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Greetings from The Adam Kaupert Travel Blog coming at you from Essen Germany. Essen is the latest city on my itinerary and one of Germany’s biggest. Essen is located between the Emscher and Ruhr rivers and is one of the largest cities in the world along with the world headquarters sites for many big companies. Essen was a relativelysmall town until the city became home to several industries most notably, Iron production. Since then it has grown in size and stature and is now home to some of Germany’s largest corporations. Make sure to check out this official Adam Kaupert approved Essen Germany travel blog:

Essen has a long coal mining history and is not a very picturesque destination. Unlike most stops on the Adam Kaupert tour of the world’s largest cities, Essen is probably the least attractive. However looks can be deceiving as I soon discovered after a walk around Essen. Essen is one of the world’s largest cities and has an extensive history going back hundreds of years. This is a cool Blog with lots of interesting Essen Germany travel tips:

Adam Kaupert visits The Old Town of Werden

After asking for some Essen travel advice from some friends I was told I would like the Old Town of Werden which is an old historic borough of Essen. Its streets date back to the eighth century and have an enchanted feel that I think anyone would enjoy. There is a university here and you can see some of the coolest bronze sculptures in all of Germany. I recommend this Adam Kaupert approved Essen Germany Travel blog if you’ll be visiting in the future or just want to learn more:

Adam Kaupert visits Essen’s Baldeneysee and the Folkwang

The Baldeneysee is Essen’s largest lake. Did you know that this lake was built a hundred years ago and is completely man made? The Germans are known for their engineering so this came as no surprise to me. You can rent boast here and eat from different vendors. If the water is not your thing, check out the Adam Kaupert approved Heisinger Bird Sanctuary. There is lots to see besides birds here, the garden is magnificent. Fishing is available for any anglers travelling to Essen, Germany. Essen’s Museum Folkwang Museum boasts an awesome collection of great 19th and 20th century art. After visiting the Golden Triangle of Art in Madrid I knew I would have to stop at the Folkwang Museum while on the Adam Kaupert travel blog Essen excursion.

Museumsplatz 1

45128, Essen

Adam Kaupert stays at the Essen Germany Mercure Hotel

Some of theaccommodations I enjoyed whiletraveling in India had left little to be desired so I knew it would be hard to top when I booked my stay at the Essen Germany Mercure Hotel. I was not let down by my decision as the accommodations were nothing less than breathtaking and the hospitality was unrivalled. The Essen Germany Mercure Hotel was simple yet elegant. Its contemporary design was a nice companion to the city of Essen which is very old. It is locate in the heart of Essen and close to museums shopping, restaurant and the main train station.

Essen Germany Mercure Hotel

Bismarckstr. 48-50

Suedviertel, 45128 Essen, Germany

This visit to Germany was a blast as usual. On the last Adam Kaupert travel blog visit to Berlin I had a wonderful trip as well. Cologne has long been one of my favorite German travel destinations and I can now add Essen to that list of great German Cities. Ciao for now, this has been another edition of the Adam Kaupert Travel Blog from Essen Germany.

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