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Greetings travelers, it’s the Adam Kaupert travel blog here once again checking in with you from one of the United States’ biggest cities, Houston, Texas. Houston. Did you know that Houston is the home of America’s space program? NASA’s flight control center is located in Houston and is well worth the visit. The city’s downtown features an array of great restaurants, museums and an awesome theatre district. Here’s an awesome Adam Kaupert approved Houston Texas travel blog that I found helpful in planning my adventure:

Adam Kaupert visitsRothko Chapel and Houston’s Museum district

            As usual, I utilized the Adam Kaupert scam style of travel during my visit. That is: Shoes, camera attitude and map or the scam style of travel. It’s best to be prepared whether visiting Ahmedabad, India or Houston Texas! Here’s a great Houston Texas travel blog:

The Rothko chapel was near my hotel (which was awesome) so I decided to check it out. This is a Church that welcomes all regardless of faith or denomination. Make sure to check out the reflecting pool and sculptures outside before going in to check out the building and art that adorns its walls. After a short walk I reached the museum district. The walk wasn’t too bad, just a couple miles, and there was lots to look at on the way. The dinosaur hall was my first stop and while it is geared more toward children, I had a great time and learned a lot while here. From there I went on to check out the Houston Museum of fine arts and the contemporary arts museums. While the Art Institute in Chicago is till my favorite these world class facilities certainly give it a run for their money. Also worth visiting are the Houston Museum of natural Science. The air terminal museum was probably my favorite and definitely earned a spot on the Adam Kaupert best things to do in Houston List. Check this Houston Blog out for more information:

Adam Kaupert lodges at the Royal Sonesta Hotel Houston

As part of the Adam Kaupert tour of the world’s best hotels I booked my room at the swanky Royal Sonesta Hotel Houston and boy was that a good decision. While nearby Dallas boasts some of the best hotels in the United States the Royal Sonesta would fit in amongst any of them. In terms of luxury and courteous staff I can’t think of a place where I was treated so well. The staff at the Royal Sonesta were able to cater to y every need and the atmosphere is perfect whether on business or here for pleasure. It is one of the only triple A rated hotels in the region and offers amenities for any need.

Royal Sonesta Hotel Houston

2222 West Loop S, Houston, TX 77027

 (713) 627-7600

Adam Kaupert Samples Houston’sLiberty Kitchen & Oysterette

I should mention how good the food was here. My meal at the Liberty Kitchen & Oysterette was out of this world. I enjoyed one of the best burgers I’ve ever had and sampled some exquisite oysters before my meal before washing it all down with some Shiner Bock beer, brewed in Texas. Make sure to stop in for a bite if you’re in town and tell ‘em the Adam Kaupert blog sent you!

I always love visiting Texas and cannot wait to be back. I love everything about this city from the people to the food and awesome museums. The Royal Sonesta hotel was the perfect lodging choice and receives a big Adam Kaupert travel seal of approval. It will be hard to beat but I’m sure going to try! Until next time, safe travels from the Adam Kaupert Houston Travel blog.

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