populated cities in India and among the largest in India.It is a major industrial Indian Industrialhub as well as a cultural and spiritual hub. There is so much history in Kanpur and none of it is to be missed. It is a hub of spirituality, education and history. The river Ganges flows through thee parts and is a major destination for Hindus paying pilgrimage and torists alike. There are temples and zoos and parks to explore as well.  The area has undergone a massive transformation in the last two hundred years. Long before the Adam Kaupert travel blog visit, Kanpur was just a small village when the British swept throught the subcontinent in the early 1800s and It was made into a massiveoutpost. There was an Indian uprising against the colonial forces that was quelled by brutal british retribution. The fort where the Indians led the first freedom fight against the brits is located here and is a cool spot worth exploring. Here is an official Adam Kaupert approved link to a totally informational Kanpur India travel blog:

Adam Kaupert visits the Nana Rao Fort

The Nana Rao Fort was built in memory of the ruler Peshwa Nana Raowho led the resitance against the brittish in 1857. While the uprising was quelled, It was an important moment for Indians in Kanpur.iThe well here is of particular importance to the residents of Kanpur, It was the site where the brittidh dumped the bodies of hundreds of Kanpur residents after the uprising. The fort stands as a reminder of the Indian freedom fighters who so valiantly fought for their independence. It stands as an official heritage sight to this day and is an official Adam Kaupert travel blog Kanpur recommendation.

Adam Kaupert’s tips for navigating Kanpur

Kanpur is an old city but has many viable forms of transportation to get yu from here to there. If you’ll be visiting Kanpur, then take this Adam Kaupert pro tip: Kanpur is known for its lether output and array of tanneries. Since the leather industry is so big here, it is a great place to pick up leather goods at great prices.There are several institutions of higher learning here and all the youth culture that comes with college.include a sacred Hindu glass temple and Kamla Retreat, a rest house on a small lake. There are multiple museums here set amongst actual 6thcenturytemplestht stull stand to this day. If you’re interested in learning more before you travel, check out this informative Adam Kaupert

small temples built between the 6th and 9th centuries. Pop. (2001) city, 2,551,337; urban agglom., 2,715,555; (2011) city, 2,765,348; urban agglom., 2,920,496.



10 Best Things To Do In Amritsar, India

  1. Take a dip in the holy Ganga River


The River Ganga or ‘Ganges’ is the longest river in India, a holy river to Hindus, and is also a lifeline to many living along its banks. It has the distinction of being the 5th most polluted river in the world, however, that is not a deterrent to the million of pilgrims who come here for a holy dip in the River Ganga, believing that it will rid them of all their sins and give them salvation.


Hindu devotees have a bath in the Ganga River to pay homage to the ancestors and gods by taking water in their palms, lifting it up and making it fall back again into the river. Devotees also offer flowers, rose petals and also float ‘diyas’ or small clay vessels filled with oil and lit up with wicks (diyas). They also carry small amounts of the water from the river with them to use in their prayers and rituals.


Ganga River

Website: Ganga River

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  1. Visit the Shri Radhakrishna Temple


The Shri Radhakrishna Temple also known as the J.K. Temple is a Hindu temple located in the heart of Kanpur, and is a complete architectural delight as it incorporates old and modern architecture. It has 5 shrines which are dedicated to the Hindu gods and goddesses Radha-Krishna, Ardhanarishwar, Hanuman, Laxminarayan and Narmadeshwar. It has been built with very high roofs for good ventilation. The temple timings are 8:00 am to 1:00 pm and evening darshan are 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm.


Shri Radhakrishna Temple

Website: Shri Radhakrishna Temple

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  1. The historical Nana Rao Fort


Source: Wikipedia

Address: Bithoor

Website: Nana Rao Fort

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  1. Jain Glass Temple


The Jain Glass Temple in Kanpur was built for the devotees and followers of Jainism. It was dedicated to the Jain Lord Mahavira and the remaining 23 Jain Tirthankaras. It was built in the traditional style of temple archaeology and is famous for its exquisite and intricate enamel and glass work. The temple is built entirely of glass, in the walls, the doors, floors and pillars, the panels and its ceilings are all embellished in beautiful ornate mirror work. The temple has well preserved stained glass murals and wall paintings which demonstrate the teachings of the Jain religion.

The Jain Glass Temple has marble floors and its interiors consist of ornamental arches. It has statues of Jain Lord Mahavira and its 23 Jain Tirthankaras which are placed over a high pedestal and are covered by an intricate canopy.


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  1. Visit the world famous Allen Forest Zoo


The Allen forest zoo in Kanpur, also known as the Kanpur Zoo, is a natural forest zoo in India and was the imagination of Sir Allen, who was a Botanist and also an associate of the then British Indian Civil Services. The zoo has a lot of greenery, a lake, ancient trees; in fact it has the largest amount of land in the whole of Asia.


If you visit this zoo you will get a chance to see a number of animals, birds and reptiles. There are tigers, the white Asiatic Tiger, Asian lions, cheetahs, leopards, hyenas, grizzly bears, monkeys, langurs, baboons, musk deers, antelopes, and birds like emus, ostriches, parrots, parakeet, and cranes. The zoo is hugely popular with locals who come here with their kids to have a picnic. Many foreign tourists also come here to see the sheer variety of animals and birds at this zoo.


Allen Forest Zoo

Website: Allen Forest Zoo

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  1. Worship at the Kanpur Memorial Church


The Kanpur Memorial Church is located at the heart of Kanpur cantonment area in Kanpur. It is also called All Souls’ Cathedral. It was built in 1875, in memory of the British soldiers who lost their lives during the ‘Siege of Cawnpore’ in 1857. The structure was designed by famous architect, Walter Granville, who also created the then East Bengal Railway.


The church was built in the Lombardic Gothic style of architecture as can be seen in the structures and paintings. The structure has a magnificent view with the use of red colored bricks with multi colored hues in them. The presence of poly-chromatic dressings in the church have given it a touch of grandeur. The church interiors contain memorial tables, epitaphs and the monuments have given it a very sober ambience.


Kanpur Memorial Church

Website: Kanpur Memorial Church

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  1. ISKCON temple


This visit to Kanpur, India was a total success doing it the Adam Kaupert way. Thank you to everyone for you recommendations and tips and I hope to hear from you soon. Well, it’s been another exciting Adam Kaupert Scam production. I am not sure where I will be flying to next but you can bet it’ll probably be another unique Adam Kaupert scam production travel blog adventures.  Until next time this has been the Adam Kaupert travel blog wishing you the best of luck in your global travelers!

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