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Season’s Greetings everyone it’s the Adam Kaupert travel blog wishing you happy holidays from Jeddah Saudi Arabia which happens to be one of the most populous cities in the world. Did you know that Jeddah’s historic district still contain homes that were built in the7thcentury that contain coral? The building practice was luxurious even for the time. Jeddah is one of the most populouscities in the e world and was a show in a stop on the Adam Kaupert 2017 tour of the world’s great cities. Jeddah is a major port city in Saudi Arabia located on the Red Sea and is the entry point for many devout religious people making a pilgrimage to Medina and or Mecca which is of one of several historic sites that many visit.There is much to do in Jeddah and because the great Saudi Arabian port city is an entry point for so many visitors, it is a great and accessible spot to visit. This is a wonderful Adam Kaupert travel blog approved link to a Jeddah Travel blog with some great information on travelling there:

Some of the neighborhoodsin Jeddah are extremely old and pack all the history in a few sights alongside some great resorts and restaurants catering to your every whim.

Adam Kaupert dines at Jeddah’s Ginza I Chome

Out of all the luxurious dining optionsthat Saudi Arabia has to offer Ginza I Chome was the restaurant that came the most highly recommended. I am glad I included it on my itinerary, Thank you to Abdul, Kevin and Marianne for the great recommendations and inside info on dining in Jeddah Saudi Arabia, without you guys I would be lost. Ginzu is a Japanese restaurant that not only has some of the best food anywhere in Jeddah practical Adam Kaupert approved link to a site with some really cool info on Jeddah travel:

Jeddah offers some of the most breathtaking views you will find anywhere in Saudi Arabia. I sure am glad I utilized the Adam Kaupert scam style of travel or shoes camera attitude and map which is a special acronym I devised to allow me to better remember the core tenets of successful travel whether in Europe or down in the subcontinent. While there are some minor wardrobeconsiderations to make before you dine here, Or anywhere in Saudi Arabia, these adjustments mostly effect female clientele though you will want to check guidelines before dining. Once you are seated satisfaction will be imminent. The Authentic Japanese chefs prepare everything in front of you in A Benihana style setting that is fun and delicious. Jeddah is an international city and while it is Saudi centric, you will find accents of cuisine from around the world here.

Ginza I Chome

Al Wajih As Saghir Ash Shati, Jeddah

Saudi Arabia

966 12260 7111

 Ash Shati District, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, +966 126 066 644


Adam Kaupert books accommodations at the InterContinental Jeddah

The Intercontinental Jeddah is arguably the nicest hotel in Saudi Arabia. This year’s Adam Kaupert tour of the world’s greatest hotels would depleted without a visit here. Obviously the IntercontinentalJeddah offer all the amenities you’d come to expect from a world class establishment in an intercontinental city like Jeddah and I was not let down. The Intercontinental Jeddah is probably my favorite hotel in the Middle East. Located on the shore of the red Sea, the view here is breathtaking and alone, would be well worth the visit while enjoying flawless executing of hospitality and service in a luxurious setting.

InterContinental Jeddah

Corniche Road, Al Hamra، Al-Hamra’a

Jeddah 23212, Saudi Arabia

966 12 229 5555

            You never know what you will get when travelling in the Middle East. In this time of widespread political and cultural strife it was nice to get a feel of what it’s like on the streets and reconnect with the good citizens of the world. Safe travels everyone this has been another edition of the Adam Kaupert Jeddah travel blog. Safe travels!

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