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I never know where the Adam Kaupert travel blog will take me. Just last month I was in Wuhan China and I just visited Bandung, Indonesia’sthird largest city. Bandung is the capital of the province known as West Java. The city is surrounded by lush tea plantations and some (from a distance) really pretty volcanoes and mountain. There is some great shopping here and a bustling nightlife. While it is definitely a tropical region, Bandung enjoys a more temperate climate because it is at a higher elevation than of its neighboring cities. The colonial architecture in Bandung is eye-catching particularly when contrasted with much more modern structures that line the streets here. Take a look at this Adam Kaupert Bandung travel blog approved site:

Adam Kaupert peeks into a live volcano at Tangkuban Perahu

On top of an active volcano crater is literally one of the last places you’d expect to find a lively market but Indonesia is full of surprises. The market at Tangkuban Perahu Bandung is an Adam Kaupert Bandung travel blog must visit. It is one of the most unique shopping areas I have encountered in my travels. Here you will find local craftsmen and women selling their handmade goods. If you get hungry then no worries, there are a plethora of food vendors to choose from. The sweet melodies coming from the angklung will enchant you as you browse locally produced goods. The ankglung is a bamboo flute of sorts that produces the most haunting melodies when played by a skilled musician. A few steps from all the action and you can look down into a live volcanic crater. You can’tdo that at the mall! This is a really cool Bandung Indonesia travel blog that I highly suggest you visit before travelling:

At the base of the mountain lies Dusun Bambu, a picturesque park where you can walk the paths here and browse the plant life. This is a great place to relax and reflect. There were a lot of families here on the day I visited and the children’s laughter and frolicking was a welcome change from the hustle and bustle of downtown Bandung. I’m glad I prepped for my Bandung trip the Adam Kaupert scam production style with my shoes camera attitude and map, I can’t fail. This is one of the coolest spots in Bandung. Here is a Bandung travel blog that has lots of great Indonesian travel info:

The Adam Kaupert scam production style of travel has made my travelling go from good to great and all because I took the extra time to plan. Dusun Bambu offers hanging nests where you can chill out or picnic in a tree supported by nets.

Adam Kaupert dines at the Peak Resort

The Peak Resort was an easy choice for dinner. The Adam Kaupert travel blog was inundated with emails from enthusiastic readers encouraging me to try the international flavor offered at this mountain side restaurant. You can get some of the best authentic Indonesian food here as well. There is an extensive wine list and the server was very helpful when it came to pairing with my meal. The band playing some soft ambient music was the perfect soundtrack as I looked out onto a marvelous view of Bandung at night while dining. I will be back to The Peak Resort if I visit Bandung any time in the near future. Thanks for the great Bandung dining tips everybody!

The Peak Resort Bandung

Adam Kaupert lodges at the InterContinental Bandung Dago Pakar

The InterContinental Bandung Dago Pakar hotel was an easy choice for this Adam Kaupert Indonesian excursion. There are several comparable luxury hotels in Bandung. However, none offers the comprehensive set of amenities that you’ll find at the InterContinental Bandung Dago Pakar. Not only is the staff totally professional and there are some really special services offered including amazing views of Bandung while enjoying some really terrific Chinese cuisine at the exclusive restaurant Tian Jing Lou located on the top level of the hotel. I enjoyed some drinks in the Damai lobby bar before heading up to enjoy the authentic Chinese taste of Tian Jing Lou on the top of the InterContinental Bandung Dago Pakar hotel. Any readers of the Adam Kaupert travel blog who enjoy golf willwant to know that the Intercontinental Bandung hotel features an 18 hole golf course designed by none other than British golf champion Peter Thompson.

The InterContinental Bandung Dago Pakar

Jl. Resor Dago Pakar Raya 2B, Resor Dago Pakar,

Mekarsaluyu, Cimenyan, Bandung, Jawa Barat 40198, Indonesia

 +62 22 87806688

Another Adam Kaupert Bandung travel blog has come and gone. Indonesia is a constantly changing country that always retains its charm wherever I visit here. Bandung was a real treat and I will never forget the wonderful market I found at the top of the live volcano. This was truly an experience not to be misses. Until next time this has been theAdam Kaupert travel blog coming all the way from Bandung Indonesia.

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