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Greetings fellow travelers, once again it’s the one and only Adam Kaupert travel blog checking in with everyone this timefrom Belo Horizante, Brazil. Belo Horizante is one of Brazil’s largest cities. This tropical metropolisis commonly known as the The Garden City andserves as the capital of Brazil’s second biggest state, Minas Gerais. Did you know that Belo Horizante means beautiful Horizon in English? Check out this super informative Adam Kaupert scam production approved link to a great Belo Horizante travel blog:

Adam Kaupert visits Belo Horizante’s Parks

The design of Belo Horizante was actually modelled on Washington D.C. and is considered to be Brazil’s first modern planned city. You can tell from the hodgepodge of architectural stylings situated around the city that a lot of foresight went intoits design. There are some great parks situated amongst Belo Horizante’s hills. The most notable of these great parks is The Jambeiro Woods Nature reserve. The park covers well over two thousand acres and there are literally hundreds of animals that call this area home. The terrain surrounding the city is mountainous and inspiring views can be found in many locations, you just gotta look! For more information on some of the great parks and other attractions offered by Belo Horizante check out this Adam Kaupert travel blog approved website:

Another park that is notable is the the hills of Curral Ridgeor Serra de curral which are located a short walk or cab ride from the heart of Belo Horizante. This is the highest point in Belo Horizante and here you will find some of those awesome views I was telling you about. Make sure to pack a bunch of extra memory for that camera though, It’s never a good choice to erase pictures to make room for more so be prepared in accordance with the  Adam Kaupert SCAM style of travel which is a handy acronym I like to use for Shoes, Camera, Attitude and Map.  These simple guidelines always help me to achieve an optimal travel experience.

Adam Kaupert tries Belo Horizante street food and some fun things to do in Belo Horizonte

I was surprised that cheese bread or pao de queijo is one of the most popular street food dishes in Belo Horizante and is said to be invented here. The Estadio Mineirao is an awesome place to take in a soccer or football game. Brazilians are nuts about soccer and there’s no better place to immerse yourself in the fanaticism and pride for Brazilian soccer. The stadium is not far from the Mercado Central which is the center of the entire city. Here they have some awesome shopping and an array of some of Belo Horizante’s best restaurants.Here’s an Adam Kaupert approved Belo Horizante Brazil travel blog:

After dinner I was not yet ready to turn in so I asked some young people where all the nightlife was. They enthusiastically referred me to the neighborhood Savassi. This area seemed to have bars and clubs everywhere and shopping to match.The stores and boutiques were closed by the time I arrived but I will definitely be back for some of the sopping and more of the thriving Belo Horizante Nightlife.

Adam Kaupert stays at the Promenade BH Platinum

As Part of the Adam Kaupert scam Productions tour of the world’s great hotels, I stayed at the Promenade BH Platinum. The hotel is located in the posh Lourdes region and was absolutely spectacular. The Promenade BH Platinum features all the great amenities you’d expect from a world class hotel. The Promenade BH Platinum rivals even Rio’s best hotels and I cannot recommend a visit here enough.The hotel is located near Carlos Chagas Square and is surrounded with some of the most luxurious shops and restaurants anywhere in Brazil.

Belo Horizante was a welcome change of pace. It is always nice to visit a city or region for the first time, especially when you’re doing it the Adam Kaupert way. I loved my time in Belo Horizante and will definitely be staying at the Promenade BH Platinum on my next visit. Here’s to great travels! Cheers from the Adam Kaupert travel blog!

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