Adam Kaupert was born in the south suburbs of Chicago Illinois; however, his family roots are when his father, James Kaupert, brought him to Albuquerque New Mexico.

Mr. Kaupert has always been a family man, having a brother that passed away when he was young, and 2 sisters who did not make the move to New Mexico with his family due to the divorce of his parents.

School was very important to Adam Kaupert as well as traveling and learning.   Adam excelled in school and earned multiple scholarship offers including: the University of Chicago, Pennsylvania State University, and the University of New Mexico.  Although he was extremely tempted to attend these Ivy League schools, he ultimately wanted international experience and decided to attend the American University in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and earned an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering and masters in computer science.  Mr. Kaupert found a love for computers and electronics and has brought that love and international experience back to his new home in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Although Adam has held different positions as engineer’s and managers, he determined very early in life that he was an entrepreneur and decided to start his own firm, KAUPERT DYNAMICS. Kaupert Dynamics is now one of the industry leaders in mechanical engineering and development.

According to Adam, his life really begun when he met his wife, Bahati Kaupert.  Bahati and Adam met on a holiday in Saudi Arabia and fell in love.  They traveled the world together and got married.   Together, Adam and Bahati Kaupert had 3 children, due to complications in delivery, Adam & Bahati’s first son, Adam Kaupert, Jr. did not make it but they are now blessed with a boy, Ayoo Joel Kaupert, and Belakane Bell Kaupert whom they love with all of their heart.

Adam Kaupert’s life revolves around his family but Adam also enjoys traveling, computer programming, computer gaming, and gardening.

Mr. Kaupert has decided to start this blog as a time capsule for his young children, so they can see how their father and parents are now, and forever.