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Ola from the Adam Kaupert Barcelona travel blog! Did you know that the famed artist Picasso grew up in Barcelona, Spain? He not only was raised here but spent much of his youth in Barcelona. The city has such a rich history that it is crucial to come prepared with a plan of action. It can be easy to get swept up when you’re surrounded by hundreds of years of history.

Don’t get me wrong, Barcelona is a large city but is very walkable and many of the most popular attractions can be accessed easily by foot and are relatively close to each other. The city of Barcelona also offers bike rental which is agreat option if you want to get around efficiently. There are some great parks here too so weather permitting you can stop and soak in the sun and culture if you desire. Some of the best parks include the Park de Joan Miroand the Parc de la Ciutadella. If you have the time take a short ride to the Montjuïc Mountain. It offers some spectacular views and is never very busy I’m told. Here you can also check out some now defunct structures that are relics of the Olympic that were held in Barcelona nearly 30 years ago and are symbols of Olympic excess.

Adam Kaupert samples Barcelona’s best seafood

Spain and Barcelona in particular are known for their outstanding seafood. If you follow the Adam Kaupert travel blog regularly you know I cannot pass up some well-prepared fresh seafood. Cal Pep offers some of the best fried seafood I’ve ever eaten. I came prepared in accordance with the Adam Kaupert scam style of travel and did some research before arriving and Cal Pep in the Born is renowned for its fish.If you’re hungry for more information on Spanish Cuisine check out this top notch Barcelona travel blog:

The restaurant La Mar Salada was great as well. The fish here was grilled and, again. Some of the best I’ve had.Can Soleis one of the premier seafood destinations in Barcelona at the moment and offers fresh fish daily. Can Sole is not to be missed for travelers to Barcelona.

Adam Kaupert explores Spanish design and art in Barcelona

It sounds clichéd but Barcelona really does have a little something for everyone. Even if food is not your thing, or if you just ate then you’re probably going towant to take a walk through the streets of Barcelona. The architecture here is some of the most beautiful and elegant designing you’ll see anywhere in the world. Barcelona is known for its works by Gaudi whose unmistakable style defines the character of the city. There are Gaudi buildings strewn throughout and around Barcelona and while I did not have a chance to check them all out, I saw that there are tours available which take you through the city and outlying areas to view Gaudi designed buildings. Take a look at this Barcelona travel blog to learn more:

Another Adam Kaupert Barcelona travel blog recommendation is the gorgeous lush gardens at the official World Heritage Site Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau. Obviously you cannot forget about the great Picasso when in Spain. You can still visit a café that he hung out with accompanied by other great artists such as Salvador Dali.

Adam Kaupert stays at the Mercer Hotel Barcelona

I booked my room at the luxurious Mercer Hotel Barcelona. Not only was it recommended by everywhere I looked online but the Mercer Hotel Barcelona was also recommended by a slew of friends of the Adam Kaupert travel blog, thanks guys! I loved it. The comfort was really something special. Besides the usual top notch amenities the Mercer Hotel Barcelona had a friendly warm staff and some great food as well. This hotel gets the official Adam Kaupert travel blog seal of approval.

Mercer Hotel Barcelona

Carrer dels Lledó, 7, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

+34 933 10 74 80

Take it from me, Barcelona has some of the nicest and warm people you’ll meet anywhere.  Barcelona 2018 will go down as another riveting Adam Kaupert SCAM production. From Barcelona Spain, this is the Adam Kaupert travel blog signing out.

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