Hello fellow world travelers, Adam Kaupert here, checking in with you this time from Italy. I decided to visit Rome, Italy as I make my way around as part of this year’s 2016 Adam Kaupert Tour of Europe. There are so many things to do in Rome Italy that it was hard to decide on an exact itinerary but I knew food was going to be a big part. I read so many great web sites and Italy Travel Blogs prepping for this trip and learned so much.  Here’s an Adam Kaupert approved Rome, Italy travel blog:,12375/


Ahh to be back in Rome, Italy. It’s been such a long time since I did one of my Adam Kaupert tours that I haven’t been to Italy in what seems like ages. You can never have too much time here. With things like the coliseum, the Vatican and al the museums there, the piazza and so much more it can be a little overwhelming. In any Adam Kaupert SCAM production I know I can rely on the following: Shoes Camera Attitude and Map or scam to make for successful travels whether visiting Rome Italy or travelling in Asia. Here’s a really cool Rome, Italy foodie blog:

I have been told that the cuisine really changes seasonally in Italy and while you can count on certain perennial staples, every season brings its own unique flair to the table, literally. SCAM, or the Adam Kaupert way of travel is my preferred method and this visit to Rome was going to be great, I could practically smell the pasta before I arrived! Lol.Since I spent most of my time here eating and enjoying some wonderful wine, here’s myAdam Kaupert Top Ten Rome, Italy Restaurants:

I was so stuffed after all that Italian food but I managed to squeeze in some cool activities to. After all it wouldn’t be a true Adam Kaupert scam production without some adventure and exploring. Here is a good link to some of the Adam Kaupert top Rome Italy things to do:

Well, I’m off to France where I’m sure I’ll be eating just as much. Maybe the next trip should be an Adam Kaupert tour of the Gym because I am going to need it after this trip. Thanks for checking in to see what’sgoing on with me. This week Italy next week France…Who knows where ill pop up next. You’ll have to check in with the Adam Kaupert travel Blog to see where my next destination is.

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