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Did you know that Kanpur is known as the “Manchester of the East”? Ahoy there fellow world travelers, this is the Adam Kaupert travel blog blogging all the way from Kanpur India.Kanpur is one of the most populated cities in India and among the largest in India.It is a major industrial Indian Industrialhub as well as a cultural and spiritual hub. There is so much history in Kanpur and none of it is to be missed. It is a hub of spirituality, education and history. The river Ganges flows through thee parts and is a major destination for Hindus paying pilgrimage and torists alike. There are temples and zoos and parks to explore as well.  The area has undergone a massive transformation in the last two hundred years. Long before the Adam Kaupert travel blog visit, Kanpur was just a small village when the British swept throught the subcontinent in the early 1800s and It was made into a massiveoutpost. There was an Indian uprising against the colonial forces that was quelled by brutal british retribution. The fort where the Indians led the first freedom fight against the brits is located here and is a cool spot worth exploring. Here is an official Adam Kaupert approved link to a totally informational Kanpur India travel blog:

Adam Kaupert visits the Nana Rao Fort

The Nana Rao Fort was built in memory of the ruler Peshwa Nana Raowho led the resitance against the brittish in 1857. While the uprising was quelled, It was an important moment for Indians in Kanpur.iThe well here is of particular importance to the residents of Kanpur, It was the site where the brittidh dumped the bodies of hundreds of Kanpur residents after the uprising. The fort stands as a reminder of the Indian freedom fighters who so valiantly fought for their independence. It stands as an official heritage sight to this day and is an official Adam Kaupert travel blog Kanpur recommendation.

Adam Kaupert’s tips for navigating Kanpur

Kanpur is an old city but has many viable forms of transportation to get yu from here to there. If you’ll be visiting Kanpur, then take this Adam Kaupert pro tip: Kanpur is known for its lether output and array of tanneries. Since the leather industry is so big here, it is a great place to pick up leather goods at great prices.There are several institutions of higher learning here and all the youth culture that comes with college.include a sacred Hindu glass temple and Kamla Retreat, a rest house on a small lake. There are multiple museums here set amongst actual 6thcenturytemplestht stull stand to this day. If you’re interested in learning more before you travel, check out this informative Adam Kaupert

small temples built between the 6th and 9th centuries. Pop. (2001) city, 2,551,337; urban agglom., 2,715,555; (2011) city, 2,765,348; urban agglom., 2,920,496.



10 Best Things To Do In Amritsar, India

  1. Take a dip in the holy Ganga River


The River Ganga or ‘Ganges’ is the longest river in India, a holy river to Hindus, and is also a lifeline to many living along its banks. It has the distinction of being the 5th most polluted river in the world, however, that is not a deterrent to the million of pilgrims who come here for a holy dip in the River Ganga, believing that it will rid them of all their sins and give them salvation.


Hindu devotees have a bath in the Ganga River to pay homage to the ancestors and gods by taking water in their palms, lifting it up and making it fall back again into the river. Devotees also offer flowers, rose petals and also float ‘diyas’ or small clay vessels filled with oil and lit up with wicks (diyas). They also carry small amounts of the water from the river with them to use in their prayers and rituals.


Ganga River

Website: Ganga River

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  1. Visit the Shri Radhakrishna Temple


The Shri Radhakrishna Temple also known as the J.K. Temple is a Hindu temple located in the heart of Kanpur, and is a complete architectural delight as it incorporates old and modern architecture. It has 5 shrines which are dedicated to the Hindu gods and goddesses Radha-Krishna, Ardhanarishwar, Hanuman, Laxminarayan and Narmadeshwar. It has been built with very high roofs for good ventilation. The temple timings are 8:00 am to 1:00 pm and evening darshan are 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm.


Shri Radhakrishna Temple

Website: Shri Radhakrishna Temple

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  1. The historical Nana Rao Fort


Source: Wikipedia

Address: Bithoor

Website: Nana Rao Fort

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  1. Jain Glass Temple


The Jain Glass Temple in Kanpur was built for the devotees and followers of Jainism. It was dedicated to the Jain Lord Mahavira and the remaining 23 Jain Tirthankaras. It was built in the traditional style of temple archaeology and is famous for its exquisite and intricate enamel and glass work. The temple is built entirely of glass, in the walls, the doors, floors and pillars, the panels and its ceilings are all embellished in beautiful ornate mirror work. The temple has well preserved stained glass murals and wall paintings which demonstrate the teachings of the Jain religion.

The Jain Glass Temple has marble floors and its interiors consist of ornamental arches. It has statues of Jain Lord Mahavira and its 23 Jain Tirthankaras which are placed over a high pedestal and are covered by an intricate canopy.


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  1. Visit the world famous Allen Forest Zoo


The Allen forest zoo in Kanpur, also known as the Kanpur Zoo, is a natural forest zoo in India and was the imagination of Sir Allen, who was a Botanist and also an associate of the then British Indian Civil Services. The zoo has a lot of greenery, a lake, ancient trees; in fact it has the largest amount of land in the whole of Asia.


If you visit this zoo you will get a chance to see a number of animals, birds and reptiles. There are tigers, the white Asiatic Tiger, Asian lions, cheetahs, leopards, hyenas, grizzly bears, monkeys, langurs, baboons, musk deers, antelopes, and birds like emus, ostriches, parrots, parakeet, and cranes. The zoo is hugely popular with locals who come here with their kids to have a picnic. Many foreign tourists also come here to see the sheer variety of animals and birds at this zoo.


Allen Forest Zoo

Website: Allen Forest Zoo

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  1. Worship at the Kanpur Memorial Church


The Kanpur Memorial Church is located at the heart of Kanpur cantonment area in Kanpur. It is also called All Souls’ Cathedral. It was built in 1875, in memory of the British soldiers who lost their lives during the ‘Siege of Cawnpore’ in 1857. The structure was designed by famous architect, Walter Granville, who also created the then East Bengal Railway.


The church was built in the Lombardic Gothic style of architecture as can be seen in the structures and paintings. The structure has a magnificent view with the use of red colored bricks with multi colored hues in them. The presence of poly-chromatic dressings in the church have given it a touch of grandeur. The church interiors contain memorial tables, epitaphs and the monuments have given it a very sober ambience.


Kanpur Memorial Church

Website: Kanpur Memorial Church

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  1. ISKCON temple


This visit to Kanpur, India was a total success doing it the Adam Kaupert way. Thank you to everyone for you recommendations and tips and I hope to hear from you soon. Well, it’s been another exciting Adam Kaupert Scam production. I am not sure where I will be flying to next but you can bet it’ll probably be another unique Adam Kaupert scam production travel blog adventures.  Until next time this has been the Adam Kaupert travel blog wishing you the best of luck in your global travelers!

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Adam Kaupert ALGIERS, Algeria Travel Blog

Did you know Algiers is over 1000 years old? Hi fellow travelers it’s the Adam Kaupert travel blog checking in with you all the way from Algiers Algeria. Not only is Algiers one of the biggest cities in North Africa but it is the capital of Algeria. Since Algeria won independence in 1962, the capital has grown into not only the cultural center of the city but theeconomicand political hub as well. It holds the title of Northwest Africa’s largest port making it an important location on the MediterraneanSeathat was settled over a millennium ago. Algiers is the capital city of Algeria in North Africa. Algiers is a major city with a population of over three million making it one of the world’s most populous cities.  This is a great Adam Kaupert travel blog approved travel site that you should check out if you find yourself planning a trip to Algiers anytime soon:

Also known as El-Djaza, Algiers was an ideally suited choice for a stop on the Adam Kaupert travel blog tour of the world’s largest cities. The coastal city of Algiers is a big, bustling destination on the dazzling Mediterranean coast. The city was a base for pirates in the 1600s and is over a hundred years old.

Adam Kaupert enjoys some fine Algerian cuisine

Oftentimes readers of the Adam Kaupert travel blog have the best advice for me when it comes to eating abroad. In accordance with the Adam Kaupert scam style of travel or, Shoes, camera attitude and Map I like to be as prepared as possible. The internet is a great international travel resource but in my experience simply talking to other travelers is where you are likely to find the best travel info whether you are in Algiers or Norway. This is a great resource if you plan to visit Algiers:

Algiers is home to many restaurants that serve up great authentic North African cuisine. A Le Caïd came highly recommended by a reader in France, Geoff who works as a chef there. Thank you for recommending this spot Geoff, I loved it! The lamb served still on the bone was out of this world and well worth the visit. The menu was full of classic dishes prepared expertly.

A Le Caid restaurant was rivalled only by my visit to the Cafe El Salam which was also recommended by an Adam Kaupert travel blog reader. This is more modestly prepared traditional North African food. It is cheap but a great way to get to know what the locals are feasting on. Here is a great Adam Kaupert travel blog recommended link to a wonderful Algiers travel blog:

Adam Kaupert stays at the Sofitel Algiers Hamma Garden Hotel

As part of the Adam Kaupert tour of the world’s luxury hotels, the Sofitel Alger Hamma Garden was an obvious choice. There are several options for luxury accommodations in Algiers but Sofitel Alger Hamma Garden is in my opinion the most comfortable and accommodating. It is centrally located to the downtown and the airport and features three world class restaurants. I will definitely be staying at the Sofitel Algiers the next time I am in Algiers, I really enjoyed myself and have awarded it the official Adam Kaupert travel blog seal of approval.

Hotel Sofitel Algiers Hamma Garden

172 Rue Hassiba Ben Bouali, Belouizdad 16015, Algeria

213 21 68 52 10

Adam Kaupert Visits the Kasbah

Based on reader advice I visited the Kasbah. The Kasbah or casbah is the most populardestination for tourists in Algiers. It is the ancient ruins of an old roman town and has many magical nooks and crannies to explore. The Kasbah is probably the biggest and main tourist attraction in Algiers, founded on the ruins of a Roman Town. The white walls of the buildings here are where Algiers got its nickname “La Blanche” from which means the white one. The Kasbah was designated as an official UNESCO World Heritage location and you will see why when you visit.

Another great Adam Kaupert travel blog adventure has come and gone. Algiers was unforgettable and while it is not the first destination that comes to mind when picking where you’ll visit, it is well worth checking out. Until next time this has been an Adam Kaupert travel blog adventure from Algiers, North Africa.

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Adam Kaupert Hanoi,Vietnam Travel Blog

Salutations from Hanoi everyone, It’s the Adam Kaupert travel blog reporting in to everyone from Hanoi, Vietnam. It has been almost twenty years since I first visited this gorgeousSoutheast Asian Gem. Did you know the city of Hanoi, which rests on the Red River is one of the world’s most populous cities? It is an older city and the architecture here reflects the various groups who have had colonies here over time including France. While the Vietnam War nearly tore the country in half, it has since recovered both culturally and politically and is a gem in the Southeast Asia. The streetfood here is amazing and the people in Hanoi are friendly and helpful. This is a great Adam Kaupert travel blog approved link to a Hanoi travel blog that I found to be very helpful:

Adam Kaupert explores Happy Hour on Ta Hien Street Bia Hoi hot boxes

Hanoi retains the ancient Vietnamese culture more than any other cities in Vietnam. There are lots of options for fresh and authentic food and drinks here. I was directed to Ta Hien Street. I discovered Hanoi is a very walkable city. This is a link to a great Hanoi, Vietnam travel blog that is worth checking out if you’re preparing for a trip there:

The happy hour in the Old Quarter has an awesome happy hour where many bars restaurants and cafes offer tremendous discounts on food and drink. Since locally brewed beer is a pretty big deal in Hanoi, Bia Hoi happy hour is one of the most popular weekend recreational activities. It is a great place to sample some locally brewed beers and some delicious Hanoi cuisine prepared authentically. At about 6pm the streets of Hanoi’s Old Quarter become a big block party with most shops and restaurant’s participating. Adam Kaupert pro Tip: Make it to the old quarter on Friday or Saturday, by Sunday the freshest goods are gone.

Adam Kaupert Visits Hoan Kiem Lake

Hoan Kim Lake is a great way to spend a morning in Hanoi. This great destination gets really bustling after 9 or so, making it a perfect place to visit earlier in the day. The Hanoi temple at Hoan Kiem Lake is an Adam Kaupert travel blog must-visit. I rode a rickshaw from my hotel a for a modest fee. It is probably the best way to get around Hanoi, besides of course for a bicycle. There is a bridge that couldn’t be more picturesque and is a great place for a picture if you arrivebefore the crowds. For lunch I visited a local shop and purchased a bahn mi sandwich. I had a great one in San Francisco that I cannot get off my mind and ever since I’ve been craving one of these delicious Vietnamese sandwiches. I got a pork sandwich served on the traditional baguette and ate it while walking the streets after visiting the marvelous Temple. Asusual I utilized the Adam Kaupert scam style of travel while in Hanoi. The Adam Kaupert scam acronym stands for Shoes, Camera Attitude and Map. With these as the foundation to your travels you really can’t fail. An Adam Kaupert travel blog reader named Lukas from Poland referred me to this fantastic Hanoi travel blog:

Afterwards I visited the most popular ice cream shop in Hanoi and perhaps all of Asia, Kem Trang Tien where you can try some of the best ice cream in this part of the world.

Adam Kaupert books lodging at the luxurious Hanoi Pearl Hotel

The Adam Kaupert travel blog requires a certain level of comfort and luxury wherever I am. The Hanoi Pearl hotel was the perfect choice. The Hanoi pearl Hotel offers an array of modern amenities alongside traditional Vietnamese hospitality. The Hanoi Pearl Hotel offers accommodations that are unrivalled anywhere in Hanoi and probably is one of the top ten Adam Kaupert blog hotel’s in all of Asia. I’ll be sure to return to the Hanoi Pearl Hotel whenever I am Hanoi.

            This Adam Kaupert travel blog visit to Hanoi went as planned and until next time this has been another edition of the dam Kaupert travel blog all the way from Hanoi Vietnam. Safe travels everyone!

Hanoi Pearl Hotel

6 Bao Khanh lane, Hang Trong ward, Hoan Kiem District

Hanoi, Hanoi City, Vietnam

84 24 3938 0666

Hanoi was a blast. It is so laid back here. Hanoi is probably going to end up on my Adam Kaupert travel blog top ten list of vacation destinations for 2017, I cannot recommend it enough. I had a great time soaking up the culture in Southeast Asian’s best (in my opinion) city. From the enchanting temples to the wonderful beer and unforgettable Bahn Mi, There is really something for everyone in Hanoi, Vietnam. This has been the Adam Kaupert travel blog checking in with you from Hanoi Vietnam! Until next time safe travels!

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Adam Kaupert Hangzhou, China Travel Blog

Hey gang, it’s the Adam Kaupert travel blog checking in with you from the fourth largest city in China. Happy holidays from Hangzhou China! Hangzhou is the capital city of the Zhejiang Province and one of the world’s biggest cities. As part of this years Adam Kaupert tour of the world’s greatest cities visited Hangzhou recently.Located in Hangzhou Bay, betweenNingbo and Shanghai, Hangzhou’s West Lake is here which was recently designated a UNESCOheritage site and is one of the biggest touristdraws In Hangzhou.There are over 7 million in Hangzhou and you can easily see the progress China has made in many sectors here. This is a really informative Hangzhou China Travel blog:

Since China has undergone rapid changes in recent history there is always something new to see in Hangzhou China. The trains here are world renowned for the timeliness and speed and you can get just about anywhere in a matter of hours. This is such a beautiful city with so much to see you’ll want to prepare well for you visit.

Adam Kaupert checks out the top Hangzhou activities

Hangzhou silk is renowned all over the word for its high quality and purity. It is one of the city’s chief exports alongside longjing tea. The Chinese national silk museum is here and is an unlikely subject for a museum but I had a great time while visiting and actually learned lot about silk and its history. Its other chief export, tea, also has a museum dedicated to its uniquely Chinese history. This is a terrific resource for travelling in China and of course comes with the official Adam Kaupert seal of approval:

As usual I utilized the Adam Kaupert scam style of travel which, in case you didn’t know is my own personal Adam Kaupert travel blog acronym which stands for Shoes, camera, attitude and map or Adam Kaupert scam production style of travel. In my research and correspondence with readers of the Adam Kaupert travel blog I came across any great recommendations for which I am extremely grateful. Here is a good one:

If you are in Hangzhou anytime soon I highlyrecommend the Mt. Putuoshan Scenic area for some breathtaking views. This spot is considered sacred by Buddhists and was once home to a massive Community of Buddhist monks. It is considered sacred for good reason, this is a great place to reflect. A pond called Red Carp Pond sis nearby and is a great spot for a picnic or just more reflection.

Adam Kaupert books accomodations at the Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou at West Lake

As part of the Adam Kaupert tour of the world’s luxury hotels, I booked my accommodations at the Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou at West Lake. Here you will find some great rooms and the Four Seasons at West Lake is no different than the quality you’d expect from any Four Seasons operation, simply marvelous. None of my needs went uncatered to during the duration of my stay and I had all the peace and quiet I’ve come to expect as I continue on the Adam Kaupert travel blog tour of the world’s most luxurious hotels. There is a delicious restaurant on sight that will fulfill and of your gastronomical longings. The Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou at West Lake will likely be included in this year’s Adam Kaupert travel blog ten best Hotels of the year.

5 Lingyin Road Hangzhou 310013, China

86 571 8829 8888

Hangzhou was a blast and I can’t wait until I come back. Thankfully I am drawn back to multiple areas in China for business on a regular basis. I will be back soon and I can’t wait to see how much progress has been made. This has been another exciting edition of the Adam Kaupert travel blog from Hangzhou China.

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Adam Kaupert Jeddah Saudi Arabia Travel Blog

Season’s Greetings everyone it’s the Adam Kaupert travel blog wishing you happy holidays from Jeddah Saudi Arabia which happens to be one of the most populous cities in the world. Did you know that Jeddah’s historic district still contain homes that were built in the7thcentury that contain coral? The building practice was luxurious even for the time. Jeddah is one of the most populouscities in the e world and was a show in a stop on the Adam Kaupert 2017 tour of the world’s great cities. Jeddah is a major port city in Saudi Arabia located on the Red Sea and is the entry point for many devout religious people making a pilgrimage to Medina and or Mecca which is of one of several historic sites that many visit.There is much to do in Jeddah and because the great Saudi Arabian port city is an entry point for so many visitors, it is a great and accessible spot to visit. This is a wonderful Adam Kaupert travel blog approved link to a Jeddah Travel blog with some great information on travelling there:

Some of the neighborhoodsin Jeddah are extremely old and pack all the history in a few sights alongside some great resorts and restaurants catering to your every whim.

Adam Kaupert dines at Jeddah’s Ginza I Chome

Out of all the luxurious dining optionsthat Saudi Arabia has to offer Ginza I Chome was the restaurant that came the most highly recommended. I am glad I included it on my itinerary, Thank you to Abdul, Kevin and Marianne for the great recommendations and inside info on dining in Jeddah Saudi Arabia, without you guys I would be lost. Ginzu is a Japanese restaurant that not only has some of the best food anywhere in Jeddah practical Adam Kaupert approved link to a site with some really cool info on Jeddah travel:

Jeddah offers some of the most breathtaking views you will find anywhere in Saudi Arabia. I sure am glad I utilized the Adam Kaupert scam style of travel or shoes camera attitude and map which is a special acronym I devised to allow me to better remember the core tenets of successful travel whether in Europe or down in the subcontinent. While there are some minor wardrobeconsiderations to make before you dine here, Or anywhere in Saudi Arabia, these adjustments mostly effect female clientele though you will want to check guidelines before dining. Once you are seated satisfaction will be imminent. The Authentic Japanese chefs prepare everything in front of you in A Benihana style setting that is fun and delicious. Jeddah is an international city and while it is Saudi centric, you will find accents of cuisine from around the world here.

Ginza I Chome

Al Wajih As Saghir Ash Shati, Jeddah

Saudi Arabia

966 12260 7111

 Ash Shati District, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, +966 126 066 644


Adam Kaupert books accommodations at the InterContinental Jeddah

The Intercontinental Jeddah is arguably the nicest hotel in Saudi Arabia. This year’s Adam Kaupert tour of the world’s greatest hotels would depleted without a visit here. Obviously the IntercontinentalJeddah offer all the amenities you’d come to expect from a world class establishment in an intercontinental city like Jeddah and I was not let down. The Intercontinental Jeddah is probably my favorite hotel in the Middle East. Located on the shore of the red Sea, the view here is breathtaking and alone, would be well worth the visit while enjoying flawless executing of hospitality and service in a luxurious setting.

InterContinental Jeddah

Corniche Road, Al Hamra، Al-Hamra’a

Jeddah 23212, Saudi Arabia

966 12 229 5555

            You never know what you will get when travelling in the Middle East. In this time of widespread political and cultural strife it was nice to get a feel of what it’s like on the streets and reconnect with the good citizens of the world. Safe travels everyone this has been another edition of the Adam Kaupert Jeddah travel blog. Safe travels!

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