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Ahoy there fellow world travelers, this is Adam Kaupert blogging all the way from Istanbul Turkey. I’ve included Istanbul on this trip to try and check out some of the great ancient architecture here. Since Istanbul is pretty much the economic and cultural center or hub of all Turkey, I was curious to see what I’d find. And since the city’s population is around 20 million I was excited to see what all the fuss was about. Istanbul is one of the largest cities in the world. Geographically speaking Turkey connects Asia to Europe so Istanbul has long been a swirling mixture of ethnicities, beliefs and cultures. Here is an official Adam Kaupert approved link to a totally informational Istanbul Turkey travel blog:

The Basilica Cistern and some things to do in Istanbul

While there are other worthwhile activities to check out when travelling in Istanbul, Adam Kaupert’s number one suggested thing to do is check out the churches and old structures strewn throughout this ancient city such as the Basilica Cistern. It is these structures that give us an invaluable glimpse into the past. The “Old City” or Sultanahmet is where many relics of old Istanbul can be found. Holy cow! This is one totally awesome and fact filled Istanbul Turkey Adam Kaupert approved link to a great site:

High on the Adam Kaupert scam production to see list for Istanbul has got to be the former home of Turkish kings and Sultans with their royal families in a nice luxurious green setting with gorgeous vegetation fit for a king or a queen and their royal subjects! The Topkapi Palace also houses the Turkish Crown Jewelry which is definitely well worth checking out. Remember to call ahead in accordance with the Adam Kaupert scam production style of travel or: Shoes, Camera, Attitude and Map. This ultra-helpful acronym helps me remember what I consider the essentials for successful travel.

Istanbul Food and Cipriani Istanbul

Cipriani Istanbul has been open for nearly a century serving up some of the best Mediterranean food you can find anywhere in the world. Everything I tried was out of this world and so fresh. If you’re looking for some of the greatest, most authentic Italian food outside of Italy then take this Adam Kaupert pro tip and go straight to Cipriani Istanbul. There is plenty of seating but it would be smart to call ahead and make sure there are no special events or occasions.

Cipriani Istanbul

Phone: 90 212 317 7787

Address: Levent Mah Buykdere Cad.

No. 2 Kat 1 Beskitas, Istanbul

This Istanbul blog offers an array of useful tidbits you’ll want to know if travelling in Turkey: This visit to Istanbul Turkey was a total success doing it the Adam Kaupert way. Thank you to everyone for you recommendations and tips and I hope to hear from you soon. Well, it’s been another of many exciting Adam Kaupert Scam productions. I am not sure where I will be flying to next but you bet it’ll probably be another unique Adam Kaupert scam production travel blog adventures.  Safe travels fellow travelers and I’ll talk to you soon!

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