Hey everyone, it’s Adam Kaupert checking in with you from Delhi India. Delhi is the massive capital of India. In itssprawlingstreetsyou’llfind a rich culture with lots of sights smells and sounds totally unique to India. Delhi is a huge bustling city and can be sensory overload for some. If you’ll be travelling make sure to stay in accordance with the Adam Kaupert Scam style of travel or shoes, camera attitude and map. Not far from Delhi I visited Chandni Chowk which is a super colorful market filled with all sorts of stalls selling food goods and more.This is a link to a Delhi, India travel blog with lots of great Adam Kaupert approved tips:

Adam Kaupert Getting around in Delhi

Because of the sprawling size of Delhi you’ll want to be prepared to use transportation. Many modes are available and while the train or a cab will do the trick, you might also consider a tuk-tuk or rickshaw. These are a quick and inexpensive way to get aroundDelhi’s labyrinth of streets.This is a great resource for seeing Delhi, India the Adam Kaupert way:

Adam Kaupert tries Delhi Food

Dum Pukht, translates to “to breathe and cook “and refers to a specific type of cooking very slowly where meat cook sin its own juices for a very long time. It is an old method and used at du aphukt, which is definitely on the Adam Kaupert best of Delhi list. This restaurant has won countless awards and it is no surprise to me after trying it. Here is an Adam Kaupert approved Delhi, India food blog:

The settings of Dum Puhkt are quite elegant and fitting for the high quality food served here.

Diplomatic Enclave

Sadar Patel Marg, New Delhi, Delhi 110021, India

+91 11 2611 2233

12:30–2:45PM, 7–11:45PM

Adam Kaupert to Do In Delhi, Kingdom of Dreams

The Delhi Kingdom of Dreams is pretty cool and worth visiting if you are in Delhi. There are activities for pretty much everyone here including shopping and amusement park style rides. There are a variety of food vendors to choose from too.

Auditorium Complex, Sector 29, Gurgaon,

+91 12 4452 8000

Aother successful trip to Delhi, India the Adam Kaupert Scam way where I had a terrific time taking in the sights and sounds of this great city.I had a great time and will come back if I find myself on the subcontinent in the future. Happy travels to everyone reading the Adam Kaupert Delhi travel blog and until next time, Have a great day!

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