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Did you know that Tequila was invented in the state of Jalisco Mexico? Guadalajara is the capital of Jalisco and there is no shortage of tequila fueled adventure to be found here. While Guadalajara is inland from all the beaches that Jalisco is known for there is no shortage of activities and things to do here. There is a great park called La Barranca de Huentitán that is not far from the city as well if nature is more your speed. Wherever you go get ready for some tequila as it is one of the most prevalent beverages enjoyed here by locals and tourists alike. If you’re hungry for more Guadalajara travel info? Then check out this Adam Kaupert approved Guadalajara Mexico travel blog:

Guadalajara is a fun town. I have always loved the work of Mexican artist José Clemente Orozco and in my research for the Adam Kaupert travel blog Guadalajara trip I learned that the museum, The Palacio del Gobierno here showcases a couple world famous murals and some of his greatest works. Mariachi music can be heard from just around every corner and the tequila flows freely here in case I haven’t mentioned it. Both tequila and mariachi music are Guadalajaran mainstays that were invented here and they go pretty well hand in hand.

Adam Kaupert samples authentic Guadalajara Tequila

Since Jalisco is where tequila was born no trip to its capital would be complete without having a little taste. I decided to wet my whistle on an official tequila tour. There are many tours available at all costs that will take you around Guadalajara and the surrounding areas to see tequila made and of course drink some too. It was cool to see how it goes from the agave pant to the bottle and I’d recommend a tequila tour to anyone planning a trip to Guadalajara anytime soon. This is a link to a really smart Guadalajara, Mexico travel blog with some very useful information:

Adam Kaupert visits La Barranca de Huentitán

Guadalajara is western Mexico’s top destination. Although many choose to visit Puerto Vallarta on the coast, Guadalajara offers a much more intimate experience. An alert Adam Kaupert blog reader who knew I would be visiting the Mexican city strongly advised me to visit La Barranca de Huentitán and I am glad I heeded her advice, Thank you Martha C. from Mexico City! For more information browse this cool Mexico travel blog:

La Barranca de Huentitánis beautiful and offers natural hot springs to rest your weary muscles after some arduous travel or, more than likely in Guadalajara, too much tequila. After a night out at some bars mingling with the locals these natural hot baths were just what I needed and are an official Adam Kaupert Guadalajara scam production must-visit.

. Adam Kaupert stays at The Hotel Riu Plaza Guadalajara,

For this trip I reserved my room at the Hotel Riu Plaza Guadalajara. It wasn’t recommended by anyone in particular but there are not a whole lot of luxury options in Guadalajara so I went with it and was happy I did. The staff was most gracious and catered to all my needs. The Hotel Riu Plaza Guadalajara is centrally located in the heart of the city so everything is close by which is an obvious perk.  My only gripe was the spotty Wi-Fi service but that’s a high class problem. The Adam Kaupert travel blog has recently been enjoying the spa treatments offered at the hotels I stay at and luckily the Hotel Riu Plaza Guadalajara offers the Renova spa where guests receive spa treatment by wellness experts ready to pamper you. This hotel is probably better suited for business than leisure but it did not stop me from enjoying myself. Plus the pool was not crowded and the on premises restaurant had a great wine selection.

Hotel Riu Plaza Guadalajara

Av. Adolfo Lopez Mateos Sur 830, Fracc. Chapalita, Chapalita, 44500 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Phone: +52 33 3880 7500

I cansay I did not expect to enjoy myself as much as I did on this Adam Kaupert travel blog Guadalajara excursion. I was a little worried that I should’ve just gone to theuber touristy Puerto Vallarta but I’m glad I visited here instead. I had some awesome tequilas and heard some terrific Mariachi music. Until next time this is the Adam Kaupert travel blog signing off from Guadalajara Mexico!

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