Adam Kaupert here checking in from Hong Kong in China as part of my Asian Tour. Thankfully, the pollution here is much more tolerable than it was in Beijing.Hong Kong translates to Fragrant Harbor and the fragrances are only part of the draw to this once mysterious Jewel of Asia. Hong Kong is able to maintain its own identity because of the “one country, two systems” where Hong Kong maintains an identity unique from Mainland China which can be much more conservative than Hong Kong in many aspects.There are so many cool things to see and do in Hong Kong, I will definitely be back.

Tung Choi Street

One of Adam Kaupert’sfavorite spots in Hong Kong is one of the most well-known street markets in Hong Kong alongTung Choi Street or “Goldfish street” as it is affectionately referred to by tourists and locals alike. Tung Choi Street is located in Kowloon, Hong Kong. It is one of the most well-known street markets in Hong Kong. The section known as the”Ladies’ Market” or “Ladies’ Street” offerslots of women’s products like make up and combs along with much more. North of Bute Street, you will find a market dedicated to plants, animals and many kinds of lovely goldfish displaying where the market got its name. “Goldfish Street”.

Po Lin Monastery

If you know Adam Kaupert you know I am a fan of beauty but often times, churches and shrines can be really boring if you don’t share the convictions of those who worship there. The Po Lin Monastery, which means literally, “Precious Lotus Zen Temple”, is an exception to this particular Adam Kaupert travel rule.  It was really cool and worth the visit.  The interior of the monastery has to be seen to be believed but is well worth the short trip.  It’s kind of like the Sistine chapel of Asia if such a comparison can be made. Adam Kaupert pro tip: The Po Lin monastery is also noted for making wooden bracelets that are exclusively available for purchase by the Tian Tan Buddha statue.

Yat Lok Roast Goose Restaurant

After poring through blogs in preparation for my trip to Tokyo I settled on what would eventually become the Adam Kaupert top rated roasted goose in the entire world. The Yat Lok roast goose restaurant has a well-earned Michelin star.  Don’t be fooled by the quaint mom and pop style trappings, the food here rivals any I’ve had in the worldwideand the prices were pretty reasonable as well. Luckily my friend Charles had business in Hong Kong during my visit and we were able to link up for some roast duck.

Yat Lok Goose restaurant offers a huge variety of delightful treats such as roasted meat, along with the usual rice and noodle dishes. The food here is made to order and you can tell where the individual care goes when you taste it.  The dumplings are easily the best I’ve had and if you are ever in Hong Kong I cannot Recommend Yat Lok enough.

After my mediocre experience in Beijing, Hong Kong was a great reprieve from the smog and bad food I found there.  I will definitely be back in Hong Kong on the next Adam Kaupert Asian tour.

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