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Hello fellow world travelers, Adam Kaupert here, checking in with you this time from Asunción, Paraguay. While I was required to pay a fee to enter the country, I had a pretty good time in Asunción and the visit exceeded my expectations. As is the Adam Kaupert travel blog way, I ate some delicious food and made some great friends while in Asunción. Although I thought that the city to be a little dirtier than others I’ve visited, I had a totally awesome time. I made some friends from all over the world and learned a lot about how everyday life in Asunción works.  Of course I did itthe Adam Kaupert scam production way and tried some great food and some not so great food as well. For travelers looking for more information on eating in Asunción surf over to this well-written travel blog:

Asuncion is one of the least visited of South American cities so there are very few flights directly in toAsuncion Paraguay. Asuncion airport staff were not very helpful and I had a devil of a time finding a cab from the airport. The bus ride from the airport was jam packed with people and if you know Adam Kaupert you know I get a little claustrophobic in those types of situations. After waiting patiently at a poorly marked bus stop only to be passed up by the first bus and I even saw the driver look in my direction.  Luckily a man walking by let me know that just being at the bus stop is not enough and that I would have to flag the driver down if I intended to board which is easier said than done. I almost missed the next bus too and if I hadn’t jumped right out into the middle of the road waving my arms I think he would’ve passed me as well. I was able to board just barely and make my way downtown to find my lodging where I was not enthused at the quality of my accommodations.

Adam Kaupert gets around in Asunción

The buses were very affordable at under a dollar they were so crowded that some were even hanging off the side in the doorways as we made our way because it was so full.  I had a smaller duffel bag and my bag pack and felt very uncomfortable leaving myself susceptible to thieves and lord knows what else. But that is why I travel the Adam Kaupert way in Asunción Paraguay or wherever I might find myself. In any Adam Kaupert scam production I know I can rely on the following: Shoes Camera Attitude and Map or scam to make for successful travels whether visiting Paris France or travelling in Europe. On the last day of my visit I was walking around casually when clouds gathered rather quickly and a torrential downpour began. I was miles from my hotel and unfamiliar with my surroundings but I spotted a bathroom so ran to take shelter only to find that the bathrooms in Asunción are for hire and you have to pay to use them.

Adam Kaupert tries Asuncion style Street food andTerere

Afternoon tea or “Terere” is a big custom in Asunción Paraguay. Most people bring their stuff with them to make a tea from Yerba. Yerba is a root with caffeine like effects. After observing a group of men take a break from work to enjoy their tea, I tried some. I am a coffee drinker and anyone who knows me knows Adam Kaupert doesn’t need more than a few cups at a time. The Terere was good and did not make me jittery the way a few cups of coffee might.Here is a great resource for Paraguayan food:

I would have had more but it was terribly humid and I was really just craving a big glass of cold water. Paraguayan cuisine is a mixture of Argentinian and Brazilian influences. I sampled Brazilian pao de queijo and coxinhas but Paraguay is mostly known for their meat. Adam Kaupert pro tip: try the street food vendors.This is an Adam Kaupert Asunción travel blog that is well worth a visit:

 These local entrepreneurs have some of the most authentically created dishes anywhere in the city and because everything is really affordable, you’ll have money to spread around and try everything.

Buenos Noches gang! A huge Adam Kaupert Thank you to everyone that I met and who helped me out in Asunción for the heartwarming hospitality.Thanks again to all the Adam Kaupert travel blog readers who send travel advice and cool stories from their own adventures, I love to hear what you guys have to say! Keep writing in and keep travelling! Who knows what city I will be visiting next time I check in? You’ll have to check in with the Adam Kaupert travel Blog to see where my next destination is!

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