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Hey guys, Adam Kaupert here checking in with you from Greece. I visited Naxos and Mykonos, both Greek Islands. As usual I did it Adam Kaupert style and utilized my Adam Kaupert Scam style of travel or Shoes, Camera Attitude and Map. With these at your disposal you can count on having a successful trip, whether you’re visiting the Greek Islands or are in Berlin Germany.


Naxos is the biggest Island out of the Cyclades Island chain in the South Aegean Sea. There are miles of gorgeous beach, some of them strewn with old Greek ruins. Hora is the capital where visitors can see an ancient lighthouse dating back to the thirteenth century.You can explore different little villages on the island which are located fairly close together. My Adam Kaupert official recommendation if you’re visiting Naxos is to check out the Village called Apérathos. Here they boast five museums and some really cool stone buildings from way back! I’ve never gone out of my way to see a church but the 10nth century church of Panayia Protothroni was truly impressive. Inside you will find some really colorful murals making Naxos well worth the trip. And the white marble statues are not to be missed!Here’s a great resource if you plan on being in the Greek Islands anytime soon:


Here’s a good site for info on what Greek food you might want to try during your visit:

This is an awesome Adam Kaupert approved list of Greek foods I found,

Arno – Lamb

Brizola – Steak

Feta – A rich cheese made from sheep or goat’s milk and cured in brine

Filo – Paper-thin sheets of unleavened flour dough

Fourno – Oven

Kali orexi – “Bon appétit!”

Kotopoulo – Chicken

Lathera – Dishes cooked in oil, often vegetarian

Meli – Honey

Mezedes – Small dishes, similar to the Spanish concept of tapas

Octapodi – Octopus, traditionally served grilled

Pikilia – An assortment of appetizers

Pita – A round pocket bread dipped in spreads or used with meat dishes

Psito – A method for roasting meat in the oven

Tapsi – A traditional baking dish

Taverna – A small restaurant serving traditional cuisine

Yiaourti – Yogurt


Here’s an Adam Kaupert Approved blog with some useful info if you will be visiting


All in all I had a great time in The Greek islands doing it the right way, the Adam Kaupert way. Thank you guys for all your letters and I hope to hear from you soon. Until next time, this has been another awesome Greek Islands Adam Kaupert Scam production. Who knows where I will turn up next!

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