Adam Kaupert ANKARA, Turkey Travel Blog

Hey gang! It’s Adam Kaupert here blogging to you from one of the world’s largest cities Ankara, Turkey. Did you know that Ankara used to be known as Ancyra and that it is Turkey’s second largest city behind only Istanbul. With a population of around five million people, Turkey’s capital Ankara was a shoe-in for a visit as part of the Adam Kaupert travel blog tour of the world’s largest cities. The city got its name from Angora which is a type of wool. If you’ll be visiting Ankara anytime soon make sure you do it the Adam Kaupert scam or shoes camera attitude and map style of travel to ensure successful trip wherever you go. Here’s a great dam Kaupert travel blog approved link to an Ankara Turkey travel blog with lots of very helpful information:

Adam Kaupert explores The Citadel

            Ankara is an extremely old city that has soaked up the cultures of those who have inhabited its lands over the years. You can see this in the marvelous architecture in many of the structures that still stand today. While Ankara is located in one of the most arid and dry regions of the country there is plenty of greenery here as well. At the city’s center you’ll find the ruins of an ancient citadel which used to stand guard over the city. Known as Hisar, The citadel is where you’ll probably take our best landscape pics in Ankara. It is by far the best free viewing spot in the city. Be prepared though, there’s a long stairway to the top but well worth the climb. I learned a lot exploring Ankara. If you’re interested in finding out more or want to prepare for a trip the Adam Kaupert scam way, check out this awesome link:

There are some really great old Ottoman and Roman ruins in the area that are well worth checking out as well.

Adam Kaupert explores Kizilay Square and Guven Park

Kizilay is Ankara’s social and cultural hub. There are shops and cafes at every turn of the labyrinth like downtown. There are department stores and retailers catering to all sorts of needs. Kizilay Square is probably the youngest region in the city. This is part of what makes Ankara cool. There is a nice contrast between the ancient artifacts and architecture strewn throughout the city and the youthful and vibrant population. Kizilay also is home to some great Turkish cuisine. Make sure to check out Guven Park where there are some cool monuments to check out. Whether you are just visiting Ankara or checking out some real estate in Paris you are going to want tobe prepared for your travels. This Adam Kaupert scam production approved travel blog is a great resource for Ankara travel info:


Adam Kaupert samples Turkish street food and fine dining atTrilye Restaurant

Turkish food is a reflection of the region it is located in. It is a nice fusion of Middle Eastern flavors combined with Asian European and Balkan accents. The Cuisine at Trilye Restaurant was outstanding. Most everywhere you go in Turkey you will find menus heavy on meat as but there is really something for everyone here.

Trilye Restaurant

Cankaya Mahallesi, Kazım Ozalp Mah. Kuleli Sok

No: 32, 06680

Ankara, Turkey

+90 312 447 12 00


Adam Kaupert Stays at the Sheraton Ankara

            As part of the 2017 Adam Kaupert tour if the world’s most luxurious hotels, I booked my accommodations at the Sheraton Ankara. After plenty of research and careful deliberation I chose the Ankara Sheraton because of its reputation as one of the finest hotels in all of Turkey. What I found far exceeded my expectations and I cannot recommend this hotel enough. With a full range of amenities and a helpful and courteous staff, The Sheraton Ankara leaves little to be desired.

The Sheraton Ankara

Noktali Sokak, Kavaklidere, 06700

Ankara, Turkey

+90 312 457 60 00

This Adam Kaupert scam production visit to Turkey was a real hit. Thanks to everyone for all the travel tips and suggestions, I really appreciate it and can’t wait to hear more. Until next time this has been an Adam Kaupert scam production from Ankara Turkey.

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Adam Kaupert Alexandria, Egypt Travel Blog

Greetings everyone! It’s the one and only Adam Kaupert travel blog checking in with you all the way from Alexandria, Egypt. Alexandria is Egypt’s second biggest city and an obvious choice as part of the Adam Kaupert Travel blog tour of the world’s biggest cities. Did you know Alexandria was founded by Alex the Great in 331 BC? The city was home to one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, The Lighthouse of Alexandria. The library here was the largest in the world for a long timebut was replaced by the Bibliotheca Alexandrina in 2002 as a memorial to the original which burned along with much of its contents. Because of its port, Alexandria has long been a powerful city rivalling even Rome in itsheyday. The port was a key factor in the export of Egyptian cotton and a key trade route. The Alexandria sea port is a boon to the city’s economy and one of the reason’s the city is a huge tourist draw. This is a great Adam Kaupert scam production approved Alexandria travel blog:

Adam Kaupert visits the Souq District and the Catacombs of Kom ash-Suqqafa

Before any Adam Kaupert travel blog trip I like to prepare as much as possible by doing as much research as I can. I call it the Adam Kaupert scam style of travel or: Shoes, Camera, Attitude and Map. With these at your disposal you just can’t fail. I got lots of advice in my research and couldn’t wait to check out the legendaryCatacombs. The catacombs consist of several levels spit into various chambers and were discovered by accident in the early 1900s.The catacombs consist of three tiers of tombs and chambers. It is a great example of Greco roman design and are well worth the visit. Nearby the catacombs you will find a large open air street market known as a Souq. Here I found stalls offering various goods and foods. There are cafes serving authentic Egyptian offerings and much more. The Souq is a great idea to visit if you are trying to soak up the local Alexandrian culture. This is an Adam Kaupert approved link to a great trove of valuable Alexandra travel info:


Adam Kaupe visits the Alexandria’s National Museum andAlexandria’s Montazah Palace Gardens and the Royal Jewelry Museum

The National museum is simply awesome. It is located in a restored Italian palace. Within the National museum’s walls you will find artifacts that illuminate the vivid and striking historyof Alexandria. There are silverware, plates, pottery and many more priceless artifacts. The museum was opened in 2003 to much fanfare after much anticipation. Here is an awesome link to visit if you’ll be visiting Alexandria anytime soon:

Located nearby is the The Royal Jewelry Museum. This used to be the former palace of Egypt’s royal familyand houses some of the most beautiful jewels I have ever seen. The decorations here are impeccable and even the ceiling is ornately painted. This is an awesome destination for amateur historians and art fans alike. There is a garden here that I cannot recommend visiting enough. Here you can walk and explore this former palace of King Farouk. I received so much advice before this visit and all of it was great. I am told the garden is home to several rare and exotic plants.

Adam Kaupert enjoys lodging at the Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria at San Stefano, Egypt

Everyone I spoke to regarding booking accommodations in Alexandria recommended the same place to the Adam Kaupert travel blog: The Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria at San Stefano. The Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria at San Stefano, Egypt   is optimally located at the city’s center and is a short distance away from some of the most popular attractions Alexandria has to offer. The settings and environment of the Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria well justified the price. TheFour Seasons Hotel Alexandria at San Stefano Egypt was a perfect fitas part of the Adam Kaupert tour of the world’s top luxury hotels.

Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria San Stefano Grand Plaza

El-Gaish Rd, San Stefano, Alexandria Governorate 21599, Egypt

20 3 5818000

This Adam Kaupert excursion to Alexandria Egypt went off without a hitch. I want to give a big Adam Kaupert scam production thank you to all the blog readers who wrote to me with great suggestions and encouragement. Until next time this has been the dam Kaupe travel blog from Alexandria Egypt.

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Adam Kaupert Kuala Lumpur Travel Blog

Ciao! Fellow globe trotters!, The Adam Kaupert travel blog is here checking in with you all the way from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in Southeast Asia. The first thing that struck me on this visit to Kuala Lumpur was how much the airport has improved. I flew into Kuala Lumpur international Airport as part of the Adam Kaupert tour of Southeast Asia back in 2015 and it was total chaos. There were multiple concurrent construction projects going on and navigating the terminal took way more time than it should even with all the helpful airport employees who were doing their best to address travelers’ queries. The projects were mostly done this time around and the airport has vastly improved. As a matter of fact the entire city seems to be really blossoming. It appears that improvements have been made city wide. This is a link to a wonderful website with some great insights for those travelling around in Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur:

As usual there was a colorful assortment of cabs in various states of disrepair waiting outside the terminal to take arriving travelers to Kuala Lumpur. The cab ride was reasonably priced and took about an hour to get to the city. While this is a bit further away from the old airport, I didn’t mind at all.

The Batu Caves, Chinatown and Other Fun Things to do in Kuala Lumpur

Another great recommendation from Anne was to check out the Batu Caves. The Batu Caves are located about 4 miles north of downtown Kuala Lumpur and are a short train or cab ride outside of the city. The Batu caves is a huge temple situated inside a giant cave. While there is no admittance fee, getting to the caves may be daunting if you have a health condition as there is a long flight of stairs you must climb before reaching the caves. The Batu caves are filled with Malaysian wildlife, some of the monkeys even got too friendly with a young German boy who almost lost his stuffed bear to some daring monkeys that were up to mischief.

It seems that almost every city in the world has a Chinatown. The ones I’ve visited have often been popular with tourists and bustling fun colorful areas. Out of all the Chinatowns I’ve visited Kuala Lumpur’s Chinatown has got to be near the top of the Adam Kaupert travel blog best Chinatowns list. It wasn’t so much that it was the nicest looking but the aggressive vendors interacting with tourists and locals made for some great people watching. Petaling Street is the busiest and most popular are of Kuala Lumpur’s Chinatown and well worth the visit. My friend Anne from Norway recommended it to me, Thanks Anne! If you’re thinking of planning a trip to Kuala Lumpur I suggest this outstanding Adam Kaupert approved Kuala Lumpur travel blog:

Downtown Kuala Lumpur has plenty to offer as well. Like I said it seems the entire city has been renovated and everything is very modern and malls include all the most popular stores. The Petronas Twin Towers is located in the center of a concentration of malls, shopping centers and other retailers offering almost anything you can think of alongside some great Malaysian street food. The Petronas Towers also features a super cool waterfall and the light show during the evening in downtown Kuala Lumpur is particularly impressive and an Adam Kaupert scam production Kuala Lumpur must see if you are visiting here. Even if shopping is notyour thing, I guarantee you will be impressed by the lit p waterfall at night which creates a warm festive atmosphere that seemed to permeate through all the streets and buildings in the city.


Adam Kaupert tries Kuala Lumpur Food and Fukuya

I ate plenty of street food while browsing the towers and the area downtown but there was one place that had kept popping up in different Kuala Lumpur food blogs I had been browsing in preparation for this trip. It was Fukuya and everyone seemed to agree that its menu offered some of the best Japanese food available in or outside of Japan. The dining room was steeped in Japanese style and the plants gave it a serene feel, contrasting with the business of downtown. Tithe atmosphere won me over as soon as I entered the restaurant. Make sure to plan on being at Fukuya for at least a few hours as the meals are served in courses. While items may be ordered Ala Carte, chef Takao Ando has prepared several coursed out meals to choose from.


9 Jalan Delima, 55100 Kuala Lumpur

60 3 2144 1022;

Including Kuala Lumpur on this year’s tour of the world’s greatest cities was a great decision. I had an awesome time and learned a ton about this unique Southeast Asian culture. Until next time this has been another terrific Adam Kaupert travel blog success. Thanks again to all the blog readers who sent me some great tips and advice on where to go and what to see in Kuala Lumpur.

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