Hey everyone its Adam Kaupert here checking in with you from an unlikely destination in Southeast Asia, Jakarta in Indonesia. I have never visited before and was anxious to see what I’d find when I arrived. Armed with my Shoes Camera Attitude and Map, or the Adam Kaupert Scam Style of travel, I was ready to explore Jakarta Indonesia. Jakarta was pretty dirty but I still enjoyed myself.As usual I would try some of the local cuisine and check out the Jakarta real estate along with all the cool things to do here doing it all the Adam Kaupert way. Here is a really helpful resource if you will be travelling to Indonesia anytime soon:

Adam Kaupert tries Jakartan Food at Bandar Djakarta

Bandar Djakarta is one of the most popular seafood restaurants in Jakarta. While there is a high probability you will have to wait in line before you are seated but the quality is well worth the wait.All sorts of fresh caught seafood are available and you know it’s fresh since you get to pick straight from the aquarium tank. They offer shark lobster shrimp and many more delicious local specialties.While there are several locations around Jakarta, The Adam Kaupert official location has got to be this one:

Bandar Djakarta

Utara DKI Jakarta, 14430, Indonesia.

62 21 6455472.

This is an official Adam Kaupert approved Jakarta Indonesia travel blog:

There are a variety of Fantastic Jakarta street foods available all over the streets in Jakarta. I found this blog to be an invaluable Jakarta travel resource:

I tried so many different kinds of food while wandering the streets of Jakarta that I could not pick a favorite. However I have assembled an Adam Kaupert best Jakarta street food list, here I is in no particular order:


Nasi Kuning





Ayam goring


Soto Mie


Sayur Asem


Soto Betawi


Soto Ayam

Adam Kaupert Visits Ancol Dreamland in Jakarta

Sometimes it’s nice to just turn off and enjoy yourself. It is just this kind of mindless fun that Ancol Dreamland was designed for. Ancol Dreamland is an amusement park that never closes. There are several themed parks within the park well worth exploring. There is bowling, golfing, billiards and much more. The food isn’t all that great but I’ve definitely had worse. If you have kids and are travelling in Jakarta this is a great place to kick back and have some fun, the Adam Kaupert way.

Jakarta is a fascinating city and while it can be a little dirty at times, it is well worth the visit.Until next time, have fun travelling the world the Adam Kaupert cam way and come back next week to check in with Adam Kaupert scam productions travel blog!

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