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Salutations from Hanoi everyone, It’s the Adam Kaupert travel blog reporting in to everyone from Hanoi, Vietnam. It has been almost twenty years since I first visited this gorgeousSoutheast Asian Gem. Did you know the city of Hanoi, which rests on the Red River is one of the world’s most populous cities? It is an older city and the architecture here reflects the various groups who have had colonies here over time including France. While the Vietnam War nearly tore the country in half, it has since recovered both culturally and politically and is a gem in the Southeast Asia. The streetfood here is amazing and the people in Hanoi are friendly and helpful. This is a great Adam Kaupert travel blog approved link to a Hanoi travel blog that I found to be very helpful:

Adam Kaupert explores Happy Hour on Ta Hien Street Bia Hoi hot boxes

Hanoi retains the ancient Vietnamese culture more than any other cities in Vietnam. There are lots of options for fresh and authentic food and drinks here. I was directed to Ta Hien Street. I discovered Hanoi is a very walkable city. This is a link to a great Hanoi, Vietnam travel blog that is worth checking out if you’re preparing for a trip there:

The happy hour in the Old Quarter has an awesome happy hour where many bars restaurants and cafes offer tremendous discounts on food and drink. Since locally brewed beer is a pretty big deal in Hanoi, Bia Hoi happy hour is one of the most popular weekend recreational activities. It is a great place to sample some locally brewed beers and some delicious Hanoi cuisine prepared authentically. At about 6pm the streets of Hanoi’s Old Quarter become a big block party with most shops and restaurant’s participating. Adam Kaupert pro Tip: Make it to the old quarter on Friday or Saturday, by Sunday the freshest goods are gone.

Adam Kaupert Visits Hoan Kiem Lake

Hoan Kim Lake is a great way to spend a morning in Hanoi. This great destination gets really bustling after 9 or so, making it a perfect place to visit earlier in the day. The Hanoi temple at Hoan Kiem Lake is an Adam Kaupert travel blog must-visit. I rode a rickshaw from my hotel a for a modest fee. It is probably the best way to get around Hanoi, besides of course for a bicycle. There is a bridge that couldn’t be more picturesque and is a great place for a picture if you arrivebefore the crowds. For lunch I visited a local shop and purchased a bahn mi sandwich. I had a great one in San Francisco that I cannot get off my mind and ever since I’ve been craving one of these delicious Vietnamese sandwiches. I got a pork sandwich served on the traditional baguette and ate it while walking the streets after visiting the marvelous Temple. Asusual I utilized the Adam Kaupert scam style of travel while in Hanoi. The Adam Kaupert scam acronym stands for Shoes, Camera Attitude and Map. With these as the foundation to your travels you really can’t fail. An Adam Kaupert travel blog reader named Lukas from Poland referred me to this fantastic Hanoi travel blog:

Afterwards I visited the most popular ice cream shop in Hanoi and perhaps all of Asia, Kem Trang Tien where you can try some of the best ice cream in this part of the world.

Adam Kaupert books lodging at the luxurious Hanoi Pearl Hotel

The Adam Kaupert travel blog requires a certain level of comfort and luxury wherever I am. The Hanoi Pearl hotel was the perfect choice. The Hanoi pearl Hotel offers an array of modern amenities alongside traditional Vietnamese hospitality. The Hanoi Pearl Hotel offers accommodations that are unrivalled anywhere in Hanoi and probably is one of the top ten Adam Kaupert blog hotel’s in all of Asia. I’ll be sure to return to the Hanoi Pearl Hotel whenever I am Hanoi.

            This Adam Kaupert travel blog visit to Hanoi went as planned and until next time this has been another edition of the dam Kaupert travel blog all the way from Hanoi Vietnam. Safe travels everyone!

Hanoi Pearl Hotel

6 Bao Khanh lane, Hang Trong ward, Hoan Kiem District

Hanoi, Hanoi City, Vietnam

84 24 3938 0666

Hanoi was a blast. It is so laid back here. Hanoi is probably going to end up on my Adam Kaupert travel blog top ten list of vacation destinations for 2017, I cannot recommend it enough. I had a great time soaking up the culture in Southeast Asian’s best (in my opinion) city. From the enchanting temples to the wonderful beer and unforgettable Bahn Mi, There is really something for everyone in Hanoi, Vietnam. This has been the Adam Kaupert travel blog checking in with you from Hanoi Vietnam! Until next time safe travels!

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