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Did you know that the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba is one of the oldest universities in South America?Some of the most marvelous architecture in South America is located in the city of Cordoba, Argentina. For many visitors here this is a major draw to the area.It is no wonder that so many Adam Kaupert travel blog readers directed to me to so many of the same places. This site is a must visit if you’ll be travelling to Cordoba anytime soon:

I have limited experience in this part of the world so I knew I was inn for a learning experience.

Adam Kaupert visits the mosque at Mezquita

 As part of this year’s tour of Central and South America I made a point to schedule my travels to include some of the great archeological finds in the region. The Mezquita is an old mosque and one of the earliest specimen of Spanish-Islamic design left in this area. There are hundreds of columns etched with ornate designs.This is a great resource for Cordoba travel information:

This is an extremely popular destination for visitors so I would strongly advise making alternative plans just in case the place is over run by crowds during your

Adam Kaupert samples the best of Cordovan cuisine

Argentina is well known for its beef. Steak is pretty ubiquitous here. Many readers sent me to say that missing the steak here would be a big mistake (no pun intended). They use a grill called a parilla here that is pretty much like any other grill just a lot bigger. Usually there is an option to have the steak served with chimichurri which is an oil and spice rub that has a ton of flavor. For some more information on what to eat when travelling in Cordoba check out this awesome travel blog:

I was travelling solo on this Adam Kaupert scam production visit to Cordoba but there are options for meat platters if you are part of a larger group. Some of the most popular cuts here include the Lomo, the Matambre, and the Vacio or London broil.

Adam Kaupert spends the night at the Azur Real Hotel Boutique

As usual I asked my readers what their favorite/preferred hotels in Cordoba were and they came through strong with the suggestions. As you probably already know I utilized the Adam Kaupert scam style of travel or shoes, camera, attitude and map. I know I will be prepared and sure enough I ended up at the Azur Real Hotel Boutique in Cordoba. This was a great pick for its location and elegant trappings of its luxurious rooms. The Azur Real Hotel Boutique is a sexy little hideaway that I will definitely stay at again.

Azur Real Hotel Boutique

San Jerónimo 243/257, X5009DYJ Córdoba, Argentina

+54 351 424-7133 Another city in Central America is now checked off of my list places to visit list. This has been an incredible Adam Kaupert travel blog excursion and I will be back to Cordoba ASAP.

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