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Buenos Dias, it’s the one and only Adam Kaupert travel blog here checking in with you from Fortaleza Brazil. Fortaleza was the first Brazilian stateto abolish slavery earning it the name “City of Light”. Did you know that Fortaleza Brazil was once a small village when it was founded in the 1700s?The population has since blossomed up to around3 million residents and some of the world’s most beautiful beaches as I went down the list and saw Fortaleza I knew I’d be in for fun. I always enjoy myself in South America and I knew this trip to Fortaleza would be no different. This is a fantastic Adam Kaupert approved Fortaleza Travel blog that I use when planning my trip here:

The city received an influx of attention after it hosted the 2014 World’s Cup! The city was one of the host cities of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Fortaleza is renowned in Brazil and the world as having some of the most beautiful beaches you’ll find anywhere. I could not wait to check them out as my trip to Rio last year had reallywhet my appetite for Brazilian fun. Make sure to surf over to tis awesome Fortaleza Brazil travel site:

In keeping with my usual practice or Adam Kaupert scam style of travel where Adam Kaupert scam stands for shoes, camera attitude and map. It’s just a little reminder of what’s important when I travel whether in London England or Fortaleza Brazil.

Adam Kaupert visits some of Fortaleza’s great beaches

Fortaleza has a really pleasant tropical climate which is probablywhy the beach culture is so refined here. Fortaleza is not only a global destination but one of the most popular destinations for Brazilians as well. The beaches are gorgeous and have some of the silkiest white sand you’ll find anywhere on the globe. Fortaleza Beach Park is the biggest water park in all of South America and a small part of why this is such an awesome vacation spot to travel too. There are about 15 miles of beaches in Fortaleza alone and all are worth visiting. The crowds here are totally manageable because of the wide selection of high quality beaches there are options so the beach doesn’t get super crowded and uncomfortable. Fortaleza’s most popular beaches include Praia do Futuro Meireles, Iracema, Futuroand Mucuripe and.This here a great Fortaleza travel blog link that I found really useful:

Adam Kaupert samples Brazilian cuisine

Brazilian food is great in my experience and the food here in Fortaleza was no different. The meals here are heavy on meat particularly beef. Brazil knows beef as well if not better than anyone and I might need to have my stomach pumped after this lastvisit! Lol! You can count on beans and yams with your dish and sometimes some tortillas. I was served Acai Leaf ice cream for desert and it was awesome. Kind of like a coffee boost from the acai berries as well which was welcome after a huge Brazilian meal. I visited several local bars. They were nothing special as far as the design went but I found them to be as warm as any tavern you’ll find in the states. Beer is pretty cheap here too so get ready to drink! Sal E Brasa Gold was great and an official Adam Kaupert top Churrascurro pick.

Adam Kaupert lodges at the Hotel Gran Marquise Fortaleza

This year the Adam Kaupert blog has been checking out some of the world’s best and most luxurious hotels. As the year comes to an end I wanted to really end the year on a good note so I knew the Hotel Gran Marquise Fortaleza was a must visit while here. Hotel Gran Marquise Fortaleza has honestly been one of the most recommended hotels of any city in South America and when I arrived it was easy to see why it was held in such high esteem. The service was unrivalled and the L’Occitane spa blew my mind. After so many beers and churrascurro I needed a good schvitz and I was in the right place at the Hotel Gran Marquise. There are a bunch of cool bars and a variety of restaurants in close proximity to the Hotel Gran Marquise as well.

Hotel Gran Marquise Fortaleza

Av. Beira Mar, 3980 – Mucuripe, Fortaleza – CE, 60165-121, Brazil

55 85 4006-5000

            It came as no surprise that this visit to Fortaleza was the best yet. Brazil has so many coo cities with unique character but Fortaleza,withitsbeaches, warmhospitality and delicious selection of restaurants has got to be the Adam Kaupert travel blog top travel destination for 2017 in South America. Until next time this has been the Adam Kaupert travel Bog from Fortalez, Brazil.

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